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Aug 25, 2015

Gemstone—Mistress Please—Taliaschild by Anastasia Vitsky

Covers & Excerpts
Three LGBT (F/F) romance titles by Anastasia Vitsky
Mistress, Please
Out for You
Contemporary Romance
Mistress, Please
Mistress Book 2
Contemporary Romance
Beyond Fairytales
Fantasy Romance

by Anastasia Vitsky
Beyond Fairytales Book Nine

Six years after the mysterious talisman brought Queen Vina to Talia, it chooses a new owner in Sonna, a child of the streets.

Unprotected by her amputee father and beaten by her mother for failing to bring home scraps for the family to eat, Sonna runs into the self-assured Kira, daughter and heir to Vina’s queendom.

Weary of endless rules and duties involved in training to become the future queen, Kira leaps at the chance to escape with a new friend. She places the priceless talisman around Sonna’s neck, but neither can remove the jewelry.

Alarmed at losing the talisman’s protection, Vina and Talia take drastic steps to protect the princess. In the process, the entire earth descends into chaos.

Five years later, nineteen-year-old Sonna forages for two-day-old fish heads while dodging street pimps. The talisman leads her to the mysterious Nicodemus, who offers one command: Go to Kira. She needs you.

Baffled, Sonna embarks on her journey. What can a pauper offer a spoiled princess? Will the street girl end up surprising them all?

A Beyond Fairytales Adaption of The Snow Queen

Genre: Fantasy Romance
Content/Theme(s): F/F, BDSM, D/s, Spanking, Multicultural
Release Date: August 18, 2015
Decadent Publishing
Excerpt, Gemstone, Mistress Please & More

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Taliaschild Excerpt:
Against my chest, the talisman grows warm. It quivers, almost as if it is afraid. Or perhaps it creaks like an old, unused piece of machinery. I take out the metal to rub it clean with my spit, and the gems glow bright as the stars.

My child.

I jump backward, dropping the necklace. I’d throw it down the grate if I could remove the chain from around my neck. Sorcery! A necklace refusing to be removed spoke of magic, but I hoped it was benign. Is this a demon’s voice? Am I spawn of the devil?

I am not a demon, my child. I am one who loves you the way your mother does not.

I whimper. Demon or not, Mother will order an exorcism if anyone finds out. A little girl was possessed last year, and the shaman beat her with a wooden stick. Over and over, commanding the evil spirits to leave the child. I can face many things, but not the wrath of a demon chaser.

The one you love has locked her heart to you. You must find her, and you must remind her of the day you promised to love her.

Shaking from head to foot, I risk speaking out loud. “She never came back.”

That was not her doing. Do you still care for her?

Soft kisses, sweeter than any of the delicacies she fed me. The tingle of her touch, transporting me to a world in which my shame no longer mattered. Standing before her, scrubbed clean, and watching her eyes widen in surprise and longing.

Curling next to her side, trusting her. Believing when she told me to follow her. I would never be hungry again, she said.

She loves you.

No one ever loved me before.

She needs you. Find her.

Before I can think of a response, the gemstones fade to silver and the metal grows cold.

Find her. But how?
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Mistress, Please
Mistress, Please
by Anastasia Vitsky
Mistress Book Two

Thou shalt have no other Mistresses before me.

When traveling abroad to visit clients, professional Domme Trinity Maddox loses her passport and her job. She has no one to ask for help but Graciela Fairbanks, her former lover and Domme who threw her out for cheating ten years ago.

Graciela tries to forgive, but old hurts and arguments arise on both sides. Trinity is grateful for a second chance with the woman who first taught her about love and submission, but she resents Gracie’s assumption they will return to their old roles. Gracie demands obedience; Trinity needs assurances of love.

Can Trinity let go of her pride to accept Graciela’s forgiveness? Or is submission too high of a price to pay for happiness?

Genre: Contemporary Romance
Content/Theme(s): F/F, BDSM, D/s, Spanking, Multicultural
Release Date: July 12, 2015
Publisher: Indie


Mistress, Please Purchase links:  Amazon   ARe
Mistress, Please Excerpt:
“Let’s order Chinese.”

“Hm?” I’ve been too busy eating Gracie to think about food. “Stop doing stuff and lie down for a minute. I love your new shampoo. What is it, pine?”

