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Dec 28, 2016

Handcuffed by H.C. Brown

by H.C. Brown
Cops 'n' Floggers Book One

Bad boys, bad boys…

Rent boy, Maverick Slone, Ricky to his friends, finds himself in big trouble with an unsatisfied client in the back alley of Leathers BDSM Club. Little does he know the Nordic god stepping in to save him, is an undercover vice cop.

When Detective Tyler Speed offers him the chance to leave the streets behind, it sounds too good to be true, especially when the man making the offer is the Dom of his very naughty dreams.

Reader Advisory: BDSM scenes and hot sexy undercover vice cops out to find their perfect subs.

Genre: Erotic Contemporary Romance
Content/Theme(s): M/M, Cop, BDSM, D/s, Spanking, Bondage, Gay, GLBT
Release Date: December 9, 2016
Luminosity Publishing

Excerpt & More
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“Kneel. Now open your mouth wider, boy.”

The nameless Dom shoved me to my knees, grasped my chin then thrust his meaty thumb inside the corner of my mouth forcing my jaw apart. The smell of the condom tip flapping against my lips masks the rich musky smell of hot male. Under my knees, the cool ground seeps through my expensive leather pants and in my periphery, I can see heads turning to watch. Flashes of smiles white in the dim light followed by encouraging taunts from the men waiting for my client to finish so they can have their turn. I groan to encourage him and squeeze his tight butt. They like that because, inside the BDSM club, Leathers, the Doms never allow their subs to touch them without permission. Here in the darkness of the alley, I can offer pleasure for a few unrestrained minutes. He pushes his thick length inside and brushes my tonsils making me gag. The rubber grazes my dry lips as he thrusts deeper. His thick, wide cock bombards my mouth with the taste of latex, but the musky scent of him fills my nostrils. As his hairy balls tickle my chin, his thighs radiate a delicious heat. He laughs when I cough, and thick fingers grasp my hair holding me in place for his pleasure. The tug on my scalp sends a rush of delightful pain shuddering through me.

“Take it all, bitch, earn every fucking dollar.”

Here in the back alley of Leathers, I am part of the lineup of rent boys who wait for clients behind the club in the dingy alley. We queue beside the trash cans to service the Doms, to quench their urgent need before they take a selected sub to their dungeon. We all have a spot, and some like me have survived long enough to be in the group closest to the door. I turn tricks to survive. I don’t do dope, I look good, smell nice, and the Doms pay me twenty bucks for a BJ. I’m here from dusk until dawn every night, and my only wish is that one of the Doms will take me inside. I crave to be a sub and refuse to give my ass out here bent over the trashcans like most of the other boys.

“Suck me. Harder.” He holds my head and rides me. “You like that don’t you, slut?”

There is no respect given or expected, and I would never dare glance up at a trick. I am a receptacle for his lust—nothing more. As a rent boy, I am nothing—disposable—but I need the small connection with the Doms of the BDSM Club, Leathers. I service them without complaint, but they always leave me craving more.

I need a Dom to take me higher.

Two minutes and he is finished. Again, I am left wanting and needing the attention only a lover can give me. I wait for the cash but rather than hand it to me or drop it on the floor, he grabs my face and shoves the filthy notes inside my mouth. Pain shatters the illusion of lust. The next moment, my head hits the ground, and air rushes from my lungs. Gasping, I try to crawl away, but he pins me down and presses his boot on my cheek. Above the ringing in my ears, I hear footsteps and a raised voice coming from the back door of the club.

“What the fuck are you doing? Leave the boy alone.”

Long leather clad legs step in front of me and the smell of an expensive cologne wafts from the stranger. I roll into a ball to protect my face and chance an upward glance. The man protecting me is huge with blond spiky hair, and with the light from the back door spilling over him, too good looking to be hunting tail in the alley.

“Get the fuck out of my face, Speed. You don’t belong here, go play with your pretty boys over at Safeword.”

“I said, ‘leave—the—boy—alone,’” Speed’s stance widened, and his chin lifted. “You don’t want to mess with me, Brent.”

Brent took a step backward, and his face split into a cocky grin.

“That piece of street trash is well used and knows his place.” He chuckled. “Don’t waste your time trying to save him. He’s not worth the trouble.” With a wave, he turned and strolled inside the club.

“Can you stand?” Speed crouches down and pushes the hair from my face. “No? Let me help you.” He closes one large hand around my arm and lifts me to my feet. “Walk with me into the light. I need to check if you require medical assistance.” He glances behind me at the bag containing everything I own. “Is that your stuff?”

“Yes.” He is so tall, and the way he is looking at me makes my head spin. “I’m okay, thank you, Master.”

“No, you’re not okay.” Speed stares into my face with a strained expression. “Come with me.”

“I’ll lose my spot, Master. I need to work.”

“Not here you don’t.” Speed’s fingers tighten around my arm and tug me closer. “I can offer you something better.”

“I don’t need a pimp, Master. I do just fine on my own.”

“Yeah, so I see.” Speed led me away. “Don’t worry, I’m not a pimp.”

The heat from his hand seeps into my flesh, and my insides turn to mush. Everyone is staring at me as if I’ve caught the catch of the century. In the street, he guides me to the fluorescent lights outside the club. Now I can see him. He resembles a Nordic god, tall broad shouldered, and as handsome as sin. I am lost for words and drop my gaze to the sidewalk, hoping a submissive pose might please him.

“What is your name, boy?” Speed cups my chin and turns my head from side to side examining me with his dark blue eyes. “Speak up, I don’t bite.”

“My name is Maverick, Master Speed.”
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