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Mar 22, 2016

A Serenade with Beauty by Beth Mikell

A Serenade with Beauty
A Serenade with Beauty
A Kurdish Love Story
by Beth Mikell

Shahram “Ram” Zare carries a dark secret—shadows of unresolved pain. Five years earlier, he and his brother fled the Kurdish region of Iran over a tribal war, but now, the ghosts have settled, and their uncle travels to the US, hoping to encourage the brothers to marry. And Ram has been charged with finding a pseudo-fiancée for his older brother, Javad. His search leads him to a beautiful woman. He hesitates to ask her to be a pawn in such an archaic system of duty, especially as his heart grows deeper in love with her.

As Mia Phillips watches her mother slip away from cancer, she bows under the pressure of unpaid bills and heartache. No amount of soul searching fills her empty bank account… or her indecision over the most breathtaking man. Ram offers her a life change, yet not with him—a fake marriage of convenience to his brother. Javad is too hard and rigid, but Ram… he is the other half of her soul. Yet they must remain friends to make the lie seem real. Or will they?

Everything comes down to propriety, honor, and the right to choose the love of their hearts…

Genre: Contemporary Romance
Content/Theme(s): Multicultural
Release Date: February 16, 2016
Publisher: Indie

Excerpt & More

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A warm voice called her name right before his hand slid around her waist.

Ram turned her in his arms, and she accepted his quiet strength. His warmth bathed her destroyed nerves, while she sobbed quietly into his chest. She clutched his arms, tugging him closer, relishing his invasion of her private meltdown. He did not offer careless words that everything would be okay. He did not mock her pain by belittling her emotions. No. He simply held her while her heart worked through the darkness, tenderly holding her through the storm.

His hand stroked her hair, his other hand caressing her closer to his body, as he murmured soft Kurdish words against her temple. She did not understand them, but they gave her comfort. As if, he understood her without speaking the same language. Mia did not think about why he happened upon her at this moment—she only relished his support. His gentleness.

Finally, she pulled back slightly, gazing up at him. His warm, brown eyes reflected concern and something she did not understand. He was a haunting figure of handsomeness, stealing her breath.

“Thank you for being here.”

Ram cupped her cheek, smoothing his thumb over her skin. “There’s no other place I’d rather be, Mia Jaan.

Reality sank in.

She took a step back out of his arms, and a soft laugh vibrated her chest. “I hardly doubt that. I’m sure you have a million and one other things to do, rather than—” Embarrassed, she turned away, terribly uncomfortable now that she was able to rationally think about her actions without him so close. “Rather than shoulder my tears,” she rasped.

His hand caressed her shoulder. “Being strong takes courage, beautiful, but true strength is measured by your willingness to accept someone beside you during your darkest moments. There is nowhere more important than being here with you.”

Startled, her eyes met his in the mirror. “We hardly know each other,” she whispered.

He moved closer, his hard body flush against her back.

Ram leaned closer, nuzzling his cheek against her without breaking their locked gaze. “But I know you. I recognize your pain because it matches my own. I know the depth of human suffering, Mia Jaan. I know the heart of pain and how it bleeds your insides to the point where you wish you could die along with the heartache. I recognize you in every way—” He smoothed his lips across her cheek in a soft and subtle caress. “—You mirror my soul image.”
Purchase link(s):  Amazon   BAM   B&N
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