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Jun 3, 2017

Keeper by Nia Farrell

The Avenging Angels MC Introduction
by Nia Farrell
Avenging Angels Book 0.5

What happens when MC meets erotic romance?

Luke “Mad Dog” McLanahan and Isabella Castellari have a history. Kind of.

He’s a member of the Avenging Angels MC and one of four brothers whom she thinks slept with her sister.

Or did they? Nothing is as it seems.

Isabella’s world is turned upside down when lies are exposed, truths revealed, and the man she’s been fantasizing about for three long years makes her an offer that she should refuse but can’t.

Includes a sneak peek of Find Her, Avenging Angels MC Book 1, coming in early June 2017.

Genre: Erotic Romance
Content/Theme(s): Bikers, BDSM, D/s, Motorcycle Club
Release Date: June 1, 2017
Publisher: Long Branch Books

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She knew trouble when she saw it, and it was most surely headed her way. Six feet four inches of blond haired, blue eyed, tattoo-labeled testosterone. Thor reincarnated, wearing denim jeans that bulged in all the right places and a tight black tee shirt peaking from the opened front of his cut. She didn’t know what everything meant that was on the front, but she knew exactly what was on the back. The logo of the Avenging Angels MC, said to have sixty-six members, one number short of hell on earth, and he had helped unleash it.

Luke “Mad Dog” McLanahan. The man who had ruined her only sister. Or one of them, anyway.

“Well, well.” He approached her car, purring like a jungle cat toying with his prey. “If it isn’t Isabella Castellari. You’ve grown.”

The appreciative gleam in his eyes told her just how much he liked it.

Isabella bit her lip, wondering what God was thinking when her car broke down miles from nowhere and she’d prayed for help. Surely He wouldn’t send Luke McLanahan. But there was no one else in sight. The next man who stopped might just pull her from her car, or force his way inside.

The devil she knew seemed the better of the two.

“Can you give me a ride home?” she asked, cringing when she saw his grin flatten.

“You think that’s wise?” He put his arm on the roof and hooked a thumb into his belt loop, drawing her gaze downward to the front of his jeans.

No wonder her sister had crushed on him.


He sighed heavily. “I said, that didn’t work out so well last time.”

Yes, but Krissy had come back half naked in someone else’s clothes, clinging to Mad Dog’s back, while his three brothers rode shotgun to make sure nothing happened with her dad. They’d heard the rumors. She’d lived with them all her life.

“My folks are gone. If you don’t want the neighbors to see, then drop me off at the gas station by the highway,” she said. “I’ll call my friend Anna to come get me.”

Mad Dog gave her an odd look, then nodded his head. “Get your stuff, close your windows, and lock up. I’ll get you somewhere safe.”

It wasn’t the gas station. He buzzed right by the turn off and kept going, not stopping until he’d pulled into the Avenging Angels Clubhouse parking lot, lined with bikes and flanked with vehicles. “Get off and stay close,” he ordered, not bothering to see if she did.

Left with no choice, she shouldered her bag and followed him into the clubhouse.

The air was heavy with more than tobacco smoke and rife with the smell of sex. In what seemed to be the club’s communal room, every piece of furniture was occupied by bikers getting blow jobs, eating pussy, or banging one of the club sluts. In a far corner, she saw Luke’s brother Richie sprawled in a chair, thighs spread wide, while a familiar head bobbed up and down between them.

Isabella’s stomach dropped, and she turned away.

There’d be no help from Anna tonight.

Mad Dog grabbed her wrist and pulled her after him. She went, helpless to do anything else. In here, she needed his protection…even if it came at a price.

He opened a door and dragged her inside what looked to be his bedroom. A small flat screen TV sat on a scarred maple chest of drawers. The desk beside it held a printer and a laptop computer, its screen as black as Mad Dog’s soul.

Two interior doors led to what was likely a closet and what she hoped was a bathroom. “Is there somewhere I can wash up?”

They both knew she was stalling for time. He humored her anyway. “On the left,” he said, smirking. “Don’t get lost.”

As if she could. It was the tiniest bathroom that she’d ever seen. The stool and sink were opposite each other, so close, she could nearly use them both. The shower was better, spanning the other wall, roomy enough for a man Mad Dog’s size and likely big enough to share.

