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Feb 15, 2016

Hunted by Samantha Stone

Cover & Excerpt

Hunted by Samantha Stone
Crescent City Creatures Book Two

HuntedHeath Frasier knew he made no friends the day he broke werewolf law—but he’s not prepared for the creature lying in wait for him.

Sophia Anderson has an enemy in a particularly powerful faery, one who will stop at nothing to ensure her death.

Only Heath and Sophia can keep each other safe, but their pairing could bring a fate worse than death. If they escape those hunting them, will they risk staying together, or go their separate ways?

Hunted continues the story of a delinquent werewolf pack in New Orleans, where the Fey control more than meets the eye, a witch can change a life, and one female werewolf’s powers are put to the ultimate test.

Genre: Paranormal Romance
Content/Theme(s): Shifters, Fae, Magic, Suspense, Werewolves, Urban Fantasy
Release Date: February 1, 2016
Liquid Silver Books
Excerpt & More

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The second Sophia Anderson turned the shower off she knew something was wrong. Someone was in her apartment.
Heated tiles warmed her feet, but her heart turned to ice with fear. Don’t let it be

Kiril, she thought desperately. She hadn’t seen the man in over one hundred years, since before her twin brother Sebastian had been sentenced to exile in New Orleans.

She’d deserved the sentence, not Sebastian. Yet there he was, stuck thousands of miles south of their home in Halifax.

No human could have heard the footsteps padding across her carpet. Sophia was a were, and she barely heard the almost soundless movements. There was more than one person, their steps light, indicating either a female or a small man.

Sophia had a choice: she could hole herself up in her bathroom, or she could use the element of surprise and attack them. She chose the latter, despite her lack of flame source, her greatest defense mechanism.

In the future, she’d stash a lighter in her bathroom.

With her clothes in her bedroom, she had only a towel to wrap around herself. She pulled her hair back and tightened the white terrycloth before she swung the door open to find three women, each towering over her five-foot-two frame. They’d been setting up what looked like a bomb, but Sophia had never seen anything like it before. Cursive was etched into the metal sphere, which vibrated with energy.

The women whipped around, their long hair flying back to reveal pointed ears. The Fey were in her home. Sophia didn’t back away. This is going to hurt.

The brunette’s eyes were furious slits, her mouth twisted in a snarl that made Sophia wonder what in the hell she’d done to make this woman come after her. Since her pack had no recent dealings with the Fey, she drew a blank.

She ground her teeth; no candles were lit and the lights were off, giving her no way to access her power over fire. The closest light switch was across the room, behind the strange women.

The light from the bathroom was too far away to illuminate the space. If it weren’t for the sunlight sneaking around the edges of her curtain, Sophia would’ve been completely blind.

One of the women howled, her long nails sharpening into points as she leapt at Sophia. A swift roundhouse kick took care of her, sending her slamming into the wall, taking down three heavy picture frames with her.

Sophia lunged for the broken glass, palming it and deciding to take out the second blonde next. She slashed the woman’s arm before the faery caught her in the jaw, her nails drawing blood. Sophia could hear the brunette approaching her from behind, had to jump forward to avoid her kick to the backs of her knees. She slammed into the blonde, releasing her claws and using the glass to cut her any place she could reach.

This wasn’t the time for sportsmanship or mercy; Sophia was outnumbered, and while she’d taken on these odds before, it was in a controlled training environment for werewolf soldiers. There was nothing controlled about the woman Sophia had pinned to the ground, who was trying to slash her throat with blood-tipped nails.

Something hard slammed into Sophia’s back, knocking the wind from her lungs and giving the blonde the moment she needed to free herself. Turning around, Sophia saw the metal leg of her table had been bent to hit her. Now it was pressing hard against her abdomen, pinning her to the floor.

One of the women could control metal, a common enough trait among the Fey.

Sophia tried to pull metal leg up, but it wouldn’t budge. It only pressed harder against her, definitely tearing something in her midsection. Pain created spots in front of her eyes, and she fought to keep her consciousness. To pass out in the presence of these women would mean certain death.

The brunette crouched down next to her and pressed something made of burning metal to the inside of her wrist, her long hair obscuring her face. Sophia felt her own skin give way, surrendering to the blistering heat. Over the stench of her burning skin, she smelled the very man she’d prayed to never see again: Kiril.

This woman was his lover, his scent mingling with hers in a way no shower could remove. Is she his mate?

“Keep away from Kiril and the Fey, and you might live,” was all the brunette said before she turned to leave the room. The two blondes supported each other as they followed. Sophia recognized the sound of her front door’s lock clicking into place before it closed shut.

They were gone, and she was...stuck.

Again she tried to pry the leg away from her middle, but it didn’t move so much as a millimeter. The faery must have strengthened it somehow, as Sophia could have usually bent the metal with relative ease.

The vibrating sphere caught Sophia’s attention; it seemed to be shaking even more violently now, as if energy was building up inside it with nowhere to go. Sophia froze, her hands going limp against the table’s leg. It was a bomb, and now she couldn’t move to escape it.

The towel had long been ripped away, now leaving her naked body almost completely exposed to whatever the bomb would bring. She grabbed everything within her reach—another picture frame, a lap desk and a bowl filled with Hershey Kisses—and covered her midsection and chest as best she could. She dumped the candy onto the floor, lifting the bowl to cover the majority of her face.

For three minutes, Sophia did the only thing she could do—wait. Surely someone in her building would hear the explosion and come to help her. After all, all of its tenants were werewolf soldiers and their significant others.

With no warning the sphere exploded, allowing its blinding white light to escape. It hit her arms first, like a severe sunburn Sophia couldn’t stop from progressing. She couldn’t see what it was doing to her, the bowl protecting her face blocking her direct vision, but she could have sworn she was on fire. She desperately wanted to see what was happening to her, what damage the fire crawling down her sides to her legs was causing.

Sophia reached out her elemental ability, trying to coax the fire away from her so she could extinguish it. Nothing happened, meaning this wasn’t fire at all.

She was helpless.
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