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Mar 2, 2017

Night Music by Nia Farrell

Night Music
Night Music
by Nia Farrell
Replay Book Five

He never expected to fall for them both.

Dr. Josef Brandt is the Austrian-born staff psychiatrist and a bisexual Dominant at Replay BDSM theme resort where patrons play in the past. He’s something of a loner, but not by choice. He’s been waiting to find his perfect complement—or complements, whoever he, she, or they might be.

When Hollywood comes to Replay’s Versailles Room, Sir Josef is cast as the father of young Mozart, portrayed by Aubrey Wolfe, a twenty-four-year-old musical savant. Luc Vashon is Aubrey’s teacher and serves as an aide to the petite, legally blind pianist. Recognizing that Luc’s feelings run much deeper, Josef decides to play Cyrano de Bergerac and advance Luc’s suit with Aubrey.

Genre: Erotic Romance
Content/Theme(s): BDSM, Ménage, Historic Cosplay, Roleplay, Visual Impairment, D/s, Bondage, Flogging, M/M/F, GLBT, Bisexuality, Contemporary
Release Date: March 1, 2017
Publisher: Long Branch Books

Excerpt & More

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Luc poured a glass of wine for Aubrey and opened two beers for the men. The three drinks turned to six, then eight. Feeling the effects, Josef knew he’d either need to spend the night in his office or have Geoffrey drive him home.

When Luc started to gather the empties, one bottle dropped on the floor and spun wildly at Aubrey’s feet before slowing to a stop. She reached to pick it up and felt its neck, pointing at Luc. “If this was a game, you’d have to do something,” she teased. She’d had enough wine to be mellow but she was not drunk. “You’d have to…you’d have to kiss Sir Josef!”

Of course she would say that. She believed that Luc was gay.

“Well?” she said. “What are you waiting for? Kiss him!”

Luc looked up from where he knelt but stayed where he was, with his gaze focused on Josef’s mouth and a new, lambent light in his eyes.

“No.” The Dominant spoke, his voice demanding attention. “Luc, you will kiss Aubrey. Make her moan, and I shall reward you, using anything here that is your pleasure.”

Robbed of air, Luc forced himself to inhale deeply, exhale slowly. Heat sparked in his hazel eyes, the flames of awareness fanned by each breath. Shifting his full attention to Aubrey, he crawled to her with deliberation and sat on the floor by her feet.

Luc ran two fingers along the inside of her calf, beneath the hem of her skirt, and curled his hand around her knee. “So fucking sexy,” he murmured. “I want to kiss you here, behind your knee. Or here.” His hand moved higher. “And mark the inside of your thigh with my teeth.” His other hand traced the neckline of her dress, then slid up her chest to curl around the slender column of her neck. “I am going to kiss you, ma belle, but I will let you choose where.”

Her blue topaz gaze drifted to his lips, soft and full for a man’s. She moaned, even before their mouths met.

Pulling her down to him, he brushed his lips across her wide, expressive mouth, teasing her, coaxing a response. She put her hands on his chest and clutched at the fabric of his shirt, seeking purchase. After years of self-denial, restraints were shattered with one tremulous breath. Lips parted. Tongues parried, locked in a desperate struggle. He thrust ten fingers into her hair and gripped her head between his hands to control the kiss, commanding her, demanding her submission.

She moaned again, into Luc’s mouth, the sweetest music to a Dominant’s ear.

“Good boy,” Josef crooned. “That’s enough. You have earned a reward. Tell me, what shall it be?”

Luc pulled back, ending their kiss but keeping his forehead pressed to hers when he revealed his darker passions. “It’s been a while since my last play session. The cross,” he said softly. “And the flogger.”

Josef nodded approvingly. “The cross and the flogger it shall be, but not tonight. Replay has stringent rules for the protection of all who come here. You must be vetted, have medical clearance, and pass a psychological evaluation before we go any further. Eleanor St. Leger must be the one to give it, if you wish my hand to wield the whip. Sir Piers can arrange anything else you may need.”

