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Oct 7, 2015

Integration by M. A. Abraham

Cover & Excerpt

Integration by M. A. Abraham
Tantalus Book Two

IntegrationAs the inhabitants of Tantalus work together to create a new home, the Arc Royal travels closer to the planet. No one is surprised to find out that the man that they call the Witch Hunter is on board and in command, although not visibly so. He doesn’t wait very long to make his presence known.

The Tantalarians continue to do what they can to help their new neighbors, including guarding those in need from danger. While this happens, new friendships develop, old ones strengthen and the two species begin to form more meaningful bonds. That doesn’t stop those who will not accept change to cause trouble for the others. The Witch Hunter is in the background adding to the animosity and the confusion.

Lieutenant Nobel greets her sister, but her sister’s eyes are glued on Synric, not her son, as Julia thinks they should be. Synric is not very pleased with the sudden attention, but his actions speak louder than words. She doesn’t know that he has been ordered to befriend her sister and it makes her wonder, is the man she is falling in love with what she believes, or is she making a mistake by trusting him.

Genre: Sci Fi Romance
Content/Theme(s): Aliens, Wings, Space, Suspense, Paranormal, Fantasy
Release Date: October 6, 2015
Publisher: Indie

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A puzzled look crossed Julia’s face, while she thought about what little Synric had told her. She could sense he was waiting for her to figure it out on her own, and she tried. She could only come up with one conclusion, and it was not something she wanted to believe. The idea was too preposterous and went against everything she thought she knew about life; at least she hoped it was. She looked at Synric with wide questioning eyes and got the feeling she had figured it out when he nodded his head in agreement, without saying a word. Her reaction was immediate, as she threw herself into his arms to hold onto him while she shook helplessly.

Synric wrapped both arms and wings around Julia tightly and kissed her forehead, as he tried to comfort her. It wasn’t losing Mitchel or Karia that bothered her, he could tell that. It was the total picture that their passing represented. He wasn’t sure how many people would have grasped that concept so quickly.

“Lord help us, Synric. Mitchel’s death would mean Karia’s and her Phoenix’s. We would all freeze.” Julia eventually found the strength to put her thoughts into words. Deep inside she was hoping he would tell her those fears were unfounded. He didn’t. Instead he clarified them.

“The planet would revert to the state it was when you first saw it on your ship’s screens. No one living on the surface of the planet would survive for long, it would be too cold, nothing would grow and the first glitch your people would have with the internal heating system in your cities would be the last. There would be no time to fix them before the outside elements took over. There would be nothing we could do to help. Our people would be trapped in the upper atmosphere because our wings can’t function to their fullest capacity in the extreme cold. We would have no choice but to sit back and watch your cities die, along with all the inhabitants.” Synric explained.
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