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Jan 5, 2016

A Swinging Christmas by Heather Hart

Cover & Excerpt

A Swinging Christmas by Heather Hart
Spy Games Book Three

A Swinging ChristmasWhen you put a congressman together with a Detroit hood, you can wind up with an explosive combination. That’s what the people at the Firm think, anyway, and they send in their best agents, Robert and Kassie, to investigate this potential threat to national security.

No strangers to alternative life styles, the intrepid pair enter the shadowy world of swingers, where they soon discover that there are secrets amongst the players that were hidden away long before any of them became involved in the life style.

Excited by the prospect of switching partners, if only for an hour, submissive Kassie plunges headlong into this brave new world, only to awaken the green-eyed monster deep in her heart. And though alpha male Robert will do whatever it takes to accomplish their mission, the price of success might be to lose the only woman he has ever truly loved.

Genre: Contemporary Romance
Content/Theme(s): Spies, BDSM, Spanking, Suspense, Mystery, Thriller
Release Date: December 4, 2015
Blushing Books
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She held out her wrists as an offering. "Go on. Do what you have to. Just do whatever it takes for you to feel masterful again because, quite frankly, right now you're driving me insane!" He did take her by the wrist, but not to tie her up. Instead he pulled her down over his knee. "You're something else, Miss Kassie, and what's more, you're entirely forgetting yourself. And do you know what that means?"


"What's that?"

"What, sir?"

"It means you need a reminder in respect." He pulled down her flannel bottoms and sat for a minute, not doing anything. After a while she looked up, wondering why he hadn't spanked her yet.

"Is something wrong?"

"The submissive will be quiet."

The palm of his hand rested on her bare butt, but he made no move to discipline her, none at all. She itched to ask him what the holdup was, but his instructions had been explicit.

"You know I never hit you in anger, Kassie. I wanted my heartbeat to settle down before we continued with this instruction. Do you understand?"

"Yes, sir." Since his hand never twitched again she figured he believed her.

"So Kassie, tell me, before I met you, were you sexually promiscuous?"

Where the fuck did that come from? "No. And you know I wasn't!"

Smack! Her skin prickled under his palm as the blood rushed to defend the spot where he'd walloped her.

"Is that the proper way to address your master?"

"No, sir. I'm sorry, sir."

"Better." His hand rested again on the exact same spot, and she felt the transfer of heat from her ass to his palm. "See, here's the thing. I believe you, or at least I did. But now I find you rushing headfirst into a situation where you're almost certainly going to be fucked by someone else, and I confess that I'm rather concerned about your enthusiasm for the job."
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