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Nov 5, 2013

Cover Reveal - Unraveled by Sarah Castille, Et al

Cover & Excerpt Reveal

by Sara Fawkes, Julia Kent, Opal Carew, Vivi Anna, Sarah Castille, Cathryn Fox, Lauren Hawkeye & Daire St. Denis

Eight original tales of passion from eight bestselling authors
Eight novellas that may excite you, particularly if you like alpha males, singly or in pairs, who will use any and every means possible to realize a woman's darkest fantasies and most hidden desires, from commands to cuffs, and from ropes to ribbons, over six hundred pages for one ridiculously low price.

Genre: Contemporary Romance
Content/Theme(s): BDSM (see ea story for more)
Release Date: November 4, 2013
Publisher: Unraveled Group


Excerpts & More on each story

Purchase links:   This collection is no longer available, but some are available as single books. See below for the ones we know of.

Yield To MeYield to Me by Sarah Castille
Content/Theme(s): Spanking, BDSM, MMA, fighters

An ambitious MMA fighter struggles to resist her attraction to the dangerously sexy fight coach who awakens in her secret erotic desires that could destroy her fighting career.
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Yield to Me Excerpt:
“Mount.” Jax beckoned her forward, his voice curiously husky, and for a moment she wondered if his touching exercise had affected him as much as her.

Marcy crawled up his body and then sat astride his abdomen in Full Mount. God, his stomach was rock hard. Just like the rest of him.

Jax’s body stiffened beneath her. “Christ, Marcy. Are you trying to kill me?”

Puzzled, she shrugged. “I thought you wanted me like this.”

“I do. No. Hell. I mean...to practice the submission, you need to be in High Mount.”

Understanding dawned and she tried and failed to repress a smile. “Am I mounted too low for you, Jax?” She was sorely tempted to give a little wiggle because she could feel something hard pressing into her ass and she was desperate to know if he was wearing a cup. In all her years of training she’d never affected a guy this way and she had to bite back a laugh.

His eyes blazed with liquid heat and his voice dropped to a husky bark, “Move up.”

Marcy eased herself up, her thighs parting wider as she positioned herself high on his chest, her knees under his armpits. “High Mount is easier with female fighters. Your chest is so broad...”

He cut her off with a low growl. When she glanced down to see what she’d done to irritate him this time, she was caught in the blistering heat of his gaze.

“I’m on to you, little fighter.” His eyes glinted, amused. “Don’t think for a minute you’ll distract me from doing what I came here to do.”

A smile curled her lips. All week she’d had to listen to the fighters at the gym talking about the aura of mystique surrounding Jax and his “fighter whisperer” ways. And yet his visible discomfort at her position on top of him made him seem all too human. All too male. “Wouldn’t dream of it.”

He raised an eyebrow and exhaled through gritted teeth. “How about we try for Mid Guard?” The warmth of his breath caressed her inner thighs and heat flooded her veins. How unprofessional. She’d practiced this position countless times with other fighters in the club. Not once had she ever wanted to tear off their clothes and...

“Actually, probably better if we move to Full Guard.” Jax bucked suddenly, throwing Marcy forward and onto her hands and knees, a standard defense to High Guard, but one that put her breasts within an inch of his lips.

Her nipples tightened and she quickly rolled to her back to hide her body’s response.

Jax moved into position on top of her, taking his weight on his elbows, his legs tucked between hers. So hot. So heavy. So masculine.

Dominant. Controlling.

Arousal coursed through her veins and she tried to think of anything but the erotic weight on top of her.

Coach. Training. Professional. But her body, now a live wire, wasn’t on board.

“How do you want me?” Her breathy voice shaded into a whisper.
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Taken By Storm by Opal Carew
Content/Theme(s): Biker, Musician

Jessica doesn't like to take risks, but when she's almost run over by a red hot rock musician named Storm on his motorcycle, she realizes that some risks are worth taking.

Taken By Storm Excerpt:
Jessica said good bye to Sally and the others, then headed to the gate at the side of the stage.

“Hi, I want to go back and see the band,” Jessica said to the rugged looking security guard.

“Me, too,” one of a handful of other young women crowded around the gate said.

“We all do,” said another excitedly. “We want to meet Storm!”

“Sorry, ladies. No one goes backstage.”

“But, you don’t understand,” Jessica said. “I’m supposed to meet—”

A collective shriek nearly burst her eardrums.

“There he is!” The young women bounced up and down, waving. “Over here, Storm.”

Jessica saw Storm walking across the grass toward the gate.

