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Apr 21, 2016

Eärwen’s Song by M.A. Abraham

Earwen's Song
Eärwen’s Song
by M.A. Abraham
Elven Chronicles Book Ten

With one look Eöl knows he has finally found the love of his life, his Life Mate, the one he has promised to bind so tightly they will never be parted. He is about to find that it isn’t as easy as he believes it will be, not with a Light Elf mate, who is also an Eagle Claw.

Shocked by the sudden appearance of a Life Mate in her life, when she has been told she probably doesn’t have one, Eärwen runs. It isn’t that she is against the idea, but this wasn’t supposed to happen to her and, although she fights it, their attraction to one another is too strong.

As a newly bonded couple of power, they are hunted by the Demons and then captured, before being parted. The bond they share, however, is stronger than anyone believes. It connects them in ways few could have foreseen, as heart-to-heart, mind-to-mind, soul-to-soul; they complete their bond in the way of the most ancient of Elves.

Genre: Fantasy Romance
Content/Theme(s): Elves, Dragons, Demons, Magic, Fae, Paranormal
Release Date: April 16, 2016
Publisher: Indie

Excerpt & More

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Eöl, as he checked on how much ground Eärwen had already covered, was beginning to think that using Gabriel’s rope on her wasn’t such a bad idea. By the time he reached the forest floor, beneath the Sentinel, she had covered several miles. She was a lot faster than he had given her credit for. He wondered what it was going to take to calm her down. He was finding it difficult to fight the small part of his character that demanded he force her to submit. That was not what he wanted from her though. He refused to coerce her to bond with him. He would have her willing, or not at all.

Eärwen ran until she noticed signs of Ennacas and Endiku close by and, as there was no indication that Eöl was following, she decided to join them for a snack. She hadn’t eaten anything and she was starving. She walked into their campsite, but they weren’t there. They had, however, left food where she could see it, and she smiled. That was either carelessness on their part, or an invitation. She chose to take it as the latter; after all, they were both Tratchars and undoubtedly knew that she was coming. That meant that the items left on display were meant for her. All things considered, she decided that was very thoughtful of them. She would have to thank them when she ran into them.

Eärwen smiled, as she noted the items Ennacas had placed into a state of stasis and licked her lips in anticipation of the feast she was about to enjoy. She was halfway though the meal, when she heard Ennacas’ scream of passion, coming from further in the forest. She knew what that meant, and she rolled her eyes, as she helped herself to more food, before she went to find the happy couple. It was time to tease them, which would be a lot of fun.

“You two are not the only Elves in the forest you know,” Eärwen teased as she stepped into a small clearing where Endiku and Ennacas lay tangled naked amongst the ferns. “Cover up before I go blind. I would have thought you had gotten past this stage of your relationship by now.”

“I don’t remember issuing you an invitation to join us, little sister. Come to think of it, what are you doing here?” Ennacas was not ashamed of her state of undress in front of her sister at all. Granted, the circumstances were a little embarrassing, but nothing that Eärwen had never encountered before. Eärwen tended to roam wherever she wanted in the forests, whenever she felt like it and Ennacas knew she had seen several trysts over the years. They all had at one point or another.

“I am going to have to visit Angel after seeing the two of you like this. My eyeballs will need a thorough disinfecting. You are corrupting my innocence. Haven’t you finished christening every bush in the Elven Empire yet?”

“Jealous?” Ennacas shot back. “You needn’t be. You have your own Life Mate to enjoy anytime you want. Everyone is talking about it and I am sure he would be more than happy to accommodate you.”

Endiku chuckled at the light banter that was going on between the two sisters. He was no more embarrassed by the state of their undress than Ennacas was, especially with Ennacas draped across the part of his anatomy he would rather not have displayed to her sister. Then again, Eärwen was not really paying any attention to them and he knew it. She was mooching from their lunch basket. Her attention was completely focused on the food, even if she did not sound like it at the moment.

“I think you finally got the spices for the quail mixed right,” Eärwen told her sister as she nibbled at the succulent meat of the bird, and licked the juice off her fingers.

“You get your greedy little fingers out of our lunch.” Ennacas objected, but didn’t follow up on it.

“Stop me,” Eärwen taunted, as she picked up a bottle of Elven wine from the basket. “Where did you get the wine?”

“Where do you think?” Ennacas replied as she squirmed. Endiku was not helping the situation, as he continued to touch her in strategic places, wiggling his fingers in a way that caused tingling sensations to run through her entire body. He nibbled on her ear and she gave a slight giggle.

Eärwen rolled her eyes as she put the wine back and helped herself to their grapes. They were perfect, at the peak of their perfection. “Good choice on the grapes by the way.”

“Eärwen,” Ennacas objected, on a squeaky note, “I am going to kill you.”

“I know, I am really worried,” Eärwen grinned, as she popped another grape into her mouth.

Endiku glanced away from Ennacas for a moment and caught a slight movement behind one of the trees, it was Eöl, and he was slowly making his way towards them, stealthily stalking Eärwen. He grinned and shot a wink at his brother. Ennacas caught on to what was happening immediately.

“Eärwen, if you don’t leave us alone right now I am going to make you so sorry.” Ennacas warned.

“Right,” Eärwen came back at her again, and this time she sounded as if she was talking with a full mouth. “You and which army? Remember, I know all your secrets.”

“Goes both ways sister,” Ennacas replied with a wide grin, as she saw Eöl stop to lean against a tree, not ten feet from Eärwen.

“As for which army,” Eöl injected into the conversation. “I am willing to lend my help there.”
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