“Green tea, and we order food or you cook.” She lies against the headboard, one leg propped against my shoulder. “That might be nice, too. You could wear my apron.”

“I don’t need–”

“Without anything underneath.”

I blush, which is ridiculous because at the moment all of our clothes are scattered across the floor. “Gracie!”

“If I order Chinese delivery, do you think it will come with a cute girl to spank?” She curls her toe and pokes the side of my shoulder. “Maybe she’ll run away in fright, and I’ll have to chase her down.” She’s almost purring my now.

I roll over, hugging my pillow. I’d rather not think about that night. “And you get after me about infidelity.” I try to keep my tone light, but my voice cracks at the last syllable.

“We wouldn’t have to pick either or. You could make dessert, and you could welcome the delivery girl in the apron.” Her voice is too careful. Is she trying to say more than it seems, or is it my sensitivity?

“Are you saying threesomes are now on the table?” I sit up, pulling the bedsheet with me as I sit next to the wall. Gracie’s headboard rises toward the air conditioning unit mounted on the wall, while one side meets the wall. I have often been grateful for one occupied corner, but the rest stand empty and waiting. She likes the Korean style of decorating with its clean lines and lack of clutter.

She pulls her hair over her right shoulder. “If by threesome you mean Pierre and I spanking you, yes.”

I can’t help giggling. “You know that’s not what I meant!”

She smiles. “I notice you’re not objecting.”

“Because my objecting to things has worked so well in the past?” If I keep talking, if I keep smiling and laughing, we can stay on a superficial level. Talking with Gracie is like walking through a minefield. One moment we’re laughing and cooing after intimacy, while the next moment an offhand remark brings me back to my worst days.

“As if you’d want it to work.” Rather than drawing me close for cuddle, as she usually does, she studies me. She’s still reclining against the headboard, unselfconscious in her nudity. I clutch at the bedsheet as if it will protect me. “It’s time to talk about some ground rules, Trinity.”

I’d rather not, but talking means I get the illusion of input. “Okay. No threesomes? I’ll try to get over my disappointment.”

She doesn’t laugh. “Things will be great until the moment wears off, and then you’ll fight me at every turn. You’re your own worst enemy.”

She’s right. “It would help if I had something of my own. If I’m going to stay, I need a life here besides you.” I wonder if housewives in the fifties said the same thing to their husbands. I’m glad Gracie provides for me, and I’m grateful I don’t have to count the days until she throws me out. I’ll always have that worry, but for now I am safe.

Still, it’s not enough.

She nods. “And I can’t let you have that independence if you go off the deep end again. Do you see the problem?”

“If I do exactly as you say, you’ll let me off the leash?” It comes out snarkier than I intended. “Sorry.”

She stays calm, which is a miracle in itself. “Yes, but we both know that won’t happen. You won’t obey, because you think it’s a character flaw to do so.”

Honesty from Graciela is almost as painful as anger from anyone else. “Maybe.” It’s not obedience; it’s vulnerability. If I let her have control over me, where will it stop? If I let my guard down and believe her promises, how will I recover when they are no longer true?

“Definitely.” This time, she crooks her finger and I go to her side. She strokes my hair, and I bring one leg up and over her lap. She’s mine, as much as I am hers.

“So now what?”

A kiss, a sweet kiss promising everything her words never say. “I’ve expected you to obey on your own, and you can’t do it. I’ve waited for you to prove your obedience and commitment, and you can’t.”

I should despair at her pronouncement, but she’s holding me too tightly for fear. “And?”

She tips me forward so I sprawl over her lap, giggling and squirming. “It’s not fair to expect you to trust a system that’s not clear. So, from now on…” She pinches a bottom cheek that throbs with all the spankings in the previous day and a half. “I’m putting you on maintenance spankings.”

I groan. “That’s for babies!”

She slaps and rubs. “Hardly. Baby spankers go to jail. Wouldn’t you rather have scheduled, matter-of-fact spankings instead of punishments all the time? We could relax and satisfy your need to be spanked without all the drama.”

“I don’t have a need!”

Swat! “What was that, Trinity?” I stay quiet too long, and she smacks again. “You know the correct answer, my girl.”

Mistress, please. No way! “How often? Like once a month?”

