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Apr 21, 2017

Savage Loss by Liza Street

Savage Loss
Savage Loss
by Liza Street
Corona Pride Book Two

Resisting desire is futile in the Corona Mountains.

Elementary school principal Brigitte Mayfair has worked hard to keep herself cool, professional, and detached after the scandal she left behind in Michigan. But when she’s abducted from campus and released three days later with no memory of her captivity, she feels anything but cool and professional. Especially when a drop-dead gorgeous rescuer begins to rekindle her buried passions.

Mountain lion shapeshifter Rafe Corona hasn’t been serious about a woman…ever. He’s purposefully kept his distance from all potential mates, believing that he doesn’t deserve happiness. Something about Brigitte calls to him, though. He must overcome the danger that threatens to keep them apart and find the passion hidden within them both, or risk losing her forever.

Genre: Paranormal Romance
Content/Theme(s): Shifters, Vampires, Suspense, Mountain Lion
Release Date: April 5, 2017
Publisher: Indie

Excerpt & More

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Brigitte heard approaching footsteps on the walkway outside her apartment. She clenched the Maglite tight. When the footsteps didn’t continue past her door, when they, in fact, slowed and stopped right outside her door, she raised the flashlight, ready to swing it down on the head of whoever thought to break in and come after her.

She jumped when the knock came, and nearly dropped the flashlight.

“Brigitte? Are you okay?”

The voice was vaguely familiar. Masculine. She wished her door had a peephole; she’d asked the apartment manager to install them but it hadn’t happened yet. So she opened the door, keeping her Maglite at the ready.

It was the CMR guy—Rafe. His brown eyes were friendly, not a hint of darkness in them, not a hint of secrets. In his arms he held a canvas bag.

He’d promised her a date, that day in the woods, but she had given up, thinking perhaps he hadn’t meant it when there was no call or anything.

“I know this is presumptuous,” he said, “but I promised you a date, and I figured maybe you could use a friend? I brought popcorn and some DVDs. My brother told me not to be a prick and to bring a few different genres—that not all women like the same thing.”

“Taking dating advice from your brother?”

“Well,” he said, and his tanned face got a little darker, “I don’t have a lot of dating experience.”

A hottie like him? Brigitte was surprised. He looked like the love ’em and leave ’em type of guy, with his panty-melting smile and honed physique.

“So can I?” he asked.

“Can you?”

“Can I come in? Watch a movie with you, eat some popcorn?”

“Oh! Oh, um…” She paused, considering. Let a near-stranger into her apartment. Just because he was hot and carried popcorn. He’d helped rescue her, though.

She looked down at her clothes. Her ratty college sweatshirt had seen better days, and the yoga pants she wore didn’t leave much to the imagination—they hadn’t been made for entertaining. As far as everything else, well, her hair was stuck to the top of her head in a messy bun, and she wore no makeup. She looked far from the polished, respectable version of herself she was trying to present to the world.

Rafe’s face remained hopeful, his smile frozen despite how awkward the moment was growing.

Suddenly, her neighbor, Bob Kanely, opened his door and stuck his head out into the walkway. “For fudge’s sake, Brigitte, let the poor boy inside. You give a shout if he acts untoward and I’ll sic Clapton on him.”

Clapton was Mr. Kanely’s parakeet. Brigitte couldn’t help it—she started to laugh. “Fine, fine. I’ll let him in. Thanks, Mr. Kanely.”

“For fudge’s sake, call me Bob,” Mr. Kanely said, but he went back inside his apartment and closed his door.

Rafe raised his eyebrows as Brigitte gestured him inside. “This doesn’t have to be a date, you know. We can just be friends.”

Brigitte nodded. “I could use a friend.”

“Then let’s do this.”
Purchase link(s):  Amazon
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