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Mar 9, 2017

Light Up the Night by Laura Trentham

Light Up the Night
Light Up the Night
by Laura Trentham
Cottonbloom Book 3.75

When a police chief who craves stability meets a free-thinking, colorful college professor, neither anticipate the fireworks that light up the night…

After a mugging in grad school left her with an irrational fear of the night not even her PhD in psychology has helped overcome, Sadie Wren is sure she’s found an idyllic, safe place in Cottonbloom. When a break-in at her house shatters her sense of safety, gruff, protective Thaddeus Preston storms into her life. On the surface, they have little in common, but a loneliness she’s only too familiar with hides behind his infrequent smiles. But based on her knowledge of the human psyche, Sadie is convinced her infatuation with Thad will burn out as quickly as it flared.

As the Chief of Police of Cottonbloom, Mississippi, Thaddeus Preston maintains a strict control on everything in the small town—himself included. With an older brother serving time for a crime Thad committed when he was just a kid, he lives a life of penance, not allowing anyone to get close. When a reported lurker turns into a real threat, Thad is determined to restore order as quickly as possible and get back to his virtual jail.

But Thad’s brother gets out on probation just as Sadie and the town turns to him for protection. His tidy, barren life spins into chaos, and the only thing that makes sense is the one woman who shouldn’t.

Genre: Contemporary Romance
Content/Theme(s): Police Chief, Professor, Humor, Small Town
Release Date: March 7, 2017
Publisher: Indie

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“I guess in your line of work you see some pretty messed-up stuff," Sadie said.

“Sometimes, but Cottonbloom is a nice town. Safe. I know you don’t believe that right now, but I promise you, I’m going to catch this guy.” Determination hardened his voice. Thaddeus Preston was a man who kept his promises.

“I know you will,” she said softly.

He got them moving down the street, all the while keeping his gaze sharp and moving. She kept her eyes on his profile, but his expression didn’t signal that he noticed anything. Once they hit the main road, he picked up speed, and her back rounded to fit the leather seat.

“Look, you have two choices here. I can drop you at a hotel, or you can crash at my place.” He didn’t so much as glance in her direction.

Was it weird that the chief of police had invited her to sleep at his place? It seemed weird, but Cottonbloom was a small, generally friendly town. Maybe he did this sort of thing all the time. What was even weirder was that she was totally good with the offer. Being alone in a hotel room was more appealing than her house right now, but knowing Thaddeus Preston was a holler away trumped both.

“I’d love to go home with you.” She mentally cursed the eager beaverness of her voice.

His gaze darted to her and back to the road. Was she imagining his mild alarm? “I have a spare bedroom. I didn’t mean—”

“Spare room. Couch. Floor. I’ll be grateful for whatever.” She looked out the window to hide her own embarrassment.

They were on a road she’d never ventured down in her explorations. The darkness was cut only by the truck’s headlights and the rising moon. Pine trees rose on either side of the road, no houses in sight.

He slowed, but it wasn’t until they were almost upon it that she noticed the track between the trees. It was graveled and narrow but well maintained. The trees whipped past in a blur as he took the drive fast. Around a curve, the dark bulk of a house stood on a slight rise against the backdrop of trees.

He pulled to a stop out front and hopped out. Gathering her courage, she opened the door but hesitated with her foot on the running board. Then he was there, and she allowed him to tug her off. He tried to let go, but she clutched his hand, big and solid and comforting.
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