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Oct 22, 2015

To Win a Mate by Krystal Shannan

Cover & Excerpt

To Win a Mate by Krystal Shannan
VonBrandt Family Book Three
Somewhere Texas Saga

To Win a MateJared VonBrandt wasn't looking for a mate, but when the amber-eyed New Orleans beauty, Elise Blanchard is staring at him from a charity auction block, he can't deny his wolf's desire.

He'll win her at any cost.

Elise Blanchard has never met another werewolf. She spends her full-moon nights locked in her apartment, hoping the neighbors don't see her shift.

A twist of fate give her an opportunity she'll risk everything to claim.

Genre: Paranormal Romance
Content/Theme(s): Shifters, Cowboys, Werewolves, Wolves
Release Date: September 11, 2015
Publisher: KS Publishing

Excerpt & More

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Jared clapped with the rest of the audience and rolled his head from side to side. He could smell the excitement in the air and the flood of testosterone. It was like a show during shark week. The air was frothing with hunger and impatience.

A lovely young woman stepped up onto stage that looked nothing like the debutantes in the catalog. She was wearing a long purple beaded gown with a slit up the left side that showed a gorgeous flash of skin with each step she climbed. Her hair was in a half twist, and silver earrings hung long, skimming the edges of her bare shoulders. The dress was held in place by a halter strap with more beading that hung down her naked back.

He swallowed and inhaled slowly, tasting the air. It was difficult to decipher scents in human form, but not impossible. There was something very different in the air now. She hadn’t been in the room yet this evening. It would’ve been too noticeable. Her scent was deliciously werewolf. Her name —Elise Blanchard wasn’t familiar. What pack did she run with? Belong to. Why hadn’t he ever heard her name before?

By the gods, she was stunning too. Curves and legs that would make a man stay awake all night.

She turned to face the crowd. Her pale skin was a gorgeous contrast to her chocolate tresses.

He grinned when she turned to face him and tilted her head to the side. She even sniffed the air ever so slightly.

“Gentlemen, I’m pleased to introduce you to our lovely Miss Elise Blanchard. She’s an administrative assistant at TechCorp Industries. Elise enjoys a wide variety of foods. She loves to read, try new wines, and watch the latest shows on her streaming service when she’s at home. She did the charity a huge favor, so I know you’ll give her your utmost generosity. Let’s start the bidding at one thousand dollars for a lovely dinner date tomorrow night, right here at the Triton Grand Hotel.”

Bids flowed in around the room. In a few moments, the lovely brunette was bringing in ten thousand dollars for her date.

Jared raised his card for twelve, and the man across the table tensed. “She’s mine, VonBrandt. Leave her be,” the stranger said under his breath.

He felt his wolf stir with jealousy for the first time. The entire table looked at the stranger with suspicion, but something was off. She was on auction for a formal date. It wasn’t meant to be the start of a relationship. Surely she wouldn’t have volunteered if she was attached...to this man?

“Who are you?”

“Pier Nelson.” The guy had a look of smug satisfaction smeared across his face.

Jared opened his mouth to reply, but stopped himself, and raised his card again.

“Sixteen thousand from number fifteen!” The announcer’s voice rose. “Seventeen thousand from number eight.”

Jared turned his gaze from Pier, unable to stomach looking at the creep. What kind of boss would use an auction to go out on a date with one of his employees? It stank of sleeze and he wasn’t about to let Elise be won by anyone other than himself. Even if he had to dig into his personal accounts to do it.

The bidding was between only himself and Pier now. Everyone else had dropped out and the room was silent as the watched the war.

“Twenty five thousand,” Jared said, raising his card again. He didn’t bother making eye contact Pier, instead he held the lovely pinking gaze of Elise as she watched in worried silence. Her fate was in his hands and he could smell that she was terrified of Pier winning the bid.

Pier bid again.

“Twenty six thousand from number eight.” The announcers’ voice was barely more than whispered awe.

“Thirty,” Jared said, upping the bid again.

“Fuck you, VonBrandt,” Pier hissed across the table. “No bitch is worth this much money. I’ll have her back in my building come Monday morning anyway.”

Jared’s skin crawled. He was sick over the harassment Elise must be dealing with each and every day.

“Sold to bidder fifteen for thirty thousand dollars. Thank you, Mr. VonBrandt.”

The room erupted in applause, but the look of relief on Elise’s face would’ve been worth any amount of money he’d had to spend. No way in hell was Pier Nelson going to have any excuse to feel even the tiniest bit of ownership over the beautiful woman on stage.

Elise stepped down from her spot near the announcer and the other three women each stepped up for their turn, but Jared barely paid them attention.

His mind was totally on Elise. He steeled himself against scanning the room. She was still present, he could smell her like she was standing next to him. That floral scent might not ever leave his brain.

What’s wrong with me?

The auction closed for the night with the last item in the catalog, a small antique gold broach, donated by a one of the wealthiest families in New Orleans. It went for twenty-two thousand dollars. Less than he’d paid for several hours of Elise’s company at dinner tomorrow night.

The money wasn’t bothering him, it was knowing he probably wouldn’t see her until tomorrow night.

“Enjoy your date, VonBrandt. You paid enough for it,” Pier sneered before standing and stalking off.

Jared didn’t reply, he merely scanned the room looking for Elise. She’d disappeared, taking the majority of her lovely scent with her. A hint clung to the air as he moved through the ballroom to the back table. He turned in his card and wrote two very large checks—one for Tonya’s painting as well as the extra payment to have it couriered to the ranch. The other for his date the next evening with Elise Blanchard, the mystery werewolf.
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