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Jul 15, 2016

Wolf at the Door by Layne Macadam

Wolf at the Door
Wolf at the Door
by Layne Macadam
Heritage Book Two

Jonah Lawson is a wolf with secrets. Fate has dealt him a shabby hand. So, long ago, he decided to lead a solitary life, never to inflict his tortured past on any female. He takes his pleasures outside the pack with human women, and that works just fine until the exquisite Camille Robineau arrives at the compound claiming relative status to his alpha, and he knows without a doubt, he’s in trouble.

With his protective armor firmly in place, he treats her with sardonic indifference, but when the headstrong, reckless Camille goes missing, he realizes she’s stolen his heart. His wolf senses ignite and he leads a search party to find her that ends with dire consequences that no one could have foreseen and leaves Camille making a sacrifice that will impact the rest of her life.

Genre: Paranormal Romance
Content/Theme(s): Shifters, Wolves, MC, Motorcycle Club
Release Date: July 11, 2016
Publisher: Syn Publishing

Excerpt & More

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Camille Robineau darted between the tall trees as if her tail was on fire, the wind tousling her fur and her feet kicking up clods of damp earth. Cody was in hot pursuit—not that he’d catch her. She could always outrun her twin, even from when they were cubs. But this time was different—this time, he was livid.

Thoughts of his anger increased her speed, and the wind amplified right along with it. The velocity had picked up, and it howled with menace. The farther she ascended Mt. Robson, the colder it grew, and a shiver ran through to her bones. If Cody didn’t back off soon, she’d have to spend the night up here.

That prospect held no joy. As a rule, she loved sleeping in the open, but she was hungry, having missed lunch, and in no mood to hunt. She paused on a rocky outcrop and, lifting her muzzle, looked up at a leaden sky. Heavy-bellied gray clouds sagged onto the treetops, and the clusters of birds huddled on the lower branches added to the omen. Damn, snow was in the air.

“You can’t run forever, sis,” Cody’s telepathic voice intruded into her mind.

Okay, so she shouldn’t have taken his bike, but seriously, he shouldn’t have disparaged her strength and ability to ride the damn machine. And she’d been doing great, right up until that human moron pulled out from the curb without looking. Imbecile.

“No, but I can run farther and faster than you,” she sent back, playing for time.

“That’s true, but you have to come home eventually.”

Her fur spiked at his smugness, but for fuck’s sake, only for her quick thinking, the bike would have been trashed in that accident and she could have been killed. But was Cody sympathetic or concerned for her health? No. He’d threatened to wring her neck. His only concern was for his damn CTG motorbike, and that was what had her pissed.

“I said I was sorry, what more do you want?” When she’d told him how she’d dropped the bike into a skid, thus avoiding totaling the machine and ending up under the SUV, did he thank her, give her praise? No. Instead, he’d raged at her and chased her around the yard until she shifted into wolf form and took off deeper into the Rainbow Range.

“I want you to pay for the damages.”

What! Fat chance. The request was unreasonable. Her wages from the restaurant where she waited tables were less than half of his. Besides, he could do the mechanical repairs, and the garage where he worked had a panel shop attached, so why should she fork out her hard-earned savings? She’d been scrounging every last cent for a trip to Hawaii ever since she’d started work two years ago. Julie, her best friend, was already cashed up. If Camille footed the repair bill, then they could kiss their trip good-bye for another two years.

Her snout jerked up. “No, I won’t. It’s not fair. You could fix it for free.”

“It is fair, and whether I could or couldn’t isn’t the point. You’re reckless, Cam, and this time you will take responsibility for your actions.”

The anger in his tone was foreign to her ears. Cody was always calm, easygoing, and indulgent, but he was sizzling like a sausage on the grill now, making her unsure of how to proceed.

The guilt angle seemed worth a shot. “I could have been killed, and all you care about is your stupid bike.”

“I saved for three years for that bike, and you damn well know it! But true, I wasn’t empathetic, so I’ll make you a deal.”

Her ear twitched. At last, a glimmer of hope flickered. “I’m listening.”

“What say I do my hours for free? Riley and Jake owe me, so I’ll call in that favor for the panel beating and paint job. But any out-of-pocket expenses you pay for. That includes all parts and fees for the hire of any equipment. Deal?”

Camille took a quick glance around the area in search of her brother while she considered his proposition. Cody could move through the trees like a shadow and was a master at camouflage. His cream and nut-brown dappled coat insured he could blend in like a chameleon. She, on the other hand, with her white fur, whilst a great disguise in the snow, stood out like a cloud in a blue sky now that the thaw had started. And she didn’t have his stealth. But then again, he didn’t have her speed.

“Well, Cam, what do you say?”

The deal was more than fair. That bike was his pride and joy, and having experienced the thrill of riding it, she could understand his anger. There was no insurance forthcoming, the human had denied liability and blamed her. Liar.

“Deal.” She pivoted toward the direction of home. Cody was right behind her, close enough to touch. No surprises there. Despite his size and power, he moved through the forest like a ghost, silent and unseen.

“Now can we go home, sis? I’m freezing my ass off.”

“You always were a pussy.” She laughed as he fell into step beside her. “Seriously, Cody, I am sorry for wrecking your bike. I know how much it means to you, but it really wasn’t my fault.”

He stopped trotting and glared at her with fire in his eyes.

“Um, what I meant was, yes, it was my fault I took the bike, but the accident truly wasn’t. The human lied.” Her brown eyes blurred. Being on Cody’s bad side was rare and didn’t sit well with her. “I might be reckless and impulsive, even rebellious at times, but I’m not a liar.”

“Settle down. No one’s calling you a liar. Now get a move on or else we’ll miss supper.”

“Typical. You’re always thinking of your stomach.” The loud rumble coming from her belly betrayed her own hunger.

“Seems like I’m not on an island.” He laughed. “Race you.”

Her twin bounded away his fur rippling in the breeze and leaving her mouth agape. It was the last thing she’d expected. He never challenged her. Why would he? Three beats later, she was hot on his heels. This one, though, she’d let him win.
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