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Feb 19, 2017

Kings of the Empire by M.A. Abraham

Kings of the Empire
Kings of the Empire
by M.A. Abraham
Elven Chronicles Book Twelve

The Empire is rising to face the enemy. They are not alone, for their allies and neighbors have come to help; some have even come to fight despite the objections of their own rulers.

The Drazon is free, the Demon Hordes are on the march, and their numbers are staggering. Will the Empire survive this challenge? Or will their enemies prevail? The stakes are high, for if they fail to win the upcoming battles, the lives of every Elf in the Empire will be in jeopardy. No one knows the real extent of what they will be facing

As the Elves prepare to fight, the Drazon attacks at will, first challenging the might of the Dragons. He feels invincible. Omnipotent. Immortal. He will show the world who is in charge and the meaning of fear. His hatred knows no boundary.

While King Lothrariel continues to hold his Empire and, the lives of his people together, he is besieged by problems. He turns to Gabriel, to handle the greatest tasks, and to resume his place as Commander in Chief of the Combined Elven Armies of the Empire. Lothrariel must also answer his Life Mate’s call to fight at her side. He quickly finds out there is more to her summons than their bond. As an Oracle, she 'sees' the possible outcomes, but she cannot speak of them, she can only guide.

Genre: Fantasy Romance
Content/Theme(s): Elves, Demons, Fae, Dragons, Magic, Paranormal
Release Date: February 16, 2017
Publisher: Indie

Excerpt & More

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King Daroth walked through the crowded paths as he made his way to the High Lord General Gabriel Eagle Claw’s headquarters. He was hesitant to bother the Elf, because the last time he had seen him, he had looked so tired he appeared to be ready to collapse. Eden hadn’t looked much better, and it pained him to see his subjects in such a state. He realized it wasn’t his fault. The whole of the Elven Empire had the same problem, and it would only get worse, before things began to improve.

This time, King Daroth had another concern to add to the growing problems the High Lord General was facing. There was another army closing in on the West gates of the Light Elven Kingdom. He wasn’t sure what Gabriel was going to be able to do about that, if anything. He walked into the command post area, to find him in a deep discussion with General Vermeer and King Lothrariel. He realized that this was a very inopportune moment, and gave a sigh of relief, when Eden pulled him aside so the others wouldn’t notice the troubled expression on his face.

“What is the matter, King Daroth?” Eden asked.

“We have company approaching our West gate, in the form of another army. I need input from Gabriel,” King Daroth admitted.

Eden looked thoughtful, as she sent a probe through the trees, to see who was close, as well as to whom she could delegate the problem to. She found two likely candidates, and a smile crossed her face, as she turned her attention back to King Daroth, with what she felt would be a viable solution to his problem.

“Marious is free at the moment, and so is Endiku, although the latter won’t be for long. Send Marious to greet those who come, for all you know, they may not be foes. At this time, we could use all the help we can get,” Eden suggested.

King Daroth looked at Eden in surprise. He wasn’t sure why he hadn’t thought of this himself. Marious was the perfect solution. He turned to leave and King Lothrariel noticed him, as he headed for the exit.

“King Daroth, come meet General Vermeer. We could use some input from you, as well as a look to the future.”

“I am afraid I have nothing to say about the future. My talent has been suspiciously quiet lately. I am surprised you would even ask, for your talent in that direction is even stronger than mine,” King Daroth commented, as he tossed Eden an imploring look.

Eden realized he wasn’t going to be able to get away from the men at the meeting, and she nodded in understanding. She knew what needed to be done, and headed for the doorway to carry out his task. He smiled at her in gratitude, for she was taking a burden from his shoulders without him needing to ask. He looked at Gabriel and nodded a greeting, as he sent him a private message.

“You are a lucky Elf.”

Gabriel smiled back, as he watched his Life Mate leave, and sent her a parting mental caress. He loved his Eden and never failed to let her know. She sent a mental kiss back to him in return and he held on to it in his mind. This was the way love was meant to be, was his thought.

As King Daroth joined the other men in the map room, Eden slipped out of the house, and headed for Marious’ home. She knew that was where she would find him, along with Endiku, who happened to be resting with him. Ennacas was with Eärwen, for the moment, helping her with the baby, and preparing for the battle. It wouldn’t be much longer before she would be calling for him to join her and they would head for the front together.

The moment Eden got close to Marious’ home, she could hear the sounds of songbirds, and knew Tamarak would be waiting at the door for her. This meant that she had also been resting. She felt a twinge of guilt about disturbing their time together, but it couldn’t be helped. The door swung open as she approached it, and immediately got down to the reason for her visit.

“I need to speak with Marious, immediately. I have a message for him from King Daroth.”

