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Mar 15, 2013

Cover Reveal - Best I Ever Had by Wendi Zwaduk

Cover & Excerpt Reveal

Best I Ever Had by Wendi Zwaduk

Dirty Bits Series

The objective—keep her safe. No one said anything about falling in love.

All she wanted was a pint of ice cream, not to be a witness to a double murder. Good thing Emma’s got not one, but two, sexy men willing to keep her safe. As long as she can keep her hands to herself.

Sam’s mission? To find the man responsible for the murder. He’s not going to rest until the streets are safe, even if it means having his best friend guard his best girl. It’s the best option, right?

Quint never dreamed he’d be attracted to his best friend’s lover…and his best friend. He’s got to keep his hands to himself all while figuring out what he wants from life, even if love equals Emma and Sam in Quint’s bed. Is love in the cards or are they going to go up in flames before they get started?

Genre: Erotic Romantic Suspense
Release Date: March 11, 2013
Turquoise Morning Press

Excerpt & More

“It’s always hotter than hell right before the sun goes down.” Emma Rhodes tugged the hem of her tank top. No amount of shifting would get the air moving between her shirt and her body.

“I don’t want to be hot,” she muttered. “I don’t want to be in hiding, either.” She turned her back on the sliding doors. “Aren’t you tired of this, Quint? We live together because Sam wants to keep me safe. How crazy is that?”

“Em, it won’t be much longer. Trust Sam. I do.” Quinton Reynolds widened his stance at the front door. “He’s not here, but he does care. We won’t let anyone hurt you.”

“Thanks.” Emma threw her arms around him and rested her head on his chest. She loved Quint, but some days being alone with her roommate-slash-bodyguard sucked. She missed her husband, Sam.

“If you don’t behave, I’ll turn you over my knee and spank the sass out of you. Bet Sam would love to watch that,” he said with a wink and released her. “He’d watch and insist I make your ass nice and pink.”

She knew that mischief in his eyes. Sam and Quint always managed to find trouble. Protection or not, she didn’t dare doubt his words. If Quint wanted her over his knee, he’d have her and Sam would enjoy it. Hell, she knew more about Sam and Quint than they realized. Since the night she heard them making love on the couch, she knew they weren’t just friends. Seeing the men demonstrate their love for each other turned her on. Yes, Sam married her, but she’d always known about his bisexuality and the secret affair didn’t bother her. He needed someone else and Quint fit the bill. Great. Maybe someday they’d invite her to play with the both of them. She could only hope and fantasize.

A breeze twirled in through the open sliding glass door and tickled her back. She breathed in the sweet scent of the flowers on her balcony and an idea crossed her mind. She strolled into the bedroom and traded the tank top for her bikini top.

“Might as well be comfortable while I’m cooling down. God knows it’ll give Quint something to look at.” She stared at her reflection as she tied the strings on the top. Gravity hadn’t taken over yet and the girls still stood perky. Emma adjusted the triangles over her breasts. The slip of the fabric pebbled her nipples. She pinched one tight bud and the familiar rush of pleasure filled her veins.

Part of her wanted to close her eyes and continue with the good feelings. Hell, if she screamed, Quint would come to her rescue. But without Sam there, would he make a move? She doubted it. His talk was a façade to keep them both occupied. Quint loved Sam more than anyone and unless he learned the truth of her knowing about him and Sam, he wouldn’t screw up the bond.

Emma groaned. She’d used her battery-operated lover too many times of late and preferred not to screw up her life with a man she didn’t want. She wanted her man—her husband—Sam. If Quint came along for the ride, all the better.

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