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Sep 21, 2015

Southern Heat by Parker Kincade

Cover & Excerpt

Southern Heat by Parker Kincade
Game On Book Two

Southern HeatHe’s down, but he’s not out of the game.

Tyler Brady earned his reputation as the bad boy of baseball the old-fashioned way: by playing hard—on and off the field. After suffering a shoulder injury, he faces his first summer off in twenty years. Between the endless physical therapy sessions and missing the season, Tyler’s patience is about to blow.

After suffering a devastating breakup, Gabriella Marano is ready to get her life back. Who better to reacquaint her with the pleasures of sex than a devastatingly handsome ball player? Tyler is well equipped to give her what she needs: a little harmless fun.

As their passion soars, Tyler realizes the woman who fires his blood holds his future in the palm of her hands. In more ways than one.

Genre: Contemporary Romance
Content/Theme(s): Sports, Baseball
Release Date: September 15, 2015
Publisher: Indie

Excerpt & More

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Gabriella must’ve sensed his mood. Unlike most of the women he knew, she didn’t try to fill the silence with inane chatter or bombard him with questions about why he was so quiet.

She just drove and hummed.

Christ. It was bad enough he’d put her in the awkward position of witnessing his family dysfunction, but now his attitude was for shit.

He shouldn’t have taken her with him tonight. He should’ve known his old man would show his ass. The guy couldn’t resist prancing Tyler around like a show pony, all the while doling out backhanded compliments as though he’d been preparing for this day for months.

Nothing Tyler had ever done was good enough. No matter how hard he worked, how much money he made, or how successful his career, he always came up short in the eyes of his father. As a kid, Tyler thought it was just his dad’s way of pushing him to be better. Now, Tyler knew it was just his dad’s way, period. Charlie Brady celebrated his son’s victories as though he were solely responsible, and didn’t hesitate to point out when Tyler fell short.

Maybe in some twisted way Tyler should be grateful. His dad was the reason he pushed so hard. He’d accepted that truth years ago. The anger, the fire in his gut, fueled his determination.

Pushing him was one thing. Messing with Madison was another. Tyler wouldn’t have it. Madison was smart. She worked her ass off in school—way harder than he ever did. She deserved the chance to explore her options.

Gabriella turned into the driveway, pulling Tyler from his thoughts.

She left the car running while she pulled out her phone. “I hope you don’t mind if I check this real quick. That beeping was driving me crazy.” She glanced at it and frowned.

“Everything okay?”

She stared at the phone. Looked at him. Stared at the phone again. “Yeah. Sorry. Just let me…” Her fingers flew over the screen.

He wanted to ask who she was texting with such a frenzy. Wanted a name to go along with the irritation he felt at whoever had upset her. An address would help too. He couldn’t do anything about his own shit tonight, but he could damn well help her with hers.

He snorted to himself and looked out the window, giving her privacy to finish texting. He was acting like a crazy person. He didn’t know her, or her problems, and here he was thinking about jumping in with both feet … to what? Save her? For all he knew, the text was nothing. She’d said as much.

She cut the engine. “Do you want to come in?”

He shouldn’t. And wasn’t that just his theme for the day. He should hit the gym. Bust his ass on the treadmill for an hour or two. But goddamn he wanted what she offered—needed it—a chance to get out of his head for a while.

“Yeah.” He got out of the car. He strolled with her to the front door, where Gabriella let them in and flipped on the lights.

“Do you want something to drink?” She dropped her purse by the door and kicked off her sandals.


He followed her into the living room, watching as she closed the blinds covering the front window.

“Your team played a good game tonight,” she said. “I know you’re chomping at the bit to get back out there, but you’ve gotta be happy about the win.”

He was. He was, damn it. He snagged her wrist as she moved to turn on a lamp. “Look, Gabriella. Don’t take this the wrong way, but can we not talk right now?”

Rehashing how well the team was doing without him wasn’t going to do good things to his already crappy mood.