“Oh, my God,” the woman beside Jessica squealed. “He’s coming over here.” She stood on her tiptoes. “Storm. We love you!”

The women surged forward, pressing themselves tight against the high link fence as he drew closer, nearly knocking Jessica on her butt.

The guard sent Storm a sidelong glance as he approached, clearly concerned that his presence would start a riot.

“Good evening, ladies. Did you enjoy the show?”

The women shouted their appreciation, each trying to draw his attention.

“We love you, Storm,” the woman beside Jessica shrieked again.

He smiled crookedly. “And I love you, baby.”

The way he looked at the young woman, with warmth in his sky blue eyes, sent every woman’s heart aflutter, including Jessica’s. And the way he said “baby” made her knees go weak.

He opened his arms wide, the tattoos rippling across his muscular biceps. “I love all of you. I hope you’ll come back to see me again.”

“I’d like to see you tonight, Storm.”

“Yeah, me, too.”

One of the women pulled up her top, revealing a very large set of boobs. Jessica’s eyes widened and she glanced toward Storm. He took it in stride and chuckled warmly.

“Well, thank you, baby. Very nice. Now as far as tonight goes, I would like some company.”

The deafening squeals pierced Jessica’s eardrums again.

Storm leaned toward the guard and said something, then the guard pointed at Jessica.

“You. Come through.”

Her heart leaped as the guard opened the gate a little and she slipped through, then he closed it tight behind her. Elation soared through her at being chosen, even though she knew he’d pick her. Or maybe she’d feared he would change his mind about his date with her with so many willing, beautiful women clamoring for his attention.

“Storm, I don’t mind sharing you,” the exhibitionist cried.

He laughed. “I’ll keep that in mind, beautiful, but tonight one woman is enough.”

He took Jessica’s hand and she felt faint. She glanced at the crowd of women, who eyed her enviously, as Storm led her away from the fence.

“So did you have a good time tonight?” he asked.

She had trouble finding her voice, and suddenly she realized she was a bit star struck.

“Yes, it was a great show.”

They walked across the grass, the trees blocking the night sky, then turned behind the stage. Men in jeans and T-shirts loaded speakers and instruments into a truck.

“My bike’s over here.”

He guided her around the truck to a handful of vehicles in a small private parking area. Travis’ car was one of them.

“Man, I’m still pumped. What do you feel like doing? Travis told me about a nice little club near here where we could grab a drink.”

She gazed up at his bright eyes, square jaw and his full, sexy lips, and her insides ached. Every woman who’d watched Storm on stage tonight would envy Jessica right now.

“Or are you hungry? We could grab a bite to eat.”

The only thing she was hungry for right now was him.

The soft, summer breeze teased her cheek like the warm breath of a lover, and she felt heat coiling inside her.

“We… could go back to my place.”

His smile faded and his eyes darkened to burning embers. “Really?”

She nodded.

He stepped closer and cupped the back of her head with his hand, locking gazes with her as he drew close. The moment his warm lips touched hers, she thought she’d faint. His arm glided around her waist and he drew her tight to his body as his tongue teased her lips, then slid inside her mouth. She moaned as she melted against him, her heart thundering in her chest.

He drew back and gazed down at her.

“Am I on the right track here? Or are you just suggesting we go to your place to watch a movie or talk?”

“We could watch a movie, but…” She stared at him dreamily, then ran her hand across his solid chest. “I did have something else in mind.”

“Fuck, woman.” He wrapped his arms around her crushingly tight as he stormed her mouth, taking her breath away.

She felt herself lifted from the ground, then deposited on the bike. She sucked in air as he retrieved the helmet, then set it on her head and fastened it for her. He pulled out his leather jacket and held it up for her. When she slipped it on, she glanced down in surprise as she realized it fit.

He just grinned as he pulled on his own jacket and helmet, then mounted the bike in front of her.

“Hold on tight, because I plan on getting there in record time.”

As soon as she wrapped her arms around his hard, masculine body, he started the bike and it lurched forward.
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Yours to Take by Cathryn Fox
Content/Theme(s): Lawyers, BDSM

Revenge takes on a sexy twist when a powerhouse lawyer is stripped of her control and held captive by the handsome multi-millionaire she once took down in the courtroom.

Yours to Take Excerpt:
Sunshine glistened on the Atlantic waves and a refreshing breeze washed over Quinn’s body as he restlessly paced back and forth on the outside patio overlooking the ocean. Dressed for brunch in a collared shirt, and beige khaki shorts, he glanced at the beautifully set table for two, the salads and smoked salmon that Ester had prepared earlier now wilting in the late morning heat. He shook his head. Rebecca would most definitely be punished for her tardiness. He glanced at his watch for the hundredth time, and while he knew she would come, he wondered what was taking her so long.

