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Jan 29, 2016

The Werewolf Cowboy—The Werewolf Ranger—The Werewolf Bodyguard—Chasing a Wolf by Krystal Shannan and Camryn Rhys

Covers & Excerpts
The Werewolf Cowboy
The Werewolf Ranger
The Werewolf Bodyguard
Chasing a Wolf
The Werewolf Cowboy
Book 1
The Werewolf Ranger
Book 2
The Werewolf Bodyguard
Book 3
Chasing a Wolf
Book 4
Four paranormal romances by Krystal Shannan & Camryn Rhys
Moonbound series, a spinoff of the VonBrandt Wolves from Somewhere, TX

The Werewolf Cowboy
The Werewolf Cowboy
by Krystal Shannan & Camryn Rhys
Moonbound Book One

There’s a new threat in town… and she’s sexier and more dangerous than this sheriff can handle.

Small town sheriff, Allan VonBrandt, would like nothing more than to focus only on his work and not on the leggy and irresistible brunette who won’t take no for an answer. But when fate steps in and his inner wolf won’t refuse the magick pull she has on him, Allan must confront his animalistic desires–whether he wants to or not.

Reyna DuBois has never met a man–or wolf–she can’t tame, but Allan just might be the stubborn exception to the rule. Refusing to give up, Reyna enlists the help of her inner wolf to seduce the ever-reluctant sheriff, promising this particular cowboy the ride of his life.

Genre: Paranormal Romance
Content/Theme(s): Shifters, Werewolves, Cowboys, Sheriff, Western
Release Date: January 26, 2016
Publisher: Moonbound Books

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The Werewolf Cowboy Excerpt:
Allan broke the stare-down and snarled at the cowboys, “Someone tell me what the hell happened here.”

Cowboy One pointed at the wolf. “She started it.”

“She broke a bottle on me.” Cowboy Two pointed at the glass Allan had walked through, then at a gash on the side of his hand.

“All he did was ask her to dance.” Cowboy Three pointed at the juke box.

On top of the jukebox, the discarded chair rested in a pile of glass shards. Something had been hanging up there, and the chair had obviously shattered it and brought it crashing down. Allan couldn’t remember what had been there—life didn’t take him to Joe’s very often. He’d have to ask the proprietor what had been damaged in the fray.

And at the center of that fray was this raven-haired beauty with the icy gaze, crossing her arms under her breasts and holding his eyes in a fearless dare.

“So it took seven of you to teach her a lesson?” Allan raised an eyebrow.

“We’re not with them.” Cowboy Four pointed to Five, Six, and Seven. “When I heard the bottle break, I stepped in and they jumped us.”

“It sort of escalated from there,” Five said.

Allan pursed his lips and glanced at the wolf. She still hadn’t spoken in her own defense, but the magick pull grew stronger by the second. From far corner, in the booths, someone spoke up to validate Cowboy Four’s story.

Allan depressed the button on his walkie. “Backup, come on in.” Within a few short moments, his two deputies were crunching through the glass. He pointed to the first group. “You take those three, Brice. And Young, you’ve got these four.” He zeroed in on the wolf. “You. Come with me.”

“What should we do, boss?” Eli Brice’s voice caught Allan as he retreated to the stage, where the light was lower. The wolf followed, her steps slow and sultry. She was going to make this about the magick, he could just tell. She was one of those Louisiana wolves. No boundaries, no propriety.

“Get their statements.” Allan turned his back on his deputies and tried to ignore the thrumming pulse of her scent, the closer she came to him. When they were a good ten feet from the humans, he rounded on her. “What in the hell are you doing out here on your own?”

She turned her tongue inside her mouth and a smile crept across her round, full lips. “Blowing off some steam.”
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The Werewolf Ranger
The Werewolf Ranger
by Krystal Shannan & Camryn Rhys
Moonbound Book Two

Unbonded wolves are unsafe--something Rainer "Rain" DuBois knows all too well. As a former leader of the Black Wolf Rangers, it's his job to find them, protecting packs from all over the country. With a mission to lead a team of enforcers into the heart of Mexico to face off against a madman, nothing can derail him from his goal.

Until he meets Nora Cavanaugh...

Teaming up with Rain is just what Nora needs to escape her relentless and unforgiving family's grip. Always forced to walk the line, Nora craves a little rule-breaking of her own. But working with Rain ignites a magick that Nora thought fizzled out long ago. Giving in to that pull, that familiar and hot sensation, just might put them in more danger than they ever imagined.

