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Dec 3, 2014

Cover Reveal - Up In Flames and Up In Smoke by Alice Brown

Covers & Excerpts
Up In Flames
by Alice Brown

Texas Vampire Rangers
Book One
Up In Smoke
by Alice Brown

Texas Vampire Rangers
Book Two

Up in Smoke-Texas Vampire Rangers Book 2
Up In Smoke
by Alice Brown
Texas Vampire Rangers Book Two

After her husband's murder and her kidnapping, Susan thought she was doing quite well putting her life back together. She had a job at the Texas Ranger headquarters. Who cared if her new friends were vampires. It was past time for her to be happy.

Nathaniel had been sheriff of a small town for ten years and when he started dodging questions as to why he wasn’t looking any older, he knew it was time to move on. So he called his brother and packed his bags, ready to accept his new assignment with the Texas Rangers. He had no idea that walking in the front door on his first day was going to change his life forever.

Nathaniel might claim Susan as his mate, but after being in one unhappy relationship, she isn’t too sure she is ready for another. When someone begins terrorizing her, Nathaniel doesn't take any chances with her safety. He just hopes when her past catches up with her, he can keep her safe.

Genre: Paranormal Romance
Content/Theme(s): Vampires, Cowboys, Mystery
Release Date: November 25, 2014
JK Publishing
Book 1, Excerpts & More

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Up In Smoke Excerpt:
Nathaniel Scott Andrews walked out of the scorching Texas sun and into cool air conditioning. Thank God for modern day conveniences, he thought. He had just recently, as in yesterday, relocated from Wyoming, where he’d been the town sheriff for ten years. Unfortunately, he hadn’t aged a day in those ten years and people were starting to notice. Yep, time to move on. A quick call to his brother and he was on his way to the Lone Star state. How in the hell did Walter deal with this heat?

The first scent that reached him was of a human. What the hell? Since when did Walter employ humans to work with their kind on a daily basis? He took two steps inside and came to a complete stop. The scent of pure human was still there, but with it now came the scent of the sweetest mixture of honeysuckle and lilac. It was a tantalizing fragrance, and it managed to capture every ounce of his blood and send it straight south. He quickly brought his hands forward to try to hide the massive erection that was now trying to protrude through his pants. How in the hell had this happened? How in the hell did fate match him up with a mere slip of a human? The fickle bitch must surely be laughing her ass off right about now.

As he started walking toward the counter, he heard her state, “Good morning, how can I help you?”

He walked straight up and leaned over the counter, getting as close to her as he could. “Don’t go anywhere, darlin', I want you for lunch.”

The look on her face went from shock to outrage in less than two seconds. “What did you just say?” she inquired with her eyebrow cocked. She stood from her desk and leaned into him, coming so damn close he could have easily reached out and kissed her. She was a feisty little thing, he’d give her that much.

“Listen, buddy. I don’t know who the hell you are, and quite frankly I don’t care, but there is no way in hell you’ll get away with talking to me like that. I’m calling my boss, who just happens to be the head of the Rangers.”

“You do that, darlin'. Tell my brother, Walter, that I’m here.”


He reached over and lightly chucked her under her chin. “Never mind, baby. I know where to find him. You just be ready for me when I come back out.”
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Up in Flames-Texas Vampire Rangers Book 1
Up In Flames
by Alice Brown
Texas Vampire Rangers Book One

The law enforcement agency of the Texas Rangers is made up almost entirely of vampires, something the public knows nothing about. Well, at least not yet, but they could soon if the Rangers don't apprehend an out-of-control rogue vampire who has been on a killing spree for two years, leaving a lengthening trail of young dead women.

Meredith was in the wrong place at the wrong time when she witnessed an attack on a young woman. The assailant wants to tie up loose ends, and has hunted her ever since. When she feels she has no options left, she turns her trust over to a man who has taken an oath to protect.

Ranger Lucas Calloway was left for dead, and looking back on his life he wouldn't have changed a thing, except for one—he would have loved to have found his mate before he left this earth. No one is more shocked than him when he not only wakes in a hospital, but finds himself looking into the eyes of his mate.

Meredith and Lucas barely have time to acknowledge they are mates before the game changes. The rogues have found her, yet again, and a leak in the Ranger unit has the potential to not only crush the tight knit family, but bury them—literally.

Join the Vampire Rangers as they use their strength, and added senses to strive to right the wrongs. With the ability to live forever, time is always on their side.