She used two squares of tissue to lower the seat so she could go, then did a surgical scrub on her hands. Pulling up her knit top, she covered her fingers and twisted the door knob.

Mad Dog was looking at her e-reader.


He grinned like the very devil. “Seems little sister has a thing for MC’s. Who’d have guessed?”

“They’re just books,” she snapped, plucking the reader from his hand and sticking it back in her bag.

“Fiction. Just because I read it doesn’t mean I want it in real life.”

“Krissy did,” he drawled. “She wanted gang banged. Trouble is, she hooked up with the wrong club. She’s lucky we came along when we did. You might not have seen her again.”

Isabella felt her legs start to buckle. Mad Dog caught her and pulled her to sit beside him on the bed.

She stared up at him, remembering, wondering how she could have gotten it so wrong.

Krissy. Prissy Krissy. Too proud to admit where she’d been, she’d said nothing, just let them think she’d spent the night with Mad Dog and his brothers.

And now her best friend was banging one of them.

Isabella hoped it was only one.

“What about Anna?”

He tsked. “Don’t give me that look. I’m not my brother’s keeper. Richie’s been seeing her for two months or so now. They seem…fond of each other.”

“Fond?” She barked a laugh. “Is that what you call it?”

He angled his head. “You don’t have to be fond of someone to give them a blow job. You don’t even have to like them.” He fastened his gaze on her mouth. “You just have to be willing…and understand the rules. Only one of us gets to bite, and it’s not you, Isabella.”

He reached for her breast, then, and she let him. Three years of forbidden fantasies were suddenly within her grasp. His was hard enough to bruise.

“My rules. My way,” he growled, pinching her nipple and making her moan. “I like it rough, little girl. You have no idea. I doubt that you can handle me, but if you want to try….”

Did she?

Isabella’s mouth went dry, and she wet her lips. “How rough?”

Mad Dog caught her chin and pushed his thumb into her mouth. “Rough,” he rumbled, his blue eyes darkening when she started sucking and teasing it with her tongue. “Spanking. Bondage. My belt, if you beg me for it. I like oral, and I like anal. Say the word, and I’ll take you home. If you stay, you’re gonna get ridden hard and put away wet.”

He pulled his thumb from her mouth and fisted her hair. “Go or stay?” He pulled downward, forcing her face up to meet his.


His mouth slammed down on hers in an elemental claiming of lips and teeth and tongue. He tasted mildly of beer and breath mints as he took her mouth, possessed it, his voracious tongue thrusting inside to battle with hers.

He undid his belt, unfastened his pants, and pushed her face into his lap. “Take me out and suck me dry. You’d better swallow every drop.”

It took two hands to pull him out. His cock must have been ten inches of vein-roped, velvet covered steel. She’d need to unhinge her jaw to begin to take him.

“I’m not a fan of gag reflexes, so unless you can deep throat something this size, just suck what you can until I come, then keep on sucking.”

Isabella licked his glans, catching the drop of pre-cum at its tip, swirling her tongue around his crown, teasing the sensitive point underneath that earned a low growl from his throat. Keeping her teeth behind the curl of her lips, she opened wide and took him in—or as much as she could, wrapping her fingers around the rest and jacking him with her hands. His balls tightened. His cock swelled, impossibly larger. “Take it,” he snarled, and exploded in her mouth, shooting round after round of cum down her throat for her to swallow.

The next thing she knew, most of her clothes had disappeared, and she was in her red lace bra and panties, standing between his wide-spread feet like a slave waiting for inspection.

Mad Dog arched a critical brow. “Who were you planning to see, little girl? Usually women who go out matching like this are looking to get laid.”

“My date ended early,” she said, still smarting. Anna had warned her the guy was an arrogant prick. “He thought I was like Krissy.”

He swiped a hand across his face. “He’s seen her, then?”


“Finally, something we have in common. You’re not her keeper, either.” Mad Dog’s lips curled in the parody of a smile. “I guess it’s hard, being sister to the reigning Queen of Porn.”

Isabella fought the urge to roll her eyes. “You have no idea.”

“Well,” he drawled, “rebound sex is sweet revenge. Lucky you, I’m willing to be your consolation prize. Come here.” He hooked a finger in the front of her bra and pulled her to him. “Take this off. It’s too pretty to rip off that rocking body of yours, and I need a taste of those tits.”
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