“That Elf never seems to run out of work for me,” Marious grumbled good naturedly, as he rose to greet Eden with a smile and a hug. “What does our King need me for this time?”

“It looks like you have been volunteered to go to the West gate to greet an advancing army,” Eden chuckled, as she gave him a quick hug back and stepped back.

“Lucky me,” Marious grinned, before asking, “Is this a friendly army, or a hostile one?”

“No one seems to know for sure,” Eden admitted sheepishly.

“Sounds like a party. One lone Elf, against an invading army from unknown origins,” Marious replied. He then got serious, as he asked, “I am not really going alone, am I?”

“Do you see anyone standing behind me?” Eden asked.

“Damn,” Marious swore. “Daroth has put me into some nasty corners before and, told me to figure a way out, but this tops them all. Surely he could have supplied at least one Elf to walk out of the Kingdom at my side. Where is Branith?”

“I will get him, he isn’t very far away, as luck has it,” Eden informed Marious, before sending a quick order off to Branith.

“Is there anything you can tell me about the approaching army, using your Tratchar powers?” Marious asked.

Eden gave a sigh of resignation. She barely had enough energy left to do what Marious was asking, but she couldn’t send him into a dangerous situation without his knowing something about what he was about to face. She let her Tratchar talent flow through the leaves and grass, gathering information as it moved through the forest, and then smiled in relief. The army headed for the West gate of the Light Elven Kingdom appeared to be friendly, even if it was made up of Humans. They also seemed to be very well equipped and well mounted. There was no infantry in this army. Whoever was at the head of these men had brought cavalry. If they were here to help, they would be welcomed with open arms. If not, well, she was sure Marious would find a way to straighten things out.

Branith arrived, as Eden began to report on her findings, “This army is made up of Humans. They are all mounted and seem to be well prepared for battle. There isn’t much more I can tell you beyond that.”

“No idea if they are friendly or not?” Marious asked.

“The trees only give what information they have,” Eden admitted.

Branith’s eyes widened, as he put his own interpretation on events, and then asked, “Another army to face off against?”

“Not to worry little brother,” Marious grinned, as he teased, “They don’t stand a chance against my charm and your mouth.”

Branith shot Marious a droll look, as he commented, “You wish. My wit will outshine what little charm you have in the wink of an eye.”

Marious laughed and he put his arm around Branith’s shoulders, as he made a suggestion, “I think it is time that we borrowed a couple of Daroth’s Pegasus horses and went to show off. I am sure that Daroth won’t mind if we warm Storm Cloud up for him.”

“Of course he won’t mind if you ride Storm Cloud. I will leave a note with Eden, to let him know I had nothing to do with the idea.” Branith replied.

“Coward,” Marious teased.

“Survivalist,” Branith corrected, before adding, “What I wouldn’t give to mooch a couple of shining Fletchling uniforms and a Battle Bird right about now. You couldn’t see if there were any good looking girls in the crowd while you were looking them over, did you Aunt Eden?”

“No, but I will mention to Celebriän that you were asking,” Eden answered with a smile.

“You ever notice how cranky our pretty aunt gets when she is tired, or is this a sign of old age?” Branith returned. He knew it could be living dangerously to say something like that to any female but, at this moment, he didn’t feel he had anything to lose.

“I will also mention where you are to Celebriän; she will want to know that too,” Eden chuckled.

“What did I ever do to deserve this type of treatment, I ask you?” Branith asked back. “I will have to spend more time with Valendil.”

Eden’s smile widened, as she walked off, and made one last comment. “I will let Eöl and Eärwen know that you offered to volunteer for diaper duty, so they could spend some time alone when this is all over.”

“Not exactly what I had in mind,” Branith admitted, as Marious laughed out loud. He didn’t say that he wouldn’t mind, as long as they made it through the upcoming battle.

Marious gave Branith a nudge and commented, “I know and I don’t blame you. We better get going, so we can be waiting at the border when our guests arrive.”

“Or, at the very least, arriving when they do. The sight of Pegasus horses coming in for a landing always leaves Humans in awe,” Branith pointed out.

It didn’t take Marious and Branith more than a few moments to single out two horses and leave. They knew they didn’t have much time, and had no idea what they were going to be faced with, when they got to the border. The size of the army they were about to meet with surprised them, as they flew to the meeting place, for it was a lot larger than they thought it would be.

“I don’t know who is more impressed, them or us,” Branith muttered, as they dismounted to greet the eight Generals, who led the Human armed forces. The rows of mounted men seemed to go on for miles, there were so many.

“There must be over one hundred and twenty-five thousand men,” Marious quietly replied.

“My question still is, why are they here?” Branith asked.
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