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Oct 25, 2014

Cover Reveal - Izrafel's Acceptance by Loralie Hall

Cover & Excerpt Reveal

Izrafel's Acceptance by Loralie Hall
Ubiquity Book 1.5

Izrafel's AcceptanceWhen immortality is the ultimate goal, not even heaven can stand in the way.

Izrafel fell from heaven over a century ago, retiring from his duty as an angel and becoming human. Except there was a tiny loophole which allowed him to keep his immortality and enjoy the best of both words… Until someone ripped eternity from his limbs.

Now, his primary focus is learning to appreciate his mortality. So far he doesn’t mind the results; he has Holden, the sexy guy from church, to share the experience with. Too bad his former angelic colleagues don’t want him spilling the secrets he learned when he fell. If the hosts of heaven don’t kill him for what he knows, the minions of hell might destroy him in their attempts to keep him safe. And he’ll obliterate both threats if that’s what it takes to find peace.

Genre: Urban Fantasy
Content/Theme(s): M/M, Angels, Demons, Romance, GLBT
Release Date: October 14, 2014
Acelette Press
Excerpt & More

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“What happened to your deadline?” I tried to push a lighthearted tone into my voice.

I just needed to get rid of my misgivings. I knew how Holden held himself, how he acted when he held back. The first few times he’d visited me in the hospital, he’d been like this. Wouldn’t meet my eyes, never could stand still. Except, then it had been because he’d been trying to figure out how to tell me he was attracted to me. Now, something darker lined his hesitation.

Or maybe I was just scared of commitment. I pushed the nagging thoughts aside.

“I wrapped it up and sent it to my editor this morning.” He closed the distance between us again. “I missed you too much to drag my feet on this one.” He drew a thumb across my cheek. “I’m glad I caught you before you shaved.”

The hidden compliment made me smile. He told me the scruff of my beard made me rugged. Something crawled over my skin, leaving me feeling as if I’d just stuck a fork in a light socket. I resisted the urge to shake off the invisible sensation. Was that really my lingering mistrust? “Now that you mention it, I was about to jump in the shower. I might shave it off if someone isn’t there to stop me.”

“Tempting offer.” He kissed me, and this time the tingles racing through me were pleasant, bringing my senses to life.

Through the pleasure, the air still felt heavy, sinking into my skin, running over my nerves as if I was a live wire. What the hell was—

I shoved Holden away as hard as I could and fell back myself before my brain could give my actions a name or reason. Before either of us hit the ground, lightning flashed between us. The crackle filled the air, temporarily blinding me and leaving the heavy scent of ozone in its wake.

My heart hammered in my chest as the rest of me caught up to my instinct. Doubt, exhaustion, it all became background noise. I’d like to think it was a freak electrical storm, but I knew better. Such a precise, targeted strike could only come from a host of heaven or hell.

“Who the hell is that?” Holden’s question jerked me out of my rambling thoughts and creeping fear. I followed his gaze. Anyone who could summon such intense energy out of midair had to be powerful, so there was no reason they’d stick around instead of vanishing into thin air. Then again, it also didn’t make sense they’d only struck once, even though they missed.

My insides turned in on themselves when I saw her. No wonder it had been a precision strike. Powerful was an understatement. She stood just a few rooftops away, several stories up. Her platinum hair was tied back from her face, and she dressed in a denim jacket and crinoline skirt. Only Abbadon, heaven’s top assassin, could have manifest instant, sky-splitting lightning and simultaneously rocked the thrift-shop-chic look.

I swore her eyes met mine, even across the hundreds of feet between us. But there was no way she was frowning. She dipped her head in a short bow, and then vanished.
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