He’d purposely put her in a room with a phone, knowing if she wanted off this island all she’d have to do was pick up the receiver and make a call. But every instinct he possessed told him she wouldn’t, and his instincts had never let him down before, in his business world or in his private one.

From the way her lush body had quivered when he spoke of spankings to the way those translucent blue eyes of her had lit with intrigue when he asked for total and utter surrender spoke volumes. She was desperate for a man to strip away the cool reserve she wore like a shield, to take all decisions out of her hands and give her what she wanted. She just didn’t know what it was that she wanted yet. And soon enough she’d come to understand that this set up wasn’t about kidnapping, it was about rescuing.

He pushed his hair off his head and made a move to go collect her, but when he turned she was standing in the doorway, the dress he’d had his assistant pick out earlier that morning showcasing lush curves that she foolishly kept hidden beneath severe, unflattering clothing. His cock throbbed, but unfortunately, it was too soon to take her. The submissive woman buried deep inside needed to be coaxed out slowly, carefully, because the last thing he wanted to do was frighten her off.

“What took you so long?” he asked, working to keep his cool as her gorgeous body beckoned his attention.

With her hair coiled tightly on her head, she lifted her chin, but he didn’t miss the quiver in her voice when she answered with, “The only reason I’m standing here with this dress on is because I’m starving.” She looked at the food on the table, and frowned.

“You shouldn’t have kept me waiting.” He gave her a disapproving look and continued with, “It was also unfair to Ester, who went through all this trouble for us. Now instead of taking her well-earned break, she’ll have to start again.” As soon as he said her name, Ester stepped outside. She gathered up the plates of spoiled food and looked to Quinn for instructions.

“Please give us a minute,” he said, and she nodded in understanding before stepping back inside to give him his privacy. He turned back to Rebecca. “I’m not a man who tolerates insubordination and I don’t like to waste perfectly good food.”

“Neither do I. I didn’t mean…I didn’t think…”

“My orders were very specific. You were to dress and meet me on the terrace.”

Her cheeks turned pink. “Mr. Montgomery,” she began, sounding flustered as he stepped close, crowding her.

“It’s Quinn.”

She hesitated for a moment and he listened to her throat swallow before she began again, “Quinn, look. My intentions weren’t to spoil—”

“I’m afraid you’ll have to be punished for not following my orders.”

She gasped, but he didn’t miss the excitement backlight her big blue eyes. Christ, she was everything he knew she would be, and he was just glad that he was the guy in charge of guiding her down the path to full sensual freedom—at least this way he’d ensure she was properly introduced and cared for in the process. A thrill moved through him, and because he hadn’t felt anything so exhilarating in a long time, he grasped on to it, enjoying the sensations she aroused in him.

He stepped up to her, and she took a quick step backward, but he matched it and soon had her in his grasp. He thumbed the material of her dress, enjoying the feel of the cool silk on his fingertips before he bunched it in his palms. Pulling it higher and higher on her thighs, he slipped a hand between her legs. A cool breeze blew off the ocean and washed over them, but he suspected the quiver in her body was from his intimate touch, and not the misty air.

He looked at the bun on top of her head. “Was there an elastic on your bed?”

Her brow furrowed and her words were rushed, breathless when she asked, “No why?”

“Then why is there one in your hair?”

She blinked, looking confused for a second then answered with, “I put my hair up this morning.”

“Take it out,” he demanded.

He pressed his cock against her midriff, and a tremble moved through her. She lifted her arm, and then hesitated, like she was having second thoughts.

He leaned closer and spoke quieter. “I said, take it out.”

Her full, lush breasts, which were high and pert in the formfitting dress, rose and fell erratically as

she quickly pulled the band from her hair, letting her long dark curls fall down her back. His hands traveled higher on her thigh, only to discover that she’d once again strayed from his instructions.

In a shaky voice she began, “You weren’t serious earlier, were you? I mean you’re not really going to pun—”

He made a tsking sound and when he grabbed the band on her panties, giving them a good hard yank to rip them from her hips, her words were replaced with a broken gasp.

“Quinn…” she shuddered.
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How to Choose a Cowboy by Daire St. Denis
A Savage Interactive novella
Content/Theme(s): Cowboys, BDSM, Alpha males

When Tessa Savage is forced to choose between two hunky cowboys while vacationing at the Lazy L Dude Ranch, she finds herself at a loss; the Marlboro Man look-a-like or the fun-loving, exhibitionist. Help Tessa decide in this smokin’ hot interactive tale.

