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Aug 1, 2014

Cover Reveal - Uriel's Fall by Loralie Hall

Cover & Excerpt Reveal

Uriel's Fall by Loralie Hall
Ubiquity Book One

UrielsFallWhat’s a corporate demon to do, when the voice in her head is devouring her sanity from the inside out, and the hosts of heaven and hell would rather see her destroyed than surrender a power no one should possess?

Ronnie has the job any entry-level angel or demon would sell their soul for—she’s a retrieval analyst for the largest search engine in the world. Ubiquity is a joint initiative between heaven and hell. Because what better way to track all of humanity’s secrets, both good and bad, than direct access to their web browsing habits?

She might appreciate the position a little more if a) she could remember anything about her life before she started working at Ubiquity, b) the damned voice in her head would just shut up already, and c) her boss weren’t a complete control freak.

As she searches for solutions to the first two issues, and hopes the third will work itself out in performance reviews, she uncovers more petty backstabbing than an episode of Real Housewives, and a conspiracy as old as Lucifer’s descent from heaven. On top of all that, if she forgets the cover sheet on her TPS report one more time, she’s absolutely going on final written warning.

Now Ronnie’s struggling to keep her sanity and job, while stopping the voice in her head from stealing her life. She almost misses the boredom of retrieval analysis at Ubiquity. Almost.

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Genre: Urban Fantasy
Content/Theme(s): Angels, Demons, Corporate Romance
Release Date: July 25, 2014
Publisher: Acelette Press

Excerpt & More

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We snagged a table near the back of the break room, and she leaned in, voice low. “Have you seen the new boss man?”

Did she have answers about why the angel I’d seen in hell had moved into a corner office as of this morning? She had to. She knew everyone. A flicker of unexpected giddiness tickled me. “Of course. Who is he?”

She laughed, and her fingers flew to her mouth, her eyes widening. “Sorry. You’re serious?”

He’s a lying, vindictive, cruel asshole who deserves to die slowly and painfully.

The voice’s words sliced through me with the same inky blackness I’d felt when fighting the cherub. It left a trail of euphoria and vengefulness in its wake. I pushed the strange sensation aside. “Yes?” More things I didn’t know. Had I forgotten him or never been told? No, there was no way I’d forgotten him.

“He’s Michael.” Ari looked at me with heavy expectation.

The voice in my head had called him Mikkel. Another thing it was keeping from me. Fantastic.

“So, he’s important?” I knew I shouldn’t have to ask. Everything about the conversation told me I should already know this, but since I didn’t, I only knew the one way to find out.

“Like the Michael. The Creator’s right hand. The original angel.”

“Oh.” Shouldn’t I know something like that? Lucifer had talked about the originals besides Gabriel as a vague concept, and the basic knowledge of them was implanted in my head, but it wasn’t like I’d seen pictures or anything.

“Important is kind of an understatement.” She popped the last of her candy bar in her mouth, silent for only a brief moment while she finished it off.

“Then why’s he here?” The sparse knowledge I had said Michael’s response to Ubiquity had been, “That’s the stupidest idea I’ve ever heard, and I won’t be a part of it.” So apparently he was smart, in addition to being compellingly attractive. And no one from the higher ranks of heaven or hell worked for Ubiquity. They’d actually earned the chance to help people directly. And the originals… Gabriel and Lucifer had more on their schedules than I could fathom, so as long as things ran smoothly here, they stayed out of the picture. This Michael had to be the same, right?

Ari leaned closer, forearms resting on the table, and her voice dropped in volume. “I’ve only heard rumors. But supposedly, something very specific brought him back. Supposedly, something hell is doing.”

Hell wasn’t doing anything. Except making me, and others like me, watch computer monitors all day. “Like what?”

Suddenly her jaw clamped shut, and she scooted back from the table. “Nothing specific. Stuff. I don’t know.” The words tumbled out on top of each other. “I need to get back to work.”

“Wait.” God damn it. I was on my feet in an instant and spinning to follow her out of the room. “What kind of stuff…?”

My forward momentum stopped, and my question trailed off, when I saw what—or rather, who—had sent her scurrying away. Michael stood near the break room doorway, gaze locked on me. He had cleaned up since yesterday. The short growth of beard was gone, he’d swapped out the tattered shorts for jeans, and the sleeves of his beige button down were rolled up to the elbows.

And I was staring. I pulled my eyes away, cheeks heating. What was it about him? It had to be the aura of power he radiated. I wasn’t used to seeing that on anyone, even the higher-ups. Lucifer hid his, and I’d never met Gabriel. Maybe heaven was just flashier.

“You.” His reply dragged me away from my rambling thoughts. “I’m here because of you.”
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