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Aug 20, 2013

Cover Reveal - Toeing the Line by Allyson Lindt

Cover & Excerpt Reveal

Toeing the Line by Allyson Lindt
Bits & Bytes Book Two

Toeing the LineRiley tends to fall hard and fast for the guys she dates, and it never ends with the wedding bells she expects. Tired of the heartbreak and unsure if she even knows what love is, she swears off unreliable things like dating and trying to find that elusive happily-ever-after spark. Focusing on her art seems like the perfect distraction, except she’s missing the physical side of being half a couple. Fortunately, her best friend, Zane, is happy to model for her drawings and tie her up in the bedroom, with no expectations. Just fun.

Zane’s granddad raised him with the belief that people who bring joy to the world should be protected at all costs. For Zane, his best friend Riley is one of those people, and he definitely doesn't mind when making her happy involves helping her pursue her creative dream and some sport sex with a hint of kink. They can have fun, and he can keep her from falling for the next idiot who comes along while she searches for her Prince Charming.

Regardless of her resolution, as things heat up between them, Riley finds herself falling again. She needs to decide if she’s in love with the idea of being in love, or if—despite Zane’s insistence that she deserves someone better—what she feels for him is the real thing. If she can’t learn to trust her heart and convince Zane he’s exactly what she needs, it will obliterate a lifelong friendship.

Note: This was originally published in August 2013 by Liquid Silver Books.

Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: January 22, 2016
Publisher: Acelette Press

Excerpt & More

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Zane tugged her fingers, drawing her attention up. “It doesn’t mean the two of you belong together. Do you love him?” he asked again.

No. She just had to say no. Except it wasn’t like she knew what love really was. What if she had loved him and was just too dense to recognize it? “You’re the only other guy I’ve ever met who’s that kind and sweet and fun. Okay, you’re a billion times more those things, but you’re also not the one who proposed.”

His pale eyes raked over her face, hurt and curiosity dancing in his thoughtful look. “You keep ignoring my question. Do you love him? Or, if you prefer, if those are your only qualifiers for what makes marriage material, and supposedly I have them in spades, would you say yes just because I asked?”

Her breath caught, and her pulse increased. Would she? The thought of Zane down on one knee or, even better, of spending the rest of her life with him made her heart hammer. She studied his face. No. Things like engagements and marriages ruined friendships. He meant too much to her to even consider it. “No, I don’t love him.” She couldn’t bring herself to answer his other question.

Something unreadable crossed his face and then vanished. “So you made the right choice.” His thumb stroked her knuckles.

She smiled, the simple reassurance not chasing away all her doubt but making it easier to believe she’d been right to walk away.

“You didn’t answer my other question.” He smirked and slid from his seat. Coming around to her side of the bench, he dropped to one knee next to her and took her hand in his again.

Her pulse screamed into turbo. What is he doing? He’s teasing me, right? Blood rushed in her ears, making it hard to hear. They’d been catching up for all of half an hour, and he was talking about love and marriage?

“Riley Ann Carter.” He locked his gaze on hers. “We’ve known each other forever.”

Oh jeez, he is really doing this. Panic and hope churned in her gut, making her regret the extra shot of espresso.

“You’re the sexiest, most intelligent woman I’ve ever met.” He licked his lips.

Riley’s heart stopped. He’d twitched. The corner of his mouth had pulled up for the briefest moment.

He continued. “With your sister being a close second.”

Her stomach plummeted, relief and disappointment warring for attention. He was yanking her chain. Trying to distract her.

“Would you”—his serious expression faltered again—“and she make out while I watch?”

Was that really relief flooding her or just the tiniest bit of hurt and disappointment? She exhaled, pursed her lips, and then smacked him on the arm. “You’re an ass.”
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  1. Lovely post, Allyson. I think these characters are great. Its a cracking read.


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