How to Choose a Cowboy Excerpt:
Despite the fact I’m down to bra and panties, the room is warm, thanks to the fire in the fireplace and the alcohol in my veins.

“Twenty-one,” Connor says, pretending to be apologetic as he flips over his ace. “Sorry, sweets.”

“Are you hiding cards? You’ve got to be. No one is that lucky,” I complain.

“And where do you think I’m hiding these mystery cards?” Standing up, Connor spreads his arms wide, showing off—quite splendidly—that he’s bare-chested. His torso is broad and hairless and solid muscle. His build reminds me of the bull; meaty, strong and powerful, not because he spends hours in some gym but simply because he works hard for a living.

I point at his crotch. “Knowing you, you’ve got them hidden in your shorts.”

His eyebrows go up. “Is that your way of asking me to take off my jeans?”


He plays with the button on his fly. “You’re dying to see what I’ve got, admit it.”

“Nope. Not curious at all.” I’m lying and he knows it.

Tilting his head to one side, Connor concedes, as if he’s a gentleman, which he totally is not. “Okay. Fine. I’ll keep myself tucked away. For now.” He pours a shot and leaves it on the table. Sauntering over to me, he pulls me out of my chair. “Let’s see,” he says, deliberating dragging out the words. “I’ve licked your neck, your chest, your belly, your lips, your sweet, tasty tits…” he caresses my nipple through the lace of my bra. “Hmm, what else, what else…” As if seriously pondering the situation, he taps his lips with one hand while exploring me with his other. “Oh, I know.” His eyes go wide as if he really just came up with the answer. “Up on the table, please.”

“You suck.”

“I’m about to, yes.”

I stand my ground in mock defiance. Crossing my arms over my chest.

“Do you need help?” He places his hands on my hips and easily lifts me so I’m perched on the edge of the solid table.

I’m trying to contain my grin. Seriously. I’m trying really, really hard. But it’s hopeless.

“You really need to work on your poker face, sweet thing.”

With a hand to my shoulder, he gently pushes me back. “Lie down,” he says. “There you go. Now, one knee up.” He takes my left leg and props it up on the table and then presses down on the knee, forcing my legs apart. Trailing his fingers from bellybutton to the sensitive skin beside the leg of my panties, he pulls up on the elastic and lets it snap down. “This should do,” he whispers.

Holding the lemon aloft, he squeezes, dribbling juice along the seam between my thigh and the leg of my panties. The hard line of his jaw tenses, like rubbing lemon and sprinkling salt on me is serious business. When I feel his hot breath on my thigh as he leans close, my right leg twitches beneath his hand. He tightens his hold, spreading my legs wider so that he’s got room to move. Then he licks. Slowly. Drawing circles with his tongue at the top of my thigh, darting beneath the band of my electric blue panties, teasing me. His hand slides along the skin of my other leg, his fingers searching beneath the other side of my panties, mimicking the movement of his tongue.

My body responds instinctively, arching upwards to meet him.

But he lets go of me—the bastard—and steps back. Never taking his eyes off where I’m lying prostrate on the table, he takes the shot.

I nudge him with my toe.

“Goddamn, Tess.” He shuts his eyes and focuses on breathing in and out through flared nostrils. Finally he sits. “Your deal.”

“You play dirty, you know that?”

“I never claimed otherwise. Now hurry up. I don’t know how much more of this I can take.”
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The Vampire Design by Vivi Anna
Content/Theme(s): Vampires, Light D/s

Emily, a naive young artist from Canada, travels through Europe searching for the most infamous painter ever to live… who she finds is a man she never thought could exist.

The Vampire Design Excerpt:
I excused myself through the crowd of people and stepped out into the courtyard. It was a gorgeous evening. Warm but not humid. So the fact I didn’t have a jacket wasn’t a worry. I took a few steps away from the goings on at the main entrance and lifted my head and breathed in deep. The air smelled of nature. Green grass, leaves and flowers. I thought I could scent lilies nearby.

I turned and saw a whole garden of them alongside the corner of the estate. There was no significant light over there, but I had an urge to run my fingers over their petals. Lilies had always been my favorite flower. So I took a few more steps into the darkness to fulfill that urge.

Before I could reach out and touch the delicate petal of one huge white lily, a majestic looking animal crept around the corner and stared at me. It looked like a dog, but it was all black and its eyes glowed from the light at the entrance. Was it a wolf? Fear filled me, but not enough to move. Or it might’ve been the fear gluing me to the spot.

