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Jan 30, 2014

Cover Reveal - Girls’ Night Out by Susan Arden

Cover & Excerpt Reveal

Girls’ Night Out by Susan Arden
Bad Boys Book Four

When Dallas Devils tight end, Brett Gold's fiancée left him a year ago, he swore off getting involved with spoiled little rich girls. Brett became the ultimate bad boy on and off the field rather than deal with his personal life shot to hell.

Only a fool would tangle with the little sister of the McLemore brothers. So far all men with a lick of sense have left Cory McLemore alone. But now Cory is back from college and ready to party. This cowgirl crafts the perfect getaway to Dallas for a girls' night out never suspecting the man she bumped into at the airport is about to become the missing link in her quest for a wild adventure. Cory quickly learns Brett is harder to walk away from a second time when she discovers the man beneath the bad boy persona is far different than she ever suspected. (continued...)

Excerpt & More

(...continued) One night with Cory has Brett scrambling. This NFL baller meets up with her family and it'll take more than fast hands and fancy footwork to score points with the hardcore McLemore men. With seconds left on the clock, Brett isn't about to let his Texas wildcat get away, not when she feels so damn good in his arms, against his body, and in his bed.

Evermore Ranch cuties and a whole lot of hawt McLemore men are rounded up for this installment of the Bad Boys series.

Genre: Erotic Western Romance
Content/Theme(s): Sports, Football, Contemporary
Release Date: January 2014
Publisher: Silver Sprocket Publishing


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The bachelorette party reconvened on the dance floor. Bodies in motion, it was a sea of people, and Cory felt free to go to town.

“Here.” Gillian shoved a shot glass in her hand. “It looks like you need liquid courage. I can’t, but you can drink for both of us.”

“Looks dangerous,” Cory said, unable to tell what was in the glass. With the colored lights, it looked like layers of red and orange and clear liquid. She didn’t think too hard and downed the drink. “What was that?” she croaked. If Gillian said it was kerosene-laced she’d not argue.

The strobe light flashed blinding glare alternated with moments of darkness. Cory closed her eyes, and the image of Brett filled her. She danced, refusing to care how she looked. All she knew was that this was the first real college break she’d been on and it felt fan-freaking-tastic. The music ripped a hole in her and she moved, letting go of all boundaries.

Hair whipping, body crushed by other bodies, her feet moving to the music, and then, she felt him. Not touching her. It was some force field he exerted on her. Her skin tightened. She opened her eyes, looked up and met fire. Emerald flames licked down her body, setting off a chain reaction within her alcohol-soaked mind. Something deep inside her belly burst free.

“I couldn’t wait. I’m here for my dance.” Brett didn’t wait for her answer. He reached out and pulled her to him. “You look amazing. You’re an incredible dancer.”

She gave in and didn’t fight. Staring upward, she lightly traced fingers over his chiseled jaw and cheeks. His mouth had her attention and all she could think about was kissing him. Oh Dallas! One night to be free.

“I wish…” She stopped, aghast. She’d almost said the words out loud.

“What do you wish?” Brett whispered against her ear, his lips ghosting over her jaw.

Cory reached out and pulled him by the lapels of his jacket closer, making them go from polite dance distance to up close and dirty-personal.

“That you’d kiss me,” she said, staring up him, her heart ready to burst out of her chest.

He smiled, a type she’d not seen on him yet, and thank God for that. Whoa! He had a pair of killer dimples that reached inside her, down deep, and poured more fuel on the smolder he’d already awakened. The flames shot upward, blasting open her desire for hot, crazy, and now.

“Come here,” he said, without shouting, mouthing really, and their powerful attraction came alive. The two words tore through her.

Brett lowered his head, brushing his mouth over her cheek. Every cell in her body responded as though he had a secret weapon that delivered a potent dose of sex appeal and whispered about a dangerous arsenal of provocative moves. A primal chain reaction melted her from the inside out. Watch out!

In his arms, she stood hip-to-hip and he shifted, pressing his erection against her belly. His hardness only made her own ache stronger. Her untamed need for him boiled her into the realm of reckless. She had to feel more of him. Utter madness. She consciously ignored the warning bells going off inside her and ground against him. The feel of him, rigid and ready, buzzed across her nerve endings with a wildfire lust gone out of control. Ironically, steam began to rise up from the floor and she laughed, squeezing his arms under her fingertips.

“So perfect,” she whispered of the moist mists, erotic and the perfect hideout. His erection pushed into her but not enough to assuage her need of him. Reaching down between them, she ran her hand along the length his hard cock, straining inside his pants.

“Sweetheart.” Hissing, he closed his eyes, blocking out his feral expression. He arched against her palm, growing harder. When he opened his eyes, he pulled her against him, reaching down to the edge of her dress. “You’re a minx. So damn wild.”

Was she wild? She’d been many things in her life. Spoiled. Pampered. Sheltered. But definitely not wild. The way he said it made her want to be wild with him, and then some. “You’re the one who’s wild.”

He laughed and moved as if to kiss her, his mouth landing at the corner of her lips. His sandpaper cheek scratched against her face, inflaming her need to taste him. She clung to him to keep from stumbling.

“Please. I’m so close,” she murmured, her thoughts infiltrated by a searing haze.

He pressed into her, his hand held her steady against him. “Then let go. I’ll catch you.”
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