Genre: Paranormal Romance
Content/Theme(s): Shifters, Werewolves, Enforcers, Military
Release Date: January 26, 2016
Publisher: Moonbound Books


The Werewolf Ranger Purchase links:  Amazon   iTunes   Kobo   B&N
The Werewolf Ranger Excerpt:
The cathedral was cavernous on the inside. And empty. Rain led the team into the middle of the nave and stopped. He and Nora had been studiously avoiding each other since the inconvenient bathroom sex, but he hadn’t stopped thinking about her for longer than a few minutes at a time.

She’d picked up a conversation with the guy from Miami at the end of the flight that had continued in the car and beyond. If she thought she was working up to getting another guy in her pants, she had another thing coming.

A million pounds of nope.

If Rain could keep it in his pants on the mission, then she could, too. Or keep her dress down. Even if he had to fuckin’ handcuff her legs together. No panties. Gods. He was gonna buy her some damned panties.

“Okay, people, here’s the plan.” Rain clapped his hands together and the sound echoed through the giant cathedral.

Everyone looked at him. Conversations stopped immediately.

“I thought Nora was in charge,” Miami said.

“Nora put him in charge,” Gallagher countered, her eyes narrowing at the obvious subversion of authority.

“Why does he get to be in charge?” This Miami guy just would not shut his pie hole.

Nora touched his arm to calm him and Rain took a step toward the jackass. “You have a lot of experience leading missions into hostile territory, asshole?”

He kept walking, and the group parted for him.

“¿Cómo planea una misión en México cuando ni siquiera habla Español?” Miami crossed his arms and stood his ground as Rain approached.

Rain smirked. “También habló español.”
“All right, boys. Everyone has a big dick, okay?” Nora stepped between them, hands outstretched toward each of their chests.

Rain kept walking until her hand was on him.

Her eyes rounded and she whipped her head around toward him.

That’s right. Don’t forget that magick, girl. He wanted to remind her she wouldn’t feel that with Miami, but he just stood against her hand, relishing the feel of the magick curling around them, drawing them together.

“How about we cover the mission specs?” said the guy from Chicago. Rain couldn’t remember his name, but he was a big, dark-haired beefcake with a big fuckin’ nose that he needed to keep in his own business.


He stepped back, breaking contact with Nora. He needed to get his head on straight before he started biting off heads or kicking asses.

They were a team. They really needed to be a solid team.

“So, we found the church,” said California girl. “Where do we go from here?”

“Maggie and I drew up some specs, based on the information we got from Mary

Foster’s memories of her escape.” Rain passed out copies of the maps he’d picked up at the airport. He and Maggie had been drawing out routes in the car while Nora had been flirting her ass off in the car.

At least she hadn’t flirted her dress off.


He shook his head. Needed to stop thinking about Nora and what was under her dress. They had a fucking job to do.

“We’re going to do a grid search, out from this location.” He held up his map of Guadalajara and pointed to the highlighted route. “I’ve mapped out the grids. We’ll go in pairs, and my phone number is on the top of the map.”

Maggie came to stand beside him. “I’ll stay here and keep working on the online searches.”

Rain nodded. “We think there’s some kind of visual marker to Mary’s memories, so be looking for anything, this first time, that looks like red eyes.”

The pairs formed without any encouragement. LA girl went with Seattle girl. Texas girl went with Kentucky guy. Tomás Rivera and Chicago Beefcake paired off. That left him with Maggie. And Nora with... aw, hell no.

“Hey, Miami,” Rain yelled after them. “Since you hablo the Espanol so well, how about you stay here with Maggie. I’ll go with Nora.”

Nora pursed her lips and crossed her arms. With her weight on one heel, she looked more like a petulant teenager than an alpha’s enforcer. But as long as Miami stayed the hell away from her panty-less ass, she could look however she wanted.

If he couldn’t fuck her, no one would.
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The Werewolf Bodyguard
The Werewolf Bodyguard
by Krystal Shannan & Camryn Rhys
Moonbound Book Three

After facing a major blow to her ego, werewolf bodyguard, Aria LeBlanc decides to drown her sorrows in the delectable tastes of renowned chef, Marco DiSanti. But one little taste is not enough–for either of them. As they begin to sample more and more, Aria uncovers the truth about Marco’s past.

As an unbonded and unstable werewolf, Marco worries of getting too close–uncertain of his ability to control himself after shifting. Fearless and courageous, Aria promises to guide him, helping him to confront his past and embrace his future. But can Marco let down his guard and give his body–and soul–to the bodyguard who stole his heart?