Slowly I glanced over my shoulder to see if the doormen had spotted me and the animal. Maybe I could signal them to help me without making a sound. But the doormen weren’t there. In fact, the entire area courtyard in front of the entrance had been deserted. There were no waiting cars to drop off guests or pick them up. I was completely alone out here.

I looked back at the animal. It wasn’t growling or making any menacing movement, it was just gazing at me curiously. Maybe it was Xavier’s pet. Maybe it wasn’t going to tear my throat out and then eat my entrails.

“Ah, nice puppy. Please don’t eat me.”

It bent its head and huffed. Then took a few steps backward.

“So you are a nice puppy, then?”

It huffed again, then looking toward the side of the estate, took a few steps in that direction. It looked like it wanted me to follow it. Which was all kinds of weird.

But what was even more weird, is that I was going to.

I walked toward the beast, and it turned and trotted into the darkness around the corner of the estate. I couldn’t believe I was doing this. I was out here alone, Paige didn’t know where I’d gone to, and it was dark and I was following some strange animal into the unknown. Paige had always told me to take more risks, but this was bordering on insane.

Once I turned the corner, I lost sight of the animal. Which wasn’t hard to do considering it was nearly pitch black outside save for the swath of moonlight that seemed to cut the dark.

“Puppy? Where did you go?” I whispered into the abyss.

A sudden breeze blew up around me, swirling my hair and the hem of my dress about. It wasn’t a cold wind but warm. It seemed to caress me as it brushed against my skin. I shivered and turned in a circle trying to determine where it was coming from. Then as quick as it had erupted, it stopped dead.

“Okay,” I said aloud, “That’s my cue to leave.”

“Where are you going?” I turned around just as Xavier, still masked, stepped into the pool of moonlight.

“Well, I was going to go back inside instead of skulking around here in the dark all by myself. I doesn’t really seem all that safe.”

He took a step closer. “Do you feel safe now?”

My heart hammered in my throat. I put a shaking hand up to my chest. “Not really no.”

“Why are you here, Emily?”

“Because you invited us to your party.”

“That’s not what I asked you.” He took another step toward me.

God, I couldn’t stop shaking, but I also couldn’t force my legs to move. And truth be told, despite the fear swirling around in my gut, I didn’t want to leave. I wanted to be here with him.

“Why are you here?”

“To meet you,” I blurted out in a hurried rush. “I wanted to meet you. To talk to you about your work.”

“You are an artist, I assume.”

I nodded. “Yes. A painter.”

“And you want to know who my subjects are. And how I paint them. From my memory of unbridled passion or from watching them orgasm right in front of me.”

He was a stone throw away from me. I could reach out and touch him if I so desired. And I did desire. His words teased and taunted me. They forced me to picture Xavier and other women having sex. My heart skipped a few beats in my chest as my belly clenched hard. My thighs ached and I had the violent urge to spread them to ease my discomfort.

“Yes,” I finally managed to squeak through my heavy breathing.

“I’m working on a new painting. Would you like to see it?”

I nodded, unable to speak. This was a dream come true.

He put out his hand and I took it without hesitation. He led me to a back entrance to the castle. Back in the day, I supposed, it would’ve been the servants’ entrance. Then we walked up a spiraling set of stone steps to the third floor in silence. He would look at me every once in a while and I would smile back. I wondered if he could hear my heart hammering in my chest.

As he led me down a long corridor, I marveled at the décor. There wasn’t much in the way of modern touches. It looked like I imagined it would’ve over a hundred years ago. The only giveaway that we were in the 21st century was the electric lamps mounted on the walls. Everything else, the carpet running along the stone floor, the tapestries and paintings displayed, the little tables, and chairs set here and there along the wide hallway, all appeared to be circa late 1800’s.

Xavier stopped in front of an ornate wooden door and opened it. He stood to the side and gestured for me to enter. I did. Even with shaky legs, I managed to step over the threshold and into the large airy room. But what I saw stole my breath and I had to reach out for something to hold onto. The nearest thing was Xavier himself.
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Three Little Words by Lauren Hawkeye
Content/Theme(s): Musician, Roller Derby, D/s, Alpha male

Two years ago serious law student Malachi Hunter broke wild child Adele Cavanaugh’s heart. When Mal is thrown back into her life... and she meets Dorian Marshall, a bad boy with a soft spot for her... Adele doesn’t know how to choose just one when they both help to ease her pain.

Three Little Words Excerpt:
The little sheila looked sweet enough to eat.

