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May 4, 2013

Cover Reveal - Spell Bound by Emma Weylin

Cover & Excerpt Reveal

Spell Bound by Emma Weylin

Love Cursed Book One

Clover has a peculiar effect on men—they turn into homicidal lunatics. She decides to swear off men and gives up her dream of the perfect boring suburban life. She hadn’t counted on finding a very large, very yummy Viking in her favorite part of the library courtyard. Clover finds she has to trust this Viking, because she’s in danger from gangsters hunting her to collect on her brother’s debts.

Rune is a thousand-year-old Viking trying to escape from a curse. He must fall in love with the woman the gods choose for him or suffer eternity in Norse Hel. Nine times he’s tried and nine times he’s failed. This is his last attempt. Resigned to his doom, he vows to save Clover from the gods’ petty games before his death. As the last round of the gods’ game begins, Rune discovers there are worse things than losing his soul.

Genre: Paranormal Fantasy Romance
Release Date: April 29, 2013
Liquid Silver Books

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Clover knew it. He was going to butcher her, and it wasn’t even going to be his fault. “Oh, no reason. I, um, I think I’ll just be going. My, ah, well, I think I should be…” She turned to hurry away from him when her phone rang. She should ignore it while she got away from this soon-to-be lunatic, but it could be Chaz, and he’d sounded frantic when he called her after breakfast almost seven hours ago. She stopped and acted as if by glaring at the delicious-looking Rune she’d be able to hold him off as she fished through her purse. She looked at the caller ID and ground her teeth together.

“Not now, Chaz,” she said in greeting. “I have a bit of a situation I’m dealing with.”

“Shit, Clover!”

“Don’t use that language,” she scolded him. “What’s wrong?”

“I’m sorry. They weren’t supposed to get you until after your shift.”

He did sound sorry, but the statement had the hairs on the back of her neck tingling. She stepped closer to Rune and looked around the courtyard. There wasn’t anyone she could see who wasn’t usually there on a warm-ish day.

“Who is coming to get me?” she demanded.

“Oh fuck,” Chaz mumbled under his breath. “Just go back to what you were doing like I never called you.”

“Chaz!” she screeched into the cell phone before the call disconnected.

She hadn’t realized it, but she’d steadily inched closer to Rune during the disturbing call. Great! Thugs were coming to get her to pay off Chaz’s gambling debt. She looked up at Rune. “They probably know where I live, huh?”

His expression was grim. “They do.”

At this point she was willing to believe Gypsy knew this guy. Gypsy wouldn’t put her into a dangerous situation. She’d said to believe in magic, and right now, Clover was going to need magic to get out of some scary real-world trouble. “No sexual thoughts. It should keep you from going insane a while longer while I figure out what I am supposed to do.”

He snorted, and an amused look lit his face. “In that get-up, søt en, you’ll have a difficult time getting a sex-deprived teenager to have a sexual thought about you.”

She beamed at him. “Then it’s working?”

“No,” he said with a laugh.

She glared at him, knew she was going to have to count spending time with him as a date. “Okay, then we have twenty-four hours max to find me a safe place and…” She blinked a few times and realized she was playing the stupid damsel-in-distress card. She in no way should expect him to protect her for any reason just because she was in trouble. She changed what she’d been about to say. “You know what? I figured it out. You die because you help me escape the thugs looking for money from my brother. You stay here and I’ll leave, and then I won’t have to worry about you dying.” She nodded to herself and then bolted back to the building.

He caught up to her as they got to the door. One of his powerful arms hooked around her, and the side of his face pressed up against hers. “Oh no, you don’t.” His voice was gruff in her ear. “We’re going to pretend like there isn’t anything wrong. We’re going to exit through the main entrance and go to your car. Understand?”

She let out a whimpering sound as she tried to decide what she was going to do. Would it be her fault if something happened to him for helping her? Then she saw Mona staring at her from the front desk. This wasn’t going well at all. “My boss is going to think you’re kidnapping me.”

He pressed the side of her face to shift her focus from the front desk to the middle computer tables. A dangerous-looking man stood to the right of the science fiction section, just beyond the computer tables. He was tall, bulky, and wore a suit. He had a bulge… She hoped it was a gun, or the man was seriously deformed.

She sucked in a breath and then whispered, “He’s here for me?”

“That would be my guess.”

“But Chaz said they wouldn’t come for me until after my shift.” She knew Chaz had called her to see if they’d snatched her yet, but she really wanted to believe her younger brother hadn’t sold her to pay for a gambling debt.

“Then he was wrong. We’re leaving now.”

The gaze of the scary man in the suit landed on her. His hand went to his weapon, and he took a step forward. His gaze shifted to just above Clover’s head, and then he audibly swore.

“Time to go.” Rune growled the words. He shifted the hold he had on her and moved her, so he was standing between her and the man with a gun. “We’re going to walk.”

Clover made a small squeaking sound. They started moving. Mona grabbed the desk phone. The man in the suit followed them at a brisk pace.

“Where are you parked?” Rune demanded.

“Th-third row, seventh car in,” she said trying to picture exactly where her car was in the lot. She wasn’t going to freak out—at least not yet. She could cry and be scared later; right now she needed to focus on not getting anyone—including herself—killed.

“Get your keys.” One of his large hands wrapped around her upper arm in an unbreakable grip yet didn’t cause any pain.

She groped and felt around inside her purse as they got closer to the door. It took up to two minutes to find her keys on a good day. The task seemed impossible, except she didn’t have to worry about where she was going or not running into things. Rune carefully, but quickly, directed her through the door and out into the parking lot. She found her keys as they went from the sidewalk to the asphalt. The door behind them burst open.

Rune grabbed her keys and shoved her in front of him, to keep between the thug and Clover. “Keep moving no matter what you hear.”

“What are you—” Clover finished in a scream as two gunshots cracked through the air. Rune’s body jerked forward, and then wrapped tightly around hers for ten seconds after the last booming sound faded before he let her go.

Rune roared. “Move!”
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