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May 16, 2013

Cover Reveal - Desire Unleashed by Layne Macadam

Cover, Excerpt & Book Trailer

Desire Unleashed by Layne Macadam
Desire Book One

Desire UnleashedWhen schoolteacher Kathy Bellamy, moved from Louisiana to Coronado, she didn’t expect her secret dream or her worst nightmare to become a reality.

Kathy longs for the fairytale. An old-fashioned girl saving herself for the right guy, but after only one date with Navy SEAL trainer Shane Jackson, she trashes her values and willingly tumbles into the sack without a thought for the consequences.

Confirmed bachelor and relationship cynic, Jackson has no room in his life for a permanent woman. Temporary liaisons are all he is up for. Cocky and self-assured, he believes he can pick a likeminded player at one glance. So when he discovers that Kathy, is the complete antithesis of what he believed, he is thrown into a tailspin. But before long and way out of his comfort zone, he finds himself knee deep in a relationship that he can’t quite seem to end.

Kathy’s love life is evolving parallel with her nightmare. The object of a maniac, when she throws caution to the wind with Shane on the beach one day and acts out of character, her actions are seen by her stalker as a betrayal that demands retribution in blood. Abducted and taken to a secret location at knifepoint, can Shane, who himself is the ultimate predator find and rescue her, before it is too late?

Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: March 25, 2013
Liquid Silver Books
Trailer, Excerpt & More

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Kathy Bellamy shot up from the mattress, going from horizontal to vertical in a heartbeat. The shrill of the telephone had startled her out of a sound sleep. “Hello,” she croaked, clutching the handset to her ear.

Breathy rasps wheezed down the wires. Her heart leaped into her mouth, and fear trickled down her spine, paralyzing her for a nanosecond. It was the fourth call of this type since Monday, but the others had been left on her answering machine in broad daylight.

Just as she was about to hang up the creep spoke, staying her hand.

“Were you dreaming of me pretty lady, or were you awake waiting for my call?”

Kathy stiffened. The voice was muffled, kind of smoky and dark. To engage in any conversation was so the wrong thing to do, but the words tumbled out of their own volition. “Who are you, what do you want?”

“What do I want? You of course pretty girl, I want you. I’m your future sweetheart and you’re mine. Not long now till we’re together.”

His menacing words chilled her bones. Slamming down the receiver, she dived under the covers and tugged them over her head. Something she hadn’t done since she was eight years old and a true indication of how spooked she really was.

Minutes passed before she got up the gumption to poke her nose out from her hiding place. As her eyes adjusted to the darkness, she berated herself for being such a scaredy-cat. It wasn’t like the creep knew where she lived or anything. Fighting back the covers in a tangle of arms and legs, she snatched the handset off the cradle. The dial tone was loud in the silence as she placed it on the bedside table, but it would soon stop. With that done she settled back on the pillow and regulated her breathing. The whole episode unnerved her more than she cared to admit, and it was an interminable time before she fell back asleep.
“Ian wanted me to say hi from him. He asks about you all the time. I think he’s still besotted.”

“Don’t even go there; you know I’m not interested.” Kathy stood and marched into the kitchen, picked up a knife from the bench and finished peeling the potatoes she’d started earlier.

“You could do worse,” Liz said traipsing after her. Kathy held her tongue. Ian was Liz’s friend after all; it was she who’d introduced them. Yes, she could do worse but she wanted to do a whole lot better. She’d love to have a special someone in her life but there had to be chemistry.

“I know you’re lonely, so why not come home where you belong, to people who love and care about you, who…”

“Liz stop. There’s no point rehashing this. You know why I made my decision.” Her voice had an edge; she took a breath and softened her tone. “I’m going to fulfill my work contract, perhaps after that I’ll go home, but I’ll cross that bridge when I come to it.”

“Okay, okay, I get it. So what do you do for entertainment around here?”

Liz’s quick change of subject put Kathy on the spot. She thought about inventing some story that centered on the highlife, but Liz was astute and would call her bluff, so she settled on the truth, such as it was. “I’ve made two friends at work, Anne Marshall and Len Baker. We’ve been out for coffee a few times and last weekend we went to the movies together.”

“That’s it? You’re kidding me right? Two months here and that’s the sum total of your socializing? Well girl, that’s about to change, time you got yourself a life. Is there anywhere local we can go dancing?”

“Umm, yes, there’s a club close by that Anne and I have been meaning to visit, it’s supposed to be pretty good with a band most nights.”

“Sounds perfect, we’ll go tonight.”

Kathy had been looking forward to an easy night curled up in front of the box watching old movies and munching popcorn, now she’d have to change out of her sweats and dress up. She shouldn’t grumble though, Liz had come out of her way to cheer her up, so at the very least she owed her a night on the town.

“It’s a date then,” Kathy agreed drumming up more enthusiasm than she felt.

The girls lingered over their meal then went to dress for their evening out.

“Wow, you look hot,” Kathy exclaimed as Liz entered the room wearing a slinky short black dress and a pair of stilettos, quite a contrast to the austere business suit and pumps she’d just discarded. Studying her friend, it never ceased to amaze her how glamorous but impassive Liz was. She was the epitome of a hard-nosed lawyer by day but dressed in that little black outfit, she was simply stunning. A five-foot ten inch dynamo with vibrant red hair and a wicked figure, heads turned whenever she walked by.

Kathy wanted to tell her it was high time she followed her own advice and find a special someone, but knowing the reaction that would bring she refrained and spinning on the spot asked, “How do I look?”

“God, like you’ve just stepped out of a convent. Young, innocent, dare I say it … old fashioned.”

“Gee Liz, don’t hold back tell me what you really think.”

“Oh don’t go all sensitive on me, just wait here. I’ve got the perfect outfit to jazz you up.” Liz disappeared into her room and returned a few minutes later with a turquoise halter neck and a pair of white fitted pants she handed over. “Here, try these on.”

Kathy murmured her thanks and went to do just that. She was a different shape to Liz—shorter, fleshier—so the white pants looked as if they’d been spray-painted on. And the slinky top shimmered and clung to her curves like a second skin, unlike anything she’d ever owned. The outfit made a statement. Kathy gazed into the mirror and didn’t recognize her reflection. Her butt was firm and shapely, and the low cut top showed a hint of cleavage and a lot of promise. Her face erupted into a grin.

Twisting her hair into a French roll, Kathy secured it with a thick diamante clip, leaving wispy curls to frame her face. The upswept style and glamorous outfit made her feel sophisticated, chic. Sexy.
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  1. Good to see your here Layne. This is a book I think readers will really enjoy.
    I love the trailer for it, I get all warm watching. Fabulous.

  2. Thanks so much for the kind words and thank you cover reveals for having me on here!!


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