Pushing through the glass doors of Java the Hut, I did my best to contain the drool that wanted to slide from my lips. The steamy air was heavy with the scent of coffee and cinnamon, and there were cute girls everywhere. But all I could look at was Adele.

She was bending over as I approached, sweeping something into a dustpan. This gave me an excellent opportunity to appreciate the way her jeans hugged her tight, round ass.

I liked her, as a person, I mean, but I was far from a saint. Seeing her in that position made me want to dig my fingers into her hips, to bend her over the counter and fuck her right then and there. The others in the shop could watch if they wanted; I liked being on stage.

I watched as Adele straightened up, tucking a wisp of reddish gold silk behind her ear. Her cheeks were flushed from her task, and me having the dirty mind that I did, I wanted to see that same flush on her skin when my mouth was on her pussy. When her attention was focused on no one but me.

That flush only deepened when she caught sight of me. The pretty pink showed me she felt self-conscious, and I didn’t mind a bit.

It told me she was still interested in me, hadn’t given herself over entirely to Mal. Though I knew something had gone down between them last night, because Mal had been in a perky fucking mood this morning.

We hadn’t talked about it—we were dudes. But I knew that the discord between us was far from over, even though in the middle of the night I’d come to a realization that I thought might help the situation.

“Hi.” She said, shifting her weight from one foot to another as I approached. “What are you doing here?”

Raising an eyebrow at her, I enjoyed the cute smile she had when she laughed at herself.

“Sorry, that was rude. I didn’t mean it that way.” She rubbed her lips together, massaging what looked to be a bit of clear gloss into the soft pinkness that I wanted to sink my teeth into.

“But… really, what do you want?” She tilted her head to the side as she studied me. There was a bit of a spark in her eyes, one that hadn’t been there the night before.

Selfishly, I wondered if I was the one who had put it there, or if it had been Mal.

“I want something sweet.” I smirked at her, my stare fastened on her lips. She would be sweet too—sweet everywhere—and I was dying to taste her.

Rolling her eyes at my cheesy line, she reached into the glass display case in front of her and extracted a chocolate chip cookie. Wrapping it in a napkin, she slid it across the counter to me.

“There you go. Something sweet.” This time she smirked right back, and I felt something pull tight in my gut.

I liked the way she didn’t fall for my shit. I liked her.

“Well, that’s a start.” Picking up the cookie, I broke off a small piece. It must have just come out of the oven, because it was still warm.

I took a bite then, as I swallowed, held the remainder up to Adele’s lips.

“My mama always said I needed to share.” I stopped just before the cookie brushed against her lips, the warm chocolate melting over my fingers. “Try it.”

Indecision flickered in the depths of those gorgeous eyes of hers, and then, like she’d had to steel herself to do it, she parted her lips and accepted the bite.

I kept my hand where it was as she swallowed, the slight brushes of her mouth against the tips of my fingers like a million tiny kisses, right on my cock.

I wanted to wrap my fingers in her hair, to pull her to her knees until that became a reality. To blindfold her and tie her hands behind her back so that she had no choice but to focus on what she felt. Better yet, I’d like to fall to my knees, to smear warm chocolate over the lips of her sex, then take my time licking it off, driving her crazy, bringing her pleasure.

When her tongue darted from her lips and passed over the length of my thumb, my breath hitched in with surprise, and my cock thickened. No matter how fragile she seemed, there was a core of strength in her.

She wasn’t afraid, and it drove me crazy in the best possible way. Looking down at her, I was certain she could see all of the dirty things I wanted to do to her, reflected in my eyes.

I hoped she could.

“And what was that for?” I was surprised to find that my voice had gone low and husky. I was Dorian Marshall. I’d sung in front of countless people, had been kissed and licked and stroked by a lot of girls.

Nothing had ever felt as erotic as that little lick from Adele’s tongue. Because none of them had ever been as important to me as this woman was after just one day.

“You had some chocolate there.” That twinkle was back in her eyes, and her lips curled in a shy but definitely mischievous smile. “It’s my job to make sure the shop stays clean.”

I growled; I couldn’t help it.

This girl was far beyond gorgeous, far past hot or enticing.

She was bloody dangerous.
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Complete Abandon by Julia Kent
A Her Billionaires novella
Content/Theme(s): Romantic comedy, Light BDSM

Six months after having her baby, Laura finds that her relationships have cooled, even as her naughty desires heat up her eReader. When their best friends take the baby for an overnight, Mike and Dylan show Laura just how alpha they can both be, as Laura surrenders herself to them with complete abandon.