Her laughter shakes the bed. “Don’t insult my intelligence, cheeky brat. Once a day, in the morning. You can wake up with a reminder to be a good girl, and with any luck it will stick with you the whole day.”

I grumble, but she spanks some more.

“How many times have you gotten spanked in the past twenty-four hours?”

She does have a point there. “I’m going to find your online listing and leave bad reviews saying you’re sadistic and unfair.”

She coos as she rubs some more. “Oh, please do. I could use a few more customers since getting rid of Stan.”

After a few more swats, she lets me curl up with her. I sulk for as long as I can, and she gives me kisses. “Okay.”

“Thank you, Your Royal Highness, for your gracious agreement.” She tweaks my nose, and I stick my tongue out.

“So…essentially I won’t sit for the rest of my life?”

“That’s the plan.”

As I snuggle with her, the world has never seemed so right.
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by Anastasia Vitsky
Out for You

Can lies build a foundation for love?

Gemma Parquin has a secret. By day, she’s the center of her church’s social life. By night, she’s Mistress Lorelei on Kinklife, online disciplinarian of babygirls and all who need spanking, whipping, and—her personal favorite—figging.

No one suspects, until neighbor Celine Daniels comes across Gemma’s Kinklife profile. Stunned and nursing a secret crush, she creates an account under the name starrygirl793 and “catfishes” the Mistress…and gets more than she bargained for. Before she knows it, Celine is also leading a double life.

Meanwhile, Gemma’s best friend sets her up with an online dating service. Enter Stella, who is everything Celine is not—sophisticated, successful, and straightforward. But she doesn’t understand the kink Gemma holds dear.

How can Gemma trust Celine, who has lied to her? Or give up Mistress Lorelei in order to be with Stella? Should Gemma give up on love altogether, or can she still find happiness?

Genre: Contemporary Romance
Content/Theme(s): F/F, BDSM, D/s, Spanking
Release Date: June 22, 2015
All Romance eBooks

Gemstone Purchase links:  Amazon   ARe   iTunes   B&N
Gemstone Excerpt:
“Gemma! Cindy! Come on in. Lissa must have had to work late. So glad you brought your chili! You can take everything into the kitchen. Nancy’s riding with Celine because her oven went out.” Milly bustles us into the kitchen crammed with guests, bowls, and enough food to feed three times as many women who attend the potlucks. She takes Cindy’s potato salad and sets it on the counter. “I couldn’t get the fireball shots to set yet, so they’re still in the freezer. Just to be safe, I made Jell-O shots as well. You don’t mind vodka, do you?”

I lift my hand to hide a smile. Milly looks like someone out of Little House on the Prairie, but she insists on alcohol at every get-together. She’s known as the Ambassador for Lutherans because the local Baptists point her out. “You must not be Baptist,” a new clerk at the Spirit Shop told her once, and the line has stuck with her ever since. She’s our billboard for why people should join Faith Lutheran instead of St. John’s Baptist.

Then again, Pastor Mark isn’t so keen on the idea.

“Oh, that’s gorgeous!” Setting my enormous blue-rimmed crockpot on the counter and plugging it in, I catch sight of Hannah’s latest crocheting project. Two layers of white yarn ruffle from underneath a narrow pink ribbon, attached to a crisscross pattern of pink and white squares.

“When is your grandbaby due?”

Hannah pushes up her red plastic glasses and peers at her latest stitches. “Just after Christmas.

I’m trying a new pattern, and darned if I can’t get the edges to come out even. I was hoping Penny could give it a look.”

Penny, our undisputed queen of all things crochet, waves from across the room where she’s arranging mixed nuts into one dish and peppermints into another. She adjusts her cross pendant made of tiger’s eye. She has a new necklace almost every time I see her. She loved a jeweled heart necklace from her daughter one year, and now she receives necklaces for every birthday and holiday.

“I told you it’s fine. Get through the first row, and you’ll see it works itself out.”

Milly bustles back in, handing Cindy and me tiny plastic cups of Jell-O. Green for me and red for Cindy, with teeny-tiny spoons to match. “Go ahead. See if they’re any good.”

I’d protest I hate Jell-O shots, but no one will listen. I make a face at Cindy, who downs hers and offers me her cup. She can handle alcohol better than I, and she prefers Jell-O to creamier shots. “Phew!” she exclaims. “You didn’t skimp on the vodka, did you?”

