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Nov 6, 2013

Cover Reveal - Blood Brothers by Susan Arden

Cover & Excerpt Reveal

Blood Brothers by Susan Arden
Rocky Mountain Shifters Book Two

When two marine wolf shifters find sex is the means to forget war, they learn that sex has a hard edge.

As wolf shifters, Tristen and Fin’s loyalty knows no bounds. Yet these close shifters lack the ability to speak from the heart. This pervasive silence leaves them without the means to overcome problems plaguing their relationship.

Tristen suffers from PTSD and refuses Fin’s suggestions for help. Fin becomes a shifter of fewer and fewer words. As lovers, they meet each other’s beta needs until Fin craves a rougher edge. A kinky edge.

Santo, another ex-soldier and vampire is looking for work, a place to belong after he swears off bloodsucking, given his battlefield experiences. Running security for the head of the local shifter’s council seems perfect. Cue Fin and Tristen to help.

Now, the three come together for a night of kink, learning that sex can be a means to discover deeper desires. Fin and Tristen must decide if they will stay together, or if sex with a seductive vampire is the doorway to the end.

Caution: This tale will tantalize, causing flaming fantasies to the point of searing. Be ready to sweat.

Genre: Paranormal Romance
Content/Theme(s): M/M/M, Shifters, Vampire, Menage, Wolves, Military, GLBT
Release Date: October 2, 2013
Decadent Publishing

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Santo nodded. Fin watched as he lifted his jacket off the seat of the booth and extracted an envelope. He slid it across the table to Tris. “My references.”

As a wolf shifter, Santo had lost that sensual allure that had captivated Fin. He was still a powerfully built man, but the fluid, seductive qualities that had fascinated him originally were gone. The wolf was earthy while the vampire was air.

Tris’s skin glowed and he appeared pumped, ready for action. Excitement lashed around Fin’s chest. Pulled tight. Tristen was fire, burning and blazing, his heat so consuming it was hard to be next to him without being overtaken and incinerated. It became easy to acquiesce to Tris’s suggestions.

It was also the reason Fin wanted to have a third for one session. Someone who’d make Tristen understand his needs that typically got shoved aside as his lover fucked him every which way except the way he needed. Now it was like being in a home pack, a very cagey clan that made him think of running up the valley and along the southern range, and he’d be low man. He had no desire to be a wolf tonight. He wanted seduction in his human form.

What he wanted was candlelight, hot oil, and chilled vodka shots while they explored each other’s bodies.
Purchase links:   Decadent    Amazon    Amazon UK    ARe    Kobo    B&N

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