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Feb 20, 2017

Bound Forever by Jenna Fox

Bound Forever
Bound Forever
by Jenna Fox
Pleasing the Manwhore Book Two

His rules were simple, and my heart was supposed to be safe after the orgasms were over and the blinds had been raised.

I was wrong.

Running away was supposed to make this indescribable pain go away. Wrong again.

Starting my life over in a different place was supposed to make me forget him, but the hold the billionaire had on me was inescapable.

Insidious… All consuming…

Sullivan Cooper was a master, seducing his way into my heart and mind, binding me to him forever.

No, it wasn’t enough that he had to break me and take all I had…

He came back for more.

Note: This is not a standalone series. You need to read book one first.
Content Warning: This story contains a younger woman involved with a much older, jealous, and controlling man. Elements of stalking and submission/domination.

Genre: Erotic Contemporary Romance
Content/Theme(s): BDSM, D/s, Spanking, Domestic Discipline
Release Date: February 14, 2017
Publisher: Fiction Vixen Publications

Excerpt & More

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The sight before me just set my insides on fire. Had he ever looked so sexy? His chin was shadowed with the firstlings of a beard and his thick hair was pulled back in a short ponytail. His shirt was open, tie dangling at both sides of his collar. His slanted smile was sheer perfection, exuding the confidence of a man who knew exactly what he wanted and wouldn’t have to chase me to get it.

Sullivan’s eyes were pinned on me. “Watching you sleep could be my favorite pastime, but honestly Miss Watkins, I’d rather be in that bed fucking you.”

With my heart thumping at a crazy speed, I brushed the wrinkles in my skirt. “How did you get in here?”

His lips curled in satisfaction, leaving me to make my own assