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May 5, 2013

Cover Reveal - The Princes Wanted by Robin Danner

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The Princes Wanted by Robin Danner

The Princes Book Four

The Duke of Aronia has it all—good looks, admiration, and the love of his royal family. The one thing he no longer has is a signet ring given to him by his beloved grandfather. To find his ring, Niall is prepared to do whatever it takes.

Wren Mosley has lost everything—her parents, her husband, even her home. She resorts to robbery to protect those she loves. On a snowy night, she encounters the duke and steals his ring. Little does she know agreeing to help him recover it will take them both on a journey into danger and love.

Genre: Historical Romance
Release Date: May 5, 2013
Liquid Silver Books

Trailer, Excerpt & More

Wren glanced out the window at the pitch black night. The wind continued to howl with the fury of the blizzard. The cottage’s roof creaked with the weight of the snow. It was well after midnight, yet she couldn’t sleep.

Niall had wanted to leave immediately for Aron. She’d finally convinced him it would be best to wait for morning. The snow hadn’t abated for several hours, and it would be foolhardy to attempt to travel in such bad weather.

“Has it stopped yet?”

His voice startled her, and she turned away from the window. He lay near the fire, the reflection of the flames dancing over his golden hair. He’d been so silent for the past couple of hours she’d believed he’d fallen asleep.

“It seems to be slowing.” She headed back for the fire and sank onto the pallet opposite him. “Can you not sleep?”

He shook his head. “No.”

She knew worry for his sister kept him awake. She was concerned as well. If what Niall believed was true and Charity was harmed, she would feel dreadful for the small part she’d played in Gerrick’s ruse.

“Why do you do it?” Niall’s direct gaze captured her as he lifted his head. “Why do you rob carriages? Is it for the money?”

Wren twisted her fingers together in her lap. She wanted so badly to tell him, to not let him think the worst of her, but she couldn’t. “Yes.”

That part was true at least. She did do it for the money.

Niall snorted with condemnation. “I suppose I can’t blame you. Your husband left you in a despicable position.”

Wren felt as if he’d slapped her. “He did not!”

Niall lifted a blond brow in question. “Oh, didn’t he? Why did he not make provisions for you in case of his death?”

Anger pulsed heavy and thick in her veins. “Loren was a young man. He didn’t expect to die.”

“Then he was a fool.” Niall gave her one last lingering look and then turned back to gaze at the fire.

Wren curled her fingers into fists. She wanted to hit him for the horrible things he’d said. Loren couldn’t have known she would be left penniless. How could anyone have suspected he would be struck down in the prime of his youth? She hated Niall for even thinking such evil thoughts of her husband. Even worse, she hated him for putting the idea in her mind.

Why did Loren not make sure she was protected?

She shook off the disloyal thought and focused on the man before her. The firelight illuminated his strong features, the proud noble brow, the straight nose, and entirely too kissable lips.

She hadn’t noticed before, but there was the tiniest hint of a cleft in his chin. Light stubble shaded his jaw. She wondered what he would look like with a beard. It wasn’t a hard stretch to envision him as a Nordic warrior of old with his tall, broad frame and blond coloring.

The heat from the fire warmed her face while her body tingled with thoughts of what it would be like to lay with Niall. She wanted to be wrapped in his strong arms again and feel the wondrous sensations his kisses evoked. She yearned to peel back his clothing and discover the firm muscles beneath.

She lifted a hand to her mouth and nibbled on the nail of her middle finger. He was temptation to sin, and she wasn’t sure if she was strong enough to resist.

She didn’t know why she felt she had to, but she blurted out a truth to him. “I loved my husband.”

Niall’s gaze flickered back to her. He didn’t move his head, but the sincerity in his eyes was enough to prove he meant his words. “I know you did. I’m sorry for your loss. You’re too young to be a widow.”

Wren thought of Molly and was touched by sadness. “Age doesn’t matter. You’re never quite prepared for it.”

Niall turned his head then, and she was faced with the full view of his handsome visage. Sorrow tinged his words. “I suppose you’re right. My mother is clinging to my father as if her embrace alone will bring him back. But it won’t.” His shoulders lifted and fell in a heavy sigh. “My father isn’t going to recover.”

Wren was touched by the small part of his life he shared with her. A few feet of distance separated them. She crawled over to touch his shoulder. “It’s not easy to lose your parents either.”

A questioned brewed in his eyes. “Was it the—”

Wren cut him off. “Yes, the rebels. And no, I don’t want to talk about it.”

Niall briefly closed his eyes. When he reopened them, the flames before them were no match for the fire burning in his gaze. “I wanted to aid in the fight, but my father was too sick and needed me with him. The tales came to me of the rebellion and fueled a rage in me like no other. I should’ve gone to Talin and offered to fight with him.”

Beneath her hand, the muscles of his shoulder bunched as he lifted his upper body and turned onto his side to face her. Wren’s hand fell away, but she stayed at his side. Her face twisted into a severe frown. “It wasn’t your fight. Don’t blame yourself. It is no one’s fault but the rebels themselves.”

“My fierce Wren.” Niall lifted his hand and caressed her cheek. He slipped past her ear, and he threaded his fingers in her curls. “You would’ve made a formidable soldier.”

Her frown faded and was soon replaced by a smile. “Like Queen Nadia?”

“Exactly like her,” Niall murmured. His long fingers plied her curls and massaged her scalp in a soothing motion. “You have her strength.”

Wren was pleased by his praise. “If I hadn’t met Loren when I was a young girl, I may have joined the Noventian army. Father needed Wilhem’s help at Locke Manor, so he couldn’t join either. My brother and I trained by ourselves at home.”

“That doesn’t surprise me.” Niall’s voice was low, little more than a whisper. “You’re an astonishing woman.”

She arched into his caress, loving the feel of his hands upon her. “Despite being a thief?”

His hands stilled, and she wished she could take back the words. She risked a glance at his face. He was still intently watching her. No judgment was visible, only a curious expression that left her weak with wanting.

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