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Jul 21, 2014

Cover Reveal - A Taste of Loving Discipline by Abigail Armani

Cover & Excerpt

A Taste of Loving Discipline
by Abigail Armani

A Taste of Loving DisciplineJune is a feisty, funny and passionate artist who knows exactly what she wants out of life. What she doesn't want is Alexander Stewart. The intelligent, smooth-talking, infuriatingly handsome lawyer irritates her in so many ways. Alex is like no other man she has ever met. A naturally dominant man, he takes control as effortlessly as breathing. Any woman of his needs to submit to his authority - and his discipline ... he has no hesitation in spanking a naughty bottom, and is not averse to bedroom games involving blindfolds and restraints.

When June starts an exciting new phase of her life in a beautiful village in Northumberland, she is surprised to find that it is Alex who offers her his friendship and support. Life is good, but there are choices to be made. June could stick with Geoffrey, an amusing though fickle blond Adonis, or maybe she could forge a satisfying relationship with a new man she meets. She does neither. And just when things are going really well for her, something unexpectedly unpleasant happens, placing her in danger. This encourages the man who truly loves her to claim her on a permanent basis.

Genre: Contemporary Romance
Content/Theme(s): BDSM, spanking, D/s
Release Date: June 6, 2014
LSF Publications
Excerpt & More

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June pulled a face. “Seems I have a lot to learn about living alone – I'm rubbish at DIY stuff and haven't a clue about lighting fires.”

“There are things I can teach you.” Alex looked at her meaningfully.

“Um... there are?”

He nodded and took a step closer. “Many things.”

“Oh … what sort of things?” She took a step closer too and when he extended his hands and reached for hers, she took them.

“Oh you know – practical things like lighting fires and raking out the ashes from the grate, rewiring a plug, changing a fuse … stuff like that. Then of course, there are other, more pleasurable things.”

“Like what?” Her voice came out as a breathless little squeak.

“Would you like me to demonstrate?” he asked in a lovely dark chocolatey voice.

“Mmmn, I think perhaps I would.”

“Good decision.”

His mouth came down to devour hers. God, but he'd waited so long for this. As her sweet lips parted to receive his kiss, he held her close and plundered her willing mouth. She tasted of wild honey and lavender – which was the exact statement on the label of the shower gel she had used! And as she reached up, her arms around his neck, she brushed her luscious body against his own and in the process her towel came off... and she was so enamoured by him she didn't even notice until she felt his hand slip down to caress her breast, cupping its fullness, eager fingers teasing her elongated nipple.

“Oh! My towel!” But it was a half hearted protest, and as his arms encircled her nakedness and his hands moved to stroke her bottom, she found herself breathless with excitement. She giggled nervously. “Oh dear.”

“You look so much better without it,” he said, deftly kicking it to one side.

And then, somehow, they ended up on the floor, lying on the new rug in front of the fire. June lay on her back, and Alex leaned over her, drinking in the sight of her body. He explored this new territory slowly and deliberately, savouring each wonderful moment of discovery. He ran his fingers through the tangle of her long damp hair, marvelling at the texture and the way it formed glorious curls as it dried. He traced a fingertip along the contours of her jawline, pausing to dip his head and kiss that special place at the base of her throat. She liked that. She purred, her hands moving down his back, tugging at his sweater. He obligingly reached and pulled it off, along with the shirt underneath it. June reached to touch the expanse of his chest, marvelling at his hardness and the feel of his skin. She inhaled the male scent of him as though it were an aphrodisiac. He in turn appraised her. She was all woman, full breasts tipped with pink nipples, a waist which invited a hand to travel down below it to caress the curve of her full hips, down past the slightly rounded tummy to the triangle of riotous golden curls beneath. She was a golden treasure trove and he plundered her.

June felt dizzy with desire. She had not felt like this in any of her previous relationships. Her thighs parted involuntarily and she mewled as his fingers stroked her lips, then probed deeper, entering her. She was so wet and ready for him, and squirmed wantonly beneath him, gasping as he used his lubricated finger to encircle her clit. Her body took over, her hips rocking as she thrust eagerly against him. And still his finger worked her clit, teasing and rubbing, gradually applying a little more pressure in exactly the right spot. She trembled and closed her eyes, letting the sensations wash over her.

“Look at me, June.”

Panting, she obeyed his command. His eyes fixed on her as he continued, driving her wild, driving her over the edge of reason. He wanted to watch her expression as she bucked beneath him, riding the crest as the orgasm hit. He wasn't disappointed, and as she writhed, her whole body a mass of beautiful shuddering sensations, he lowered his mouth to hers once again in a deep kiss.

Time stilled. Eventually, June smiled in a haze of post-orgasmic bliss and stared at her new lover with wonder in her eyes. “Alex,” was all she could say. “Alex.”

“Good, huh?” His blue eyes twinkled.

“Good doesn't begin to describe it. Oh man – that was something else. Is the roof still on after that explosion?”

“Just.” He grinned at her and she tentatively reached to stroke the huge bulge of his cock that was threatening to burst the seams of his trousers. “Mmmn,” he murmured. “Nice. But that can wait. We have another little matter to attend to.”

“Yeah? What might that be?”

“I'm going to give you a spanked bottom.”

Her eyes opened wide in mock outrage. “Oh you are, are you?”

“I am. Because you want me to.” It was a statement not a question. He studied her face. “And because, before we embark on the best relationship of your life, I want you to know that I'll love and cherish you, but I'll also warm that delicious bottom of yours when you need a little reminder of how to behave – and I'll also spank you just for fun. Like now. Turn over. I want you on your hands and knees.”

June blinked. She loved the way he looked at her, the way he spoke … she found herself desperately wanting to please him, wanting to obey his every command. And she also wanted a spanking. Not from Geoffrey or anyone else, but from Alex. So she gave him a coquettish smile and flipped over, raising herself on hands and knees.

“Arch your back. More. Stick that bottom out for me, girl.”

“Yes,” she whispered.

“Yes Sir,” he corrected.

“Yes Sir,” she repeated. It seemed appropriate somehow. It thrilled her to address him that way. June felt her pussy start to stir again. She was turned on by his words and the thought of what was to come. She felt his hands on her thighs.

“Legs apart.”

She blushed, but complied readily.

“Wider.” He smiled, trailing a finger over her glistening lips.

June gulped, knowing she was displaying all her secrets. She exhaled slowly, knowing that she wanted to, and arched her back more so that her buttocks were thrust up for attention, her dripping sex gaping.

“That little spanking in the kitchen round at your dad's – that was nothing. That was a tiny taster of what a real spanking can be like. This will be erotic beyond your wildest dreams and afterwards ...” He deliberately let his words trail off.

“And afterwards?” She was desperate to know what came afterwards.

“Afterwards, my sweet, if you want me to, I'll fuck you so hard you'll scream with pleasure until you're hoarse.”
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