Complete Abandon Excerpt:
“Are they asleep?”

Mike closed the bedroom door slowly and looked at him, a finger pressed to his lips. Turning the knob slowly, he managed to close it entirely with just the faintest click. “Yes.”

Finally! Josie's suggestion had been a good one, he had to grudgingly admit, but getting Laura 1) away from her eReader 2) away from both of them and 3) Jillian away from both of them all at the same time had proven to be a logistics nightmare worthy of air traffic control at LaGuardia Airport. What a mess. Ten days after their meeting with Josie and Alex at Jeddy's they finally had their chance. With Laura sound asleep, and Jillian snuggled up with her, they could take a long look at what was going on inside Laura's head.


The eReader powered up quickly and Dylan zipped his way through the screen to find her library.

Well, now.

Josie was right, much as Dylan was loathe to admit it.

“It's like a giant online porn shop!” Mike hissed. His eyes bugged out of his head as he leaned over Dylan and held the corner of the machine.

“This one has 'fem dom' in it. What's that?”

“Beats me.”

For the next ten minutes they scrolled through page after page of book covers in full HD color. Blush by Lauren Jameson. Anything He Wants by Sara Fawkes. A bunch of books by someone named Maya Banks. He suspected the book Burn had nothing to do with firefighting.

Surrender by Melody Anne. Bared to You by Sylvia Day. Release Me by Julie Kenner. They all had tasteful little objects on the covers, with pearls and cufflinks and shadowed faces, but as Mike opened one and randomly flipped through to what looked like a sex scene –

My, oh, my.

Laura had quite a little kink going on here.

In her mind.

Dylan's pants tightened as his eyes skimmed over the words. Women in bondage. Long, drawn out scenes that went on page after page. Master/sub contracts. And then...

Their Virgin Princess! That's the book Josie was joking about at Jeddy's,” Dylan pointed out. Mike had remained remarkably silent as they stood there, transfixed.

A few taps and they scanned the first few chapters. Three bodyguards for a princess in a land where three men and one woman was the norm.

“THREE?” Dylan grunted. “Do we need to make room for another razor in the house?” He snorted. “Then again, it'd be just another guy who won't be getting any.”

“Shhhh,” Mike whispered, entranced. Dylan could see his eyes racing across the page, eating up the words. And those were some words. You name a descriptor for male and female genitalia, it was there. And the dom in the story was – whoa.

He made Dylan feel like a wuss.

Butt plugs. Three ex-military bodyguards. A plane crash in the desert – Josie wasn't kidding! That meant she was reading these books, too. Were all women reading this stuff now that Fifty Shades of Grey and eReaders had unleashed something? This wasn't his grandmother's romance novel. Noni had always read bodice rippers, with covers that showed a gleaming man's bare chest next to a damsel whose dress was pulled down around her shoulders, his mouth pressed to the woman's neckline for a kiss.

“My stories,” she called them. Noni invested a lot of money in her stories. When she had died, they'd found more than four hundred paperbacks, mostly Harlequin books, stacked neatly in grocery bags in her guest room closet.

The local nursing home residents had been thrilled to get them.

Now Dylan wondered what the hell was between those covers. This was like crack for romance lovers.

And Mike was quickly becoming addicted as he gently pulled the eReader from Dylan's hand and walked over to the couch, settling in for a good, long read.

Good and long being the operative adjectives.

Those three bodyguards knew how to please a woman.

Holy BDSM!

For the next twenty minutes Dylan was transported somewhere else.

And so was his cock, which twitched and grew, straining against his jeans. While his hand, a bottle of Laura's coconut-scented lotion, and YouPorn had held his needs at bay for a bit, he was desperate for the old sex life he, Laura and Mike had shared. Thoughts of Laura filled him, pumping through his mind as he imagined she was the princess in the book, being readied for her three (no, two...) men.

What – two wasn't enough?

By the looks of it, Laura needed hundreds of men. Pages of long, drawn out temptation and longing, then fevered denial and brutal – yet passionate, and loving – bondage and domination greeted his eyes as he drank it in. Mike sat next to him, their bodies touching, breathing even and steady as they comfortably read through the next few chapters of the book, shifting occasionally in what Dylan imagined was arousal.

Or shock.

Or, more likely – envy.

The men in these imaginary worlds got everything they wanted. Sex. Love. The woman. A forever ending that he, Mike and Laura already had.

Minus the sex.

It wasn't about the orgasm. Really – it wasn't. What he missed most was the sound of her breath hitching in that oh-so-sexy way she had, the little give that told him she was getting ready for him. How her face flushed with need when she was aroused. The wetness of her walls as he slid one finger in her, his mouth eager to taste her juices.

