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Mar 3, 2017

Beloved Beast by Karyn Gerrard

Beloved Beast
Beloved Beast
by Karyn Gerrard
The Ravenswood Chronicles Book Two

If a man can live forever…
A lifetime ago, the debauched Viscount Ravenswood lost his life, only to be revived as as new man with a new name…and a new desire for love. Now, scarred and monstrous of visage, Luke Madden has outlived his beloved wife. Crushed by loss and despair, he swears to never feel such a love again. For such a perfect mingling of souls could never happen twice in one lifetime. Especially for a beast such as Luke believes himself to be…

…how can he love forever?
Gillian Browning is a bold woman of action. But her spy activities in pre-war Germany have made her a target. Now in London, she is being hunted by ruthless Nazi operatives. Luckily, a fellow spy knows someone who can protect her—Luke. Taking Gillian to his former home in the country, he reluctantly finds himself caring for her more than he thought possible, and to his surprise she reciprocates. But when a threat from Luke’s own past increases their peril, he must decide if he has the true strength to love—and trust—again…

Genre: Historical Romance
Content/Theme(s): Spies, Suspense, Gothic, Wartime & a touch of Fantasy
Release Date: February 28, 2017
Kensington Publishing/Lyrical Press
Excerpt & More

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It was him. Robert Taylor from the air raid shelter. But this man standing before her was not what she thought he was. More like Boris Karloff. How unkind, and not accurate at all. What a shock to see him in full daylight. The perfect profile stood in stark contrast to the rest of his face. Gillian’s cheeks flamed with embarrassment for screaming. What had got into her? Taking deep breaths then exhaling, she made herself meet Mr. Newman’s gaze. Or was he even looking at her, hard to tell from the dark shades. “Apologies, gentlemen,” she murmured.

Luke Newman crossed his arms. She had never seen anyone with such a strange shade of skin. Light gray, like the turbulent skies of a winter storm. Or someone who was…dead. What made her think of such a morbid thing? No doubt the exaggerated Karloff comparison. The left side of his face was covered in scars running along his hairline and down his left temple, spreading out across his cheek like streets on a city map. His lips were perfectly formed and a light pink color, made all the more evident by the strange shade of his flesh.

He was immaculately dressed in an expensive gray suit. His raven black hair fashionably cut with long, tapered layers trimmed close to his head and around his ears. To have such handsomeness still evident, yet noticeably marred, touched her deeply.

“It has been quite some time since anyone screamed at seeing my face, but I am well used to it.” His words were clipped. He was annoyed and Gillian could not blame him.

She stepped forward and held out her gloved hand. “Again, please do accept my apologies, Mr. Newman. Lately I am acting more like a startled rabbit than a woman in firm control of her nerves.” He gripped her hand and gave it a brisk shake before letting go. His touch was cool. She felt it clear through her glove.

“Take a seat, Miss Browning.” Well. He didn’t acknowledge her apologies. Fine. She could act as chilly and impersonal as him. Gillian unbuttoned her wool coat and removed her gloves, then took a seat in front of Mr. Parker’s desk. Mr. Newman remained standing next to Mr. Parker, his arms crossed once again.

“There is not much in your file. In fact, the records were poorly kept,” Mr. Parker stated as he flipped between pages. “Tell me. Do you have any immediate family?”

Gillian never told SIS about her sister or of any other members of her family, deceased or not. “No, I don’t.”

Several moments passed. “She lies,” Mr. Newman stated, his tone even.

Small beads of perspiration broke out at her hairline. How did he know? How could he possibly know? She was well-schooled on how to lie, as she had done nothing but lie the past several years.

Mr. Parker leaned forward and clasped his hands on top of her file. “I think the time has come for you to be completely honest. After your assignment came to an end, we made sure you were returned safely even though it placed those who assisted in your escape in grave danger. We gave you an undemanding but well-paid position as a German and French translator and head clerical assistant with a high security clearance. You earned it. And you earned our trust. Was MI-6 mistaken in our assessment of you?” Mr. Parker’s gaze was as officious as the tone of his voice.

“You must already harbor doubts about me for why am I being followed by this man?” Gillian pointed at Luke Newman who stood as straight and still as a statue. She could feel the frost in his shaded gaze. Her hand trembled, and she pulled it away.

“Luke was following you for your protection,” Mr. Parker snapped.

“Protection? Why?” she whispered. Gillian’s insides tumbled in apprehension.

“The Nazis have discovered your affair with Kroger and German spies here in England are now searching for you,” Mr. Parker replied.
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