Genre: Paranormal Romance
Content/Theme(s): Shifters, Werewolves, Bodyguard, Chef, Foodie
Release Date: January 26, 2016
Publisher: Moonbound Books


The Werewolf Bodyguard Purchase links:  Amazon   iTunes   Kobo   B&N
The Werewolf Bodyguard Excerpt:
He put on his best sexy-playboy-chef ice stare and kept stalking through people, toward her. When he got a little closer, he could hear her back-and-forth with the waiter, although her eyes didn’t leave Marco’s.

“And don’t give me any of this bullshit cucumber water with extra oxygen, or whatever the fuck y’all pump into this place to make me spend money. Just open the tap into a glass, like a human being, and bring me some fucking water.” She handed the menu to the stunned waiter. “No fuckin’ sparkles, okay?”

The waiter stuttered and took the menu. “Y-y-yes, ma’am.”

“And I want the tasting menu. The secret one. With all the wine pairings.”

“Of course, yes. Certainly.” The waiter saw Marco approach and his eyes went wide, begging to be saved.

Marco approached the table with languid ease, sliding his arms onto the back of the chair opposite her like he might be caressing a lover. “Ciao, Signorina. And what- a brings you to mi Amare this evening?”

Her eyes flickered between him and the silent waiter, still holding the paper menu like a shield. She shook her head.

“If this is the chef that I’ve heard so much about, he can drop the fake Italian bullshit. I can smell an actor from the Million Mile Mall. Just make my food and leave me the fuck alone.” She narrowed her gaze. “This isn’t the Olive Garden. I don’t need you to make salad on me or any shit like that.”

With a dismissive wave of her hand, she turned to her phone, swiping angrily at some letters on the screen. Marco nodded at the waiter and switched to his flat Nevada accent.

“Please put in the lady’s order.”

Without looking up, she called out, “And remember what I said about the sparkles.”

Marco studied her as she texted. She was drop-dead hot, easily the most beautiful woman in the room—which probably meant she knew she was hot. No one

had that kind of skin and cheekbones and lips and tits and didn’t know she was a goddess.

But all her energy read unavailable. Like blaring lights and sirens, una-fuckin-vailable.

Normally, Marco rose to a challenge, but something was different about this woman. Well, for starters, he was pretty sure she wasn’t a woman. No one made his wolf growl inside like another shifter, and the one male shifter he’d met in his life hadn’t come anywhere near this woman. She was the Disneyland firecracker show of shifters to the beast inside him.

Plus, it wasn’t her wolf that was on the offensive. There was something distinctly normal about her anger, if he could just find out what it was.

Marco pulled the chair out and sat down across from her.

Her icy eyes slid up his body and landed on his face. He saw the nostril flare, the pupil dilation. She felt something, too. Instead of more bullshit, he opted for the head-on approach—she appeared to be the kind who wouldn’t fall for a game.

Those were his favorite.

“What made you pick Amare?” he asked, nodding at the ceiling as though it represented the entire empire he’d built.

She regarded him with fire in her eyes, pursed her lips, and shook her head. “Nope. That’s not working, either.”

But she couldn’t fool Marco. He recognized this façade all too well. It was the same one he put up when someone had reached too deep and plucked too hard on something inside. It was the wounded animal defense.

He softened. “Come on, you have to know you’re the most beautiful woman in this place...maybe in this building—I don’t know, I haven’t seen all of them. You’re not going to fault a guy for trying.”

A smirk curled her lips into half a smile. “I’m not sure if that’s a compliment.” Marco leaned forward and pitched his voice down to gravelly. “It was.”

There was the full smile.

She put her phone down. “You really want to know why I came here? Because you won’t like the answer.”

Marco settled his arms onto the table. “Try me. You’d be surprised what kind of punishment I can handle from a woman as beautiful as you.”

No blush, no response, nothing. Wow. Even the brash ones usually folded with that kind of intentional innuendo. This woman. He needed to know this woman. “Okay, then.” She crossed her arms. “I make it my business to try all the so-

called best in whatever city I visit—my job, we don’t get to travel much.” A pause and the briefest glance of a wince across her features. Pain. Her job, or family, or something, and it was visceral enough that she felt it in her body.

Damn, he wanted to strip her down and nuzzle her straight into orgasm, right there in front of Joe and everyone. No woman that beautiful should be hurt like that. “So whenever I travel. I make a point to try all the best chefs.” She finished with a flick of her head.

“How many of these best chefs have you tried?” Marco asked.

She eyed the waiter as he set down her tall, slim glass of plain old water.


“And how many times have you been pleased?”

A down-turn of her eyes, a curl of her mouth. “Not enough.”