Slipping his cell phone from his jacket, he asked Luc for his number and called it. When Luc’s phone vibrated, Josef ended the call. “You have my number. I’m only a text or call away. For now, though, I shall bid you good night. As much as I would enjoy spending it together, with the three of us sharing a bed, it is best if the two of you…talk.”

Aubrey looked at him, so innocent, her blue topaz eyes widening when she understood where this was headed. He wanted them. Both of them. Beautiful Luc, with his milk chocolate skin and luscious French Canadian accent. Sweet, brilliant Aubrey, who glowed with her own inner light.

Leaving them was one of the hardest things he’d ever had to do.

* * *

Luc watched Sir Josef leave, the click of the door punctuating his unexpected departure. Sighing, he turned back to Aubrey and pressed a brief, fierce kiss against her swollen lips.

He couldn’t wait to feel them on his body.

Patience, he reminded himself. Things were shifting at warp speed, and Aubrey needed time to catch up.

Still kneeling, he rocked back on his heels. Aubrey sat in stunned silence, processing what she’d learned.

That he wasn’t gay, he was bisexual.

That he was in the lifestyle.

That he wanted her, and the Dominant Sir Josef wanted them both.

“Talk to me, chérie. I can see your mind at work. Tell me what you are thinking.”

“Luc…” She looked at him—at his shape, he knew, but he felt as if she was looking into his very soul. “How long?”

“How long have I been in the lifestyle? Since college. How long have I wanted you? Forever,” he admitted. “But you were too young. You weren’t ready. You needed me as a teacher, a mentor, not a lover. You don’t know how hard it was, watching you grow, bloom, spread your wings and try to fly, then hold your hand when something would send you crashing to the ground.”

Auditions. Interviews.


He regretted that he wouldn’t be her first. He didn’t know much about her experiences, other than the boyfriends never lasted long once they’d had her. He could only guess if the breakups were their choice, or hers.

She blinked and shook her head. “I didn’t know,” she whispered. “I thought….”

“It doesn’t matter, ma belle. Here, now. This is what matters. We are what matters. What you want. What I want.”

She caught her lower lip between her teeth and worried it for a moment. “What do you want?” she asked at last, her cheeks flushed from the scenarios playing out in her head.

“Tonight, just you. No kink. No domination and submission. Just surrender,” he told her. “Ma chère, believe me when I say that I will always put your needs before mine. Trust that I will continue to take care of you, in every possible way. Give yourself to me, and I will make certain that you never regret it.”

Unfolding his body, he rose to a stand, took her hands, and pulled her up to meet him. She was such a tiny thing, just two inches shy of five feet. He’d have to be careful, or he was going to bruise the hell out of that porcelain skin of hers.
He wrapped one arm around her waist, tightening his hold until she was pressed against him. There was no hiding his arousal. Letting her feel just how much he wanted her, he lifted her chin, kissed her tenderly, and murmured against her lips. “I’ve waited years for you to be ready for this. All you have to do is say yes. Just. Say. Yes….

“But Sir Josef—”

“Not now. Not yet. Maybe…maybe never. You heard him. We have to be vetted. Approved to play before he’ll join us. And only then with our permission.”

“He wants you,” she whispered, blushing again. “I could hear it. Smell it. And you want him, too.”

“He’s an attractive man,” Luc admitted. “I know you haven’t seen the actor I’m thinking of, but he’s almost as tall as me. Thick, wavy hair, and no beard to hide that cleft in his chin. His eyes are brown and very striking, where he’s a blond. His clothes are tailored to fit his frame. He’s trim but muscled, like he plays tennis or racquetball. Maybe he works out, or runs, like me. He has a way of looking at you that’s mesmerizing, especially knowing what he is. What he does. He’s a unique combination of a doctor and a Dominant, someone who understands the human psyche, who recognizes limits and knows what it takes to push you past them. If you are going to learn about the lifestyle, you’ll have no better teacher.”

“Except you.” She kissed him back, softly, hesitantly. “You’re my teacher. You should be the one to show me—later. Not tonight. Tonight, it’s just the two of us, okay? I think that’s all I can handle right now.”

“So…that’s a yes?”

She nodded.

Good enough.
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