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Aug 13, 2014

Cover Reveal - Mirror Shattered by KG Stutts

Cover & Excerpt Reveal

Mirror Shattered by KG Stutts
Mirror series Book Two

Mirror ShatteredIf you had the power to change the past, knowing it will alter your future, would you take the risk?

The ISC team learn news which breaks one of their own.

Before they could recover, they are on a mission to negotiate peace on another world. On their way back to Earth, the group learns the ISC is no more. In fact, it never existed. An alien species long thought dead, the Synth, has gone back in time to kill Charlie Westlake before he would create the Intergalactic Security Commission. With the help of the Isgurds, the team travels back to 1965 to save Charlie.

Takes place two years after book one Mirror Image

Genre: Sci Fi Romance
Content/Theme(s): Sweet, Aliens, Time Travel, Clones, Contemporary
Release Date: August 15, 2014
Distinguished Press
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"What I am about to say is the most difficult news I have ever had the misfortune to deliver," Balise began.

"What's going on?" John implored.

"I have the unfortunate responsibility of informing you that you cannot go back to Earth," Balise said.

"What are you talking about?" David questioned.

"The world as you know it is gone. The planet has been overtaken by the Synth."

"Wait, I don't understand. We've been gone, what, two weeks at the most. How could that possibly be true?" Chris asked in disbelief.

"I need a minute," Maddie said as she sat down on the floor of the ship.

"Now is not the time," Jackson scolded.

"On the contrary, Jackson. Now is the perfect time," Balise corrected.

Maddie's mind was racing. She knew there had been something wrong the moment she saw the Agonahan planet explode. She sat perfectly still on the floor, listening to the ISC's most valued ally explain the situation. John joined her on the floor and held her hand.

"The Synth are a race thought to have been extinct for thousands of years. We do not yet know how they were resurrected but they have. And the entire galaxy is in danger," Balise stated.

"What exactly happened?" John asked.

"The Synth have developed technology which enabled them to go back in time. They somehow prevented the Intergalactic Security Commission's creation," Balise explained.

The entire team fell silent as they tried to process the new information.

"The agency is gone?" Seth’s voice was barely above a whisper.

"Technically, your agency never existed," Balise said.

"Do you know how this happened?" Jackson asked.

"We believe that the Synth needed the pluchiot from the Agonahan home world to enable them to go back in time. They used beams to extract the mineral, causing the destruction. The attack on the planet was arbitrary."

"That makes no sense,” Chris said. “If the agency never existed, then how are we here?"

"The star," Maddie spoke up.

The team turned to look at Maddie, who was still sitting on the floor.

"The electromagnetic waves the star created with our shields at the time the planet exploded must have shielded us from a shift in the timeline," Maddie answered.

"You are correct, Madison." Balise nodded.

"Then how are you here?" Jackson asked.

"My kind can operate outside of your perceived time and space."

"That's what happened to the other ships," Maddie thought out loud.

"Partially. Some were destroyed when the Synth caused the planet to explode. The others were not protected from the timeline change like you were."

"So the attack on us was by the Synth?" David asked.

"The attack on the Agonahan home world was from the Synth. Just now, it was a planetary droid designed to keep vessels away from Earth," Balise answered.

"What's become of our planet?" John asked.

"Most of your kind has been killed in the war. The others have been enslaved, forced to serve the Synth."

"What can we do?" Chris asked.

"I am sorry, Christopher. There is nothing that can be done," Balise said.

"So, that's it then? We leave without a fight?" John questioned.

"Jonathan, a fight would mean your death. At least here I can protect you," Balise replied.

"There is another option," Maddie began.

"I am listening." Balise nodded toward her.

"We can go back in time and stop them," she said.
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