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Aug 21, 2013

Cover Reveal - Midnight Caller by Haley Whitehall

Cover & Excerpt Reveal

Midnight Caller by Haley Whitehall
Moonlight Romance Book One

When Emma Bennett’s husband dies in a carriage accident in 1865, she is released from her loveless, controlling marriage. Now she has a chance to find happiness and raise a family. But before she begins courting again she wants to experience her freedom. At the advice of the leading socialite in town, she takes a black lover to fulfill her sexual needs. His raw, masculine power awakens feelings she didn’t know existed. After the first touch she craves more.

Frederick works as a roustabout by day and moonlights as a prostitute. He knows better than to fall in love with his white client, but Emma enchants him the first time he calls on her. To keep them both safe, he works hard to put up barriers. Unfortunately, he can’t protect Emma from the slimy Mr. Hawthorne, who wants her as his bride. Frederick vows to keep her safe even if his forbidden love costs him his life.

Genre: Historical Romance
Release Date: August 12, 2013
Liquid Silver Books
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“Yes,” she said. “I’m ready.”

Her neglected body betrayed her desire to savor the moment. In only a couple thrusts she entered ecstasy. Her channel gripped onto him as if she didn’t want to let him go. And she didn’t. She couldn’t. Her body was on fire, her blood pounding and she felt as if she were flying apart in different directions. He filled her…he held her. She had never felt so alive, so cared for, so contented in her life.

She rode her climax, his arms wrapped around her. She felt like she was flying and she never wanted to touch the ground. He could carry her across the entire South. The aftershocks ended too soon, despite Frederick’s best efforts to prolong her pleasure. When she softened into his embrace, he ceased his movements.

She gave him a questioning look. Didn’t he need a release? “Why did you stop?” she panted, trying to regulate her breathing.

“I am here to service you, my lady. Not myself.” He eased her back on to the mattress and again supported himself with his rippled arms.

Emma frowned. There it was again. Another reminder she was just a client. One of the many women he had slept with. She pushed the thought to the back of her mind. She was going to enjoy the rest of the evening.

“Then,” she said, running her fingers through his hair, “I want you to continue. I want to watch your pleasure.”
Purchase links:   Liquid Silver Books    Amazon    ARe    Kobo

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Be on the lookout for Haley Whitehall's next book, Midnight Heat, coming late 2013/early 2014

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  1. I love the ammount of research that has gone into the creation of this book. Good luck with this project Haley. I wish you every success.


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