Marco’s wolf practically rose up and jumped across the table. He wanted to get her up to his suite and eat her. But first, he was going to make her eat those words.
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Chasing a Wolf
Chasing a Wolf
by Krystal Shannan & Camryn Rhys
Moonbound Book Four

Vegas pack enforcer, Tomás Rivera, will do anything to help the mysterious Citlani find her mother.

As the daughter of an unknown mountain pack chief, Tomás finds Lani entrancing and irresistible.

As a fire erupts between them, igniting passion and desire, they don't realize that the closer they get to locating Lani's mother the closer they are to danger.

With a vindictive traitor on their tail, they must battle their enemies while still fighting for what they discovered along the way—each other.

Genre: Paranormal Romance
Content/Theme(s): Shifters, Werewolves, Multicultural
Release Date: January 26, 2016
Publisher: Moonbound Books


Chasing a Wolf Purchase links:  Amazon   Kobo   B&N
Chasing a Wolf Excerpt:
“I don’t think you understand why I’m here.” Tomás searched for his clothing, which held his translation book, and his maps. And his phone. “There’s been a big mistake.”

“No mistake.” Zolin grabbed his arm and pushed him farther into the water. “Wash yourself, in case Fate decides to reveal your mate to you tonight.”

Tomás almost shook his head. “Wait. My mate?”

“Wash.” Zolin pointed to the side of the pool that was covered in petals, which they apparently used in place of clothes or sponges. At least in this ritual.

Someone should’ve prepared him for this.

“I’m here looking for the men who helped a priest destroy a brothel in Guadalajara about thirty years ago.” Tomás picked up some of the petals and half-heartedly wiped at his skin. He didn’t dare touch his cock. There must’ve been some kind of aphrodisiac in the oil, because he was hard as a stone.

“Our chief may know something of this. You will see the elders after you go before the women.” Zolin tossed the vial next to his foot. “You must put this on so I can take you to the sex tent.”

Damn. There was that word again. Tomás needed to get out of this. He just wanted to get them to answer his questions. He poured some of the oil on his skin. This kind was sweet, and it made a heady mix with the woody scent of the last lather. “Where are your leaders?” Tomás asked. “I need to find them.”

“First, the sex tent. Then, you meet the elders.” Zolin gestured for him to follow and turned to march back down toward the fire. “We must know if your mate is in our village.”

“My mate?” Tomás laughed. “You’ve got to be joking.”

“I never joke.”

“Then you are mistaken.”

“I am never mistaken.” Zolin stopped halfway back to the fire.

Tomás looked around. The huts were empty and the path was wide. It seemed to be some kind of gathering place, and it was surrounded on all sides by giant, thick trees. He couldn’t see the women who’d been washing him, but he imagined they must’ve gone to prepare someone else. Hopefully, he wouldn’t have to join anyone in the sex tent.

If he hadn’t been alone in a strange place, he would’ve crossed himself. His family occasionally talked of Fate and mating, but Fated matches were rare in his pack, small as it was. He’d never even discussed it with his parents.

Tomás had long assumed he’d be the pack enforcer, as the alpha’s son, until he became alpha himself. When he had more responsibility, he would worry about a mate. Until then, the whole mate thing would make him run for the hills.

Only, he was in the hills. The mountains. The far-flung mountains of Western Mexico, among a people rumored to be some of the most magickal in the world, and they wanted to rub him down with secret oils and send him into a tent for sex.

Not for sex, though. For mating. That was way too much responsibility for a twenty-six year old single guy from Vegas.

“I can tell you a secret.” Zolin cast his eyes around the empty space as though afraid of being overheard. Surely, there weren’t many Spanish speakers in the area.

“What?” Tomás asked.

“I have not been in the sex tent myself.” He leaned in and whispered, “Because I have found my mate. But the men who have gone in have always come out more than satisfied with their result.”

“You say I’m supposed to find out if my mate is here?”

Zolin nodded. “Every visitor who comes to our village, whether wolf or man, is first invited to sit in the sex tent with our women. We must know if your mate is among us. Honor the magick.”

Tomás was tempted to roll his eyes.

“It is not like this in your village?” Zolin’s eyebrows tented.

With a laugh, he said, “It is not.”

“Well, we honor the magick above all. If Fate has a match for you, we would welcome you in to the village and make you one of our own.”

Oh gods. Tomás tried to force a smile. “Sounds great.”

Zolin pulled him by the arm and they walked next to the fire, around to where the translator had stopped. He addressed the crowd again, gesturing to Tomás and then to his still-erect penis.

That oil was some kinda mojo. He hadn’t had an erection this long since he’d accidentally tried some of Tio’s Viagra.
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