Genre: Paranormal Romance
Content/Theme(s): Vampires, Cowboys, Mystery
Release Date: April 6, 2014
JK Publishing

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Up In Flames Excerpt:
Lucas dragged himself back to consciousness. Even before he opened his eyes, he heard machines beeping beside him, and smelled hospital disinfectant. Did that mean he had made it? He certainly didn’t feel dead. He cracked open one eye and instantly wished he hadn’t, as shards of ice pierced his skull.

“Well, glad to see you decided to join us.” His mentor, boss, and friend stated from beside him. “Had us worried there for a bit. Next time you decide you want some personal attention, you just let me know. No need to go through all the dramatics to get it.”

“Ha-ha. Fuck you, Walt. What are you doing here?” Lucas asked through clenched teeth, as he attempted to figure out why his head hurt so damn bad.

“Well, it seems you scared the shit out of half our team when they couldn’t find you. Then, I get a call while out in California visiting with Sissy’s family that they had found you, but that you were on death’s doormat, like something the cat brought home but had too much pride to bring in.” He stopped and stared at the one vampire who had always seemed unflappable. There wasn’t anything that Lucas couldn’t do. And Walter had yet to see the man lose his temper or let anything get to him. Yes, Lucas Nate Calloway was one of the most level-headed individuals he had ever known. So what in the world had happened to put his friend so close to death’s door? “Do you remember anything?”

“Yeah, I do.” Just that little bit had cost him. His head felt like a bass drum was pounding some incomprehensible rhythm inside. “Damn, I never knew we could get headaches. I feel like I went out on an all-night binge.”

“Ah, you are probably still running low on blood. I’ll be right back.” Walter went to stick his head out the door, to alert someone out there that Lucas was awake and in need of blood. Then he walked back and sat down.

Dr. Weathers walked into the room a moment later. “Hi, Lucas. How are you feeling?”

“Other than my head is about to split in two, I’m fine,” Lucas stated softly with his eyes still shut.

“Well, you had a gash on your head when you came in late last night, but that has completely healed and shouldn’t be causing you any problems. Hmm, I wonder if it is because you are running so low on blood.” He turned on his heel, ready to head back out, when a nurse walked in with two bags of blood, a cup, and a straw.

“Ah, thank you, Nurse Amy,” Dr. Weathers said as he took everything from her. “I’ll take it from here, thank you.”

He brought the blood to the side of the bed. Lucas was still lying on his back, his arm up over his eyes to block all light. “Lucas, how do you want to do this, man? Are you able to sit up? If not, we can just pour it in a cup and you can drink it through a straw.”

Lucas was sure he heard Walter snicker as he snorted. Drink from a straw…what am I, a damn invalid?

Although a moment later, he wondered just what kind of shape he was in when just sitting up in bed had him sweating and shaking. Damn, he was weaker than a human if just sitting up took everything he could muster!

“Hand me one of those bags, Doc.” Dr. Weathers placed the bag into his outstretched hand.

He tore off the end of the bag and then tilted it to his lips, making a seal so as to not spill any of the life-giving nectar. He didn’t stop until the bag was empty. As he removed the bag from his mouth, he noticed his head had stopped pounding, and he was feeling better already. He held out his hand for the other bag, again downing it within a minute.

“Should I go round up a few more bags?” Walter asked from his chair beside the bed.

Dr. Weathers studied his patient for a moment. “Yes, try to get another two or three if you can.”

While they waited for more blood to arrive, Dr. Weathers addressed his health issues. “Okay, you’ve still got some nasty burns that have not completely cleared up. I think now that you are awake and we are getting some blood in you, the burns should start healing more rapidly. There were no broken bones, although your back is a mess. We’ve put a large gel pad over it so it wouldn’t bother you when you were sleeping. You know, you are very lucky to be here with us right now. If your teammates hadn’t found you when they did, I seriously doubt you would have still been alive. You came in here in pretty bad shape.”

Lucas closed his eyes as memories of being left to die in the hot Texas sun swam through his brain. His captors hadn’t thought he could possibly survive what they had planned, so they had run their mouths as they were dishing out their punishment. Lucas now knew a bit more about the case, and wanted to try to put the pieces together before another woman paid the price.

He felt a hand on his shoulder and reopened his eyes. Dr. Weathers was standing in front of him, a bit of a concerned look on his face. “Are you okay? I kind of lost you for a moment.”

