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Mar 16, 2013

Cover Reveal - Kira by Lynda Bailey

Cover & Excerpt Reveal

Kira by Lynda Bailey

On the Corner of Heartache and Hopeful series Book Two

Kira Schafer, daughter of a multi-mega millionaire, leaves her over-protective father—and her sizable inheritance—for the simple life in Tatum, NE. She’s also leaving behind sordid urges that have plagued her for years. Or so she thought…

Hunter Rice has only one goal: clear his name of doping charges and climb back into the ring where he belongs. And if he has to “convince” some wealthy mogul’s daughter she should move back home in order to reach that goal, so be it.

Lives, like streets, can run parallel or they can cross. Sometimes those crossroads lead to heartache or they lead to hope.

Genre: Erotic Contemporary Romance
Release Date: February 14, 2013
Lynda Bailey

Excerpt & More


Hunter leaned forward until he was an inch from her face. “And just what is going to happen between us?”

In answer, Kira unbelted her robe. It dropped to the floor. So did his jaw.

She did indeed have on fishnet stockings that were attached to a black garter belt. She also wore a black corset, ribbed with a shiny, purple fabric. Her breasts strained against the purple lace edging the top of the corset with each of her breathes. By the wisp of material barely concealing her mound, he doubted she wore a thong. Had to be a g-string. Though Hunter had seen Kira buck naked, this getup was damn near sexier than her being in her—altogether.

He said nothing for a long time, not that he could talk. His tongue was glued to the roof of his mouth and his mind was equally stuck. He just feasted on her appearance. Over and over and over again. Thoughts, explicitly carnal thoughts and lots of them, filled his head. And his dick.

Finally, his gaze meandered back to hers. Uncertainty etched her features. He almost regretted ogling her. Almost.

Hunter swallowed twice then found his voice. “Okay. You’ve got my attention.” In more ways than one as his erection pressed against his zipper. “Mind telling me what the hell is going on?”

“This is going on.” She walked to the bed and flung the blanket away from a corner.

Stepping closer to see what she’d revealed, Hunter’s gut reeled and his stiff cock hardened even further. There was a ping pong paddle and a wooden spoon, both covered with what looked to be felt cloth. They reminded him of the BDSM toys found at the back of sleazy men’s magazines. He rifled his gaze to hers. “You are not spanking me with those things.”

She picked up the spoon and whacked it against her palm. The sound reverberated at the base of his spine. “By staying, you agreed to do whatever I want, remember?” Whack. “But relax.” Whack. Whack. “These aren’t for you. They’re for me.”

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