“I’ll have another one,” Hannah calls out. She accepts a yellow cup from Milly, screws up her face, and swallows it in one gulp.

“You guys,” I giggle. “We’re supposed to talk church business. And decide about the Advent schedule. Are you going to get drunk before we pretend to work?”

“Teacher Gemma’s at it again,” Penny chides. The women tease me because they’re a few decades older, but they still expect me to handle the administrative work. Then they tease me for doing so. Herding cats, that’s what I call it. Penny continues, scolding in her gentle way. “Martin Luther held his meetings in pubs. It’s a grand Lutheran tradition to discuss theology while inebriated.”

Everyone laughs, and I give a wry smile. This is why I begin Advent planning in August. “Sure, but worship details are hardly theology.”

Penny ignores me. “If you’d have your own Jell-O shot instead of giving it to Cindy, you’d have more fun.”

I blush so hard I don’t know where to look, and everyone breaks into laughter. Even Milly.

“Again? You can just say no, you know.” She hands me a flour sack dish towel and points me to the sink. “If you’re not going to get drunk like a good Lutheran, be a good martyr and dry the dishes. We’ll need three trays for the meat and cheese plus crackers.”

Milly’s old enough to be my mother, but sometimes she feels more like a sister. Other times, I don’t know how I got lucky enough to earn acceptance into this circle of friends. “Penny, are you coming to the beach tomorrow or not? We need an extra car if you do.” I take the dish towel and pick up the heavy, cut-glass tray. Milly’s good dishes are a million years old and more valuable than my head. I’d rather sweep her floor than handle her precious crystal, but she trusts me.

“Sorry we’re late!” Nancy bursts into the front hallway with zippered insulated bag. “The lasagna took extra time, and Celine and I had to discuss plans for—” She glances at me and pales. I wonder what I’ve done wrong this time. Maybe I shouldn’t scold so much, but Lorelei’s voice comes out when I least expect it.

“For the new garden,” Celine offers in her gentle way. She takes the bag and unzips the steaming pan of lasagna. “Pastor Mark thinks it’s time we get rid of the annuals for good and invest in permanent flowers. Or shrubs, or something that won’t die every time the weather gets too hot. Maybe Nate and a few others could put up a pergola by the children’s play area so we could plant some flowers in the shade.”

“What children?” Hannah objects. “We can’t get more than eight kids on a good day for Sunday school.”

“We can’t get children if we aren’t equipped for them,” Penny points out. Celine nods. “We have at least one member die per year, and we’re not getting enough new ones to replace them.”

Milly hands Hannah the dried trays. “The meat and cheese are on the counter, and you can use the serving forks next to the packages.” She tosses her own dish towel over her shoulder and slips on an orange mitt before opening the oven. “The day a church can’t talk about anything besides its own membership is the day a church dies.”

“It would help if we could shut down some of the arguments before they happen.” Hannah slides the cubes of cheddar, American, and Swiss cheese onto one side of the tray before spearing slices of ham, pastrami, and summer sausage. She arranges the meat and cheese from lightest to darkest in concentric circles.

“Nate gets awful, doesn’t he?” Milly takes out a bubbling cherry pie, the edges of the pie crust perfectly crimped and the lattices woven into artwork. I wish I could take a photo of it to remember how a good pie should look, but what’s the point? I’ll never be allowed to bring anything besides chili, anyway. “Here, someone take out the trivet and I’ll set this aside for later.”

She returns to the oven to pull out a golden loaf of bread, crusty with three slashes across the top. My mouth waters at the sight of Milly’s specialty. She’s taught me how to make it a dozen times, but I can never get the same texture or flavor. Maybe that’s the real reason I get stuck with chili duty. “That looks amazing!” I take out a wood-and-ceramic trivet for the baking stone, and she sets down her prize. “The bread will be perfect for dunking in the chili.”

Celine unwraps the plastic from her platter of deviled eggs, and everyone stands back to admire the spread of lasagna, four kinds of hotdish, green salads, fruit salads, Cindy’s beloved cherry pie filling salad, multigrain crackers next to the tray of meat and cheese, my chili, and too many desserts to comprehend. Hannah made her eclairs, and Penny’s shortbread cookies decorate her favorite green and white plate. We hold hands, as we always do, and Milly leads us in the Doxology we have sung from the beginning of time.
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