“Yes, I’m fine. Just reliving the nightmare of being chained up in the sun for three days straight.”

The door to his room opened, and Walter walked in with a pretty young nurse on his heels.

Dr. Weathers looked up and smiled at Walter. “Oh, good, you were able to get plenty.” They were not at a regular hospital per se. The office of the Texas Rangers had its own medical wing especially for vampires who needed medical care, occupying the entire second floor of the building the Rangers called home. Dr. Weathers worked here, along with two nurses, to ensure the vampires in the surrounding area were taken care of.

The nurse stepped around Walter, hoping she could get her patient’s vitals before he drank his blood. She had already been told by Nurse Amy that their patient was a Texas Ranger and had been seriously injured in the line of duty. Dr. Weathers said good-bye to the patient and told him he would be back by later to check on him. As she approached the bed, she glanced over to her patient with what she hoped was a pleasant smile. The minute their eyes met, and at exact same second his scent hit her, she froze. Holy shit, this man is gorgeous! And he is huge! And he is my mate!

The woman walking toward him reminded him of an angel in her white scrubs. Long black hair pulled back into a high ponytail, and a body that was made for pleasure. She reached the side of the bed and gave him a tentative smile. “Hi, I’m Nurse Baldwin. I’ll be your nurse while you are here. Is there anything I can get you?”

Lucas looked up at the angel above him. She was beautiful. He ran his eyes down the length of her body, wishing it was his tongue instead. Her breasts looked to be an easy handful apiece, hips made for a man to grasp ahold of and fuck into oblivion, and long legs that would wrap around him nicely. “Your name and phone number, mate.”

Although she was trying to keep up a professional front, she was a nervous wreck on the inside. First, he was just so….so big. Second, he was a Ranger, a Ranger! Surely there had been some sort of mistake. She could only imagine how Fate must surely be laughing her butt off for saddling him with plain-Jane Meredith Baldwin.

I’ve never been this nervous in my life! Wonder what I am supposed to say? “Hi, my name is Meredith Baldwin, I don’t get the whole concept about sex and I am currently being hidden away from the guys that did this to you.” Yeah, that should have him running in the other direction.

She gave him a nervous glance and her hand slipped as she was checking his blood pressure. Lucas heard Walter groan from behind her, “Oh, bloody hell, yeah, he’s just fine. And on that note, I’m out of here, man.”

She took the arm cuff off and checked his pulse. “I’m pulsing for you, sweets.” He murmured, watching as her long eyelashes fanned out as she looked down.

She leaned over him, gently running her fingers through his hair. “The chart states you came in with a nasty gash, but I’m not seeing anything. Is it already healed?”

“Yes, darling, my head is fine. You know our kind heals fast. But if you want to keep running your fingers through my hair, I’ll not stop you.” Her hand came to an abrupt stop as she realized she had been standing there running her fingers through her patient’s hair like some lovesick teenager.

Gently, as to not to spook her, he reached up and clasped his hand around her wrist. As he watched her, she reminded him of a scared doe. Pitching his voice low, he asked, “Do you have time to sit and talk with me a minute or two?”

In keeping hold of her wrist, he gently maneuvered her until she was sitting on the side of the bed, facing him. He continued his hold on her wrist, gently running his thumb over the inside of her wrist.

Lucas turned to his side and propped his head up with his hand. “So, what’s your name, baby?”

“Meredith Baldwin.” Her response was a whisper as her eyes were glued to the spot on her wrist that Lucas was tantalizing. Oh, God, if he keeps doing that I am going to be leaving a wet spot under me! How is he doing that? I’ve never really been turned on to a guy like this. It must be the mate thing. I can’t believe I got a mate that looks like him! He is gorgeous, even if he is as big as a mountain! I wonder if he is disappointed.

Oh yeah, she is so getting turned on by my touch. I can smell her juices flowing, and her nipples are poking right through that scrub top she is wearing.
“Meredith. Now that is a pretty name for my own little angel. You’re beautiful. You know we are mates, correct?”

Meredith could only nod. She cleared her throat twice in order to respond to him, all the while wondering if she really was going to leave a wet spot on the bed. She could feel her juices leaking from her pussy at an alarming rate, and her nipples had stood at attention the moment their skin touched. But what would happen if he found out the trouble she was in? What would he think when he realized his own team was protecting her, giving her shelter in this very building? What would he think when he discovered that she was only a half-vampire, and because of that she didn’t have vampire strength?
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