Her soft, understanding smile hit him square in the chest. Without a word she nodded, laced their fingers, and led him to the bedroom.

She flipped on the lights, then immediately dimmed them until the room was basked in a warm glow. Her private space was soothing mixture of colors—pale green, blue, and beige. The light, floral scent in the air reminded him of the private beach house he rented from time to time in Hawaii. So did the enormous bed.

There was no TV, and a couple of books sat on the table next to the bed. It was a room designed for rest and relaxation. Rest wasn’t in his plan, but he’d take a little relaxation as the end result.

“Gabriella...” He sought the words to explain how fucked up things were, how tired he was, and came up empty.

“It’s okay, Tyler.” She pulled off her shirt and let it fall to the floor. “You’re having a tough time right now.” Her voice was soft, seductive. “It’s okay if you want to lose yourself in me for a little while. I want to help you. Let me help you.”

Oh, hell no.

Tyler wasn’t comfortable with how well she read him, but he’d deal with that later. Sure, he wanted to forget. Forget his fucking injury. His contract. His dad. He did want to lose himself in the pleasure of Gabriella’s body, but he damn well didn’t want to do it alone. He wanted her right there with him. Wanted to hear his name on her lips as he made her come over and over.

He went to her then. He shoved his fingers into her hair and tugged until she stared up at him, eyes wide and eager.

“We have an agreement.”

“We do?”

“Damn right, we do. You’re off the clock. Outside of your office, we aren’t massage therapist and baseball player. We’re just you and me. Tyler and Gabriella. Two people enjoying each other’s company. Two people sharing pleasure.”

“I’m not good at ‘off the clock.’”

Tyler reached around and unhooked her bra. Her skin was smooth, soft against his fingers as he slid the straps from her shoulders. The cups fell away to reveal the peaked tips of her breasts. He decided then and there he was definitely a breast man when it came to Gabriella. Breast, ass, leg man … and everything in between. Holy shit, she was gorgeous.

“Then we’d better make sure you get lots of practice.”

He wrapped an arm around her waist, ignoring the stiffness that had settled in his shoulder. Nothing was going to stop him from sampling every bit of pleasure Gabriella offered. His mouth watered for a taste of her. His balls were painfully tight, and his cock felt strangled behind the fly of his shorts.

“You’re beautiful, Gabriella.” And she smelled good. Her nipples were tight and dark and … fuck. He nuzzled her neck just to breathe her in.

“You’re not so bad yourself.” Gabriella tugged at his shirt. “Your turn, Tyler. Please.”

At this point, he wouldn’t deny her anything. He stripped his shirt and tossed it aside. Her hands were on him before he finished the job.

“Tell me what you want,” he demanded.

“I want to touch you.”

She was gonna kill him. “You are touching me.”

Gone was the confident touch of a therapist. Her tentative fingers explored his chest, his stomach, his back as though she were experiencing him for the first time.

“I’m not sure what to do.” She laughed softly. “Or where to start.”

“I’ve got a few ideas.”

“Yeah?” Her finger circled his nipple and flicked the raised edge before she pressed it between her thumb and forefinger.

Desire flowed from her touch straight to his crotch. A low growl rumbled in his throat. Unwilling to wait any longer, he tightened his arm and lifted her feet from the carpet.

“Be careful! You’ll hurt yourself.”

He walked backward until his legs hit the bed. He sat, tugging her to stand between his knees.

“Off the clock. Don’t make me say it again.” To emphasize the point, he sucked her nipple into his mouth, nipping the taut bud hard enough to pull a gasp from her throat.

“Or what?” Her fingers tightened around his scalp, trying to hold him in place.

Not a chance. He had his own exploring to do.

“Oh, Gabriella.” He kissed down the center of her body, stopping to swirl his tongue around her belly button. “The endless possibilities for ‘or what’ now have me wondering where to start.”
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