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May 2, 2017

Highland Fling by Nia Farrell

Highland Fling
Highland Fling
by Nia Farrell
Replay Book Six

Jannet MacDonald walked away from a career as a professional ballet dancer when her brother Micheil's first wife was killed and his daughter severely injured. Recognizing just how much she's sacrificed, Micheil and his bride treat her to a special music weekend at Replay BDSM theme resort, where patrons play in the past. A former friend from Juilliard will be performing Mozart on Saturday. The next night is a Scottish céilidh, with music for the Celtic soul. While she’s there, she plans to explore BDSM and learn what it takes to be a submissive.

Dominant Ian McGregor can’t believe it when he sees Jannet MacDonald waltzing in Replay’s Versailles Room. At her brother’s wedding, she let him think that she couldn’t dance. She might have shut him down that night, but he hasn’t stopped thinking about her. And now, she needs to pay the price for not telling him the truth.

Ian isn’t the only one she’s wronged. Replay staff psychiatrist Sir Josef wants to punish Jannet, too. When he was approving her for play, she detailed her history of eating disorders but failed to disclose her anxiety. At the céilidh, Ian proposes that they decide the matter like men did back in the day…with swords.

Jannet hopes that Ian will win the challenge, even if it means being disciplined. Once, he gave her the best sex of her life. This time, she’ll have to earn it—the hard way.

Genre: Erotic Romance
Content/Theme(s): Dancer, BDSM, Historic Roleplay, Cosplay
Release Date: May 2, 2017
Publisher: Long Branch Books

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Jannet was excited, thinking about the prospect of reconnecting with her former schoolmate and Aubrey’s teacher. Since moving here, her main conversations away from home were with the librarians when she took Alexis to bring back and check out books, and with the medical professionals that Alexis saw, including Eleanor Benoit St. Leger for her flashbacks and nightmares. Other than her sister-in-law, she hadn’t really developed any friendships.

“Thank you, Sir Josef,” she told him sincerely. “I look forward to it. I’ve heard that your home is lovely.”

“It is,” he admitted. “We recently added onto the back. Enclosed the pool with a stunning solarium. It was designed by the same architect who built your brother’s home. I was very happy that he agreed to do my much-smaller project.”

Ian McGregor.

Jannet felt her face grow flush, remembering him from her brother’s wedding. She’d never met him until they were a paired bridesmaid and groomsman. Seated next to each other at the reception, she’d had all night to study him, even when her anxiety had kicked in and made it difficult to talk.

He was handsome. Charming. Blessed with a squared jaw and dimpled cheeks, he had long brown hair and warm hazel eyes that missed nothing. He was observant enough to not press her to dance, and considerate enough to stay with her when he could have partnered any number of women there.

She hadn’t missed the looks thrown his way. Unless she was very much mistaken, when he spent a night alone, it was by choice.

Unlike her.

“And there he is.” Sir Josef pointed to a group of men—all Dominants, from the looks of them.

One of them was Ian McGregor.

He was looking at her.

Why? What was he thinking?

“Come,” Sir Josef coaxed, breaking her from her reverie. “Dance with me.”

Jannet bit her lip. At the wedding reception, she’d led Ian to think that she couldn’t dance rather than let him know that she was too nervous to trust herself on the floor with him. He was a Dominant, like her brothers. With her submissive nature and the aura that Ian emanated, her knees had been jelly.

Ever the astute observer, Sir Josef noticed her discomfiture and pressed her gently. “Tell me,” he murmured. “Why the hesitation?”

Rather than confess what she’d done, she shook herself, turned to face him, pasted on a smile, and lifted her arms for the waltz.

Thankfully, Sir Josef didn’t demand more than her willingness to partner him. He turned out to be a decent dancer—at least for the waltz. She followed his lead, gliding across the floor, welcoming the familiar response that came with their movements. It wasn’t ballet, but it was dance. It was enough for now.

The song ended. Mr. Vashon leaned over to whisper in Aubrey’s ear, and she started another waltz.

Intending to rejoin the rest of those listening, Jannet turned and found her way blocked by a wall of velvet-clad muscle, dressed in period finery. Ian McGregor caught her right hand in his left and stretched their arms out to the side. Sliding his other hand around her waist, he pulled her closer to him than was necessary. Or maybe it was. There was no way that she could slip free, not without making a scene.

Then again, why would she, when she’d dreamt of being in his arms and she was finally here?

Sir Josef was an adequate partner. Ian commanded the dance floor. Commanded her. He led her through increasingly difficult waltz steps, demanding her submission, bending her to his will. Dipping her low, he pulled her upright and guided her through a sequence that had her craving more.

More dance. More dominance. More Ian McGregor.

She was so screwed.

“Thank you,” she managed when the music and their movements had stopped.

Lowering their arms, he released her hand and placed both of his on her waist. Just the feel of him sent delicious shivers rippling through her. And his smell…tantalizingly, utterly masculine and oh, so tempting.

“You,” he rumbled, “have been a bad girl. Do you know what happens to bad girls?”

She did. God, she did. Her mind was alive with decadent possibilities.

“What, Sir?” she whispered, careful to keep her gaze on his clean-shaven chin.

In one swift move, he fisted her unpowdered hair and pulled back her ginger head, forcing her to meet his gaze. “Spanking, to start.” His hazel eyes narrowed slightly. “Paddled. Stripped. Bound. Flogged,” he said, “and fucked. You’ve got the first five coming. The last, you’ll have to earn. What say you, eilidh?”

Eilidh. Red doe. Hearing the pet name in her native Scots Gaelic made her even wetter than she was.

“Yes, Sir,” she managed. “Thank you, Sir.”

“Good girl.” Bending down, he bit her ear, then whispered into it. “When the music ends, your backside is mine.”

Oh, God.

Her body threatened to pool at his feet when he let her go. Nodding, Ian headed over to talk to Sir Piers and his wife Eleanor, nearly five months along and clearly showing. Somehow Jannet managed to make it to a chair and sink down onto it. As much as she enjoyed hearing Aubrey Wolfe play, she couldn’t wait for the performance to end.

This close. She was this close to learning what submission would entail. What a Dominant would demand. Just how much she could take.

She’d been nervous about submitting to a virtual stranger. Sir Piers had a reputation for pairing partners, but still. This was her first time here—or anywhere. It was her first experience, and Ian appeared well-versed in the lifestyle. He could have easily chosen another play partner, versed in protocol and trained to please. She did not want to disappoint.

Forty-five minutes later, Aubrey finished and rose to a round of enthusiastic applause. Sir Josef kissed her, then took Mr. Vashon by the neck and pulled him close for an equally passionate kiss.


“Ready?” A familiar baritone voice sounded behind her.

“Yes, Sir.” She was, and so was everyone else. The BDSM scene had begun before the last note ended.

“Your choice,” he said. “Here in public, in a private playroom, or in your suite.”

“Playroom,” she answered. She wasn’t ready for an audience, and it was a little too soon to invite Ian to her room. If things didn’t work out, she would need neutral space, free of his scent and any physical reminders of what happened between them.


Rounding her chair, Ian held out his hand and helped her from it. Maintaining his hold, he led her away from the scene that continued to unfold around them. As much as she was tempted to ask, Jannet knew better than to beg him to stay. There was always tomorrow, she reminded herself. An outdoor venue with pipes, drums, and kilts seemed a perfect setting for a newcomer to observe the action and satisfy at least some of her curiosity.
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