Everything sensual and alive and skin was missing right now. Collapsing into the goodness and animal need of a world where the bedroom made everything else fade, where the three of them could just be raw nerves and want and naked lust was...gone.

Dried up.

As if it had never happened.

There was no lack of affection in their lives. Hugs and kisses and cuddles abounded. But when he or Mike tried to turn a peck on the lips with Laura into something deeper, she went shallow. Neither wanted to push because, well...they were respectful. Nice. Honorable.

Learning that it turned out she'd been filling her head with this every day, for hours and hours, made him re-evaluate the last few months. Not in the sense that he should ever violate her boundary – if Laura didn't want sex, Laura shouldn't have to have sex. Period. End of discussion. No meant no, always.

But what did all this BDSM reading mean?

“Where did we go wrong?” he asked Mike.

Mike shook his head slowly, not taking his eyes off the screen. Running one hand through his shaggy, blonde hair, he mumbled, “I don't know, but damn, this writer can write.” A long, slow sigh poured out of him, his lips pursed, face deep in a frown. He looked like a Norse god troubled by thoughts of war.

“No shit. You as worked up as I am?”

Mike looked longingly down the hallway, toward their bedroom door where Laura now slept. “Yeah.”
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Anything He Wants: Atonement by Sara Fawkes

Jeremiah and Lucy have been through the fire and barely escaped with their lives, but can their love survive the real world?

Anything He Wants: Atonement Excerpt:
“So you’re not going to tell me where we’re going?”


“Not even the slightest clue? A hint?”


I let out a breath. “You know I’m not a big fan of surprises nowadays.”

Jeremiah’s green eyes glittered like emeralds in the darkness as his lips turned up slowly into a sexy smile. “I think you’ll like this one.”

Swallowing, I hid my body’s reaction to his words by turning to look out the window of the limousine. Gone were the tall buildings and familiar New York City silhouettes I’d seen now for several months. Wherever this car was taking us was far outside the city limits. The countryside rose around us, spots of snow still dotting the landscape despite the warmer weather.

Jeremiah’s hand smoothed down my leg, giving my knee a squeeze. “We’re almost there.”

Almost where? I bit my tongue, however, as the headlights shone onto a tall set of gates that opened as we rounded the corner. Trees lined the winding driveway, dense enough to block out the setting sun. It seemed like forever before the stifling trees open up into a large roundabout leading up to the biggest house I’d ever seen.

My mouth dropped as I stared up at the structure. Mansion didn’t quite cut it: it looked more like a castle than a home. The building had at least four stories, with separate wings on each side. Stairs leading up to the door curved around the driveway, leading to large wood doors. The driver parked at the base and then opened our door as I continued to stare out.

“Would you like to see inside?”

The humor in Jeremiah’s voice finally got my attention, and I turned to see him holding a hand out toward me. He was as handsome as ever in a black shirt and pants, his hair pushed back on his head. A few dark locks still framed the strong face that I’d grown to adore. Taking his hand, I stepped out onto the driveway, staring again up the giant structure. “And I thought your Hamptons home was large,” I murmured.



The harsh, grating note in Jeremiah’s voice cut off Georgia’s gloat. Her lips tightened into a thin line, but Jeremiah continued before she could speak. “I’ve given you full ownership of the house Rufus left to me,” he said in a low, angry voice. “Keep it, sell it, I don’t care. Father treated you badly in his will, leaving you nothing. That is now fixed.”


“If I ever hear you bad-mouth Lucy in my presence again, I will make it clear to the world that any friends of yours are not friends of mine. I will cut you off, mother, as surely as Rufus ever did.”

I blinked at Jeremiah. He had never defended me quite so brutally before; usually, he had a resigned tolerance for his mother’s actions. Even Georgia seemed startled by his outburst, although she tried to gloss over his words. “I’m only looking out for your well-being,” she said after a terse silence, rearranging the napkin in her lap. Her eyes darted around, as if to see who was watching. “Must you raise your voice to me in public?”

“This lunch was meant to be just for Lucy and I,” Jeremiah continued. “I do not remember inviting you. I’ll make certain to tell the host as much when I make reservations from now on.”

Georgia went stiff, and then she threw her napkin onto the table. “I can tell when my presence is not wanted,” she said in a voice like ice.

*Yeah, right.* I snorted but didn’t say anything. Georgia leveled a glare at me, and then rested a cool expression on her son. “You choose this, this girl over your own family?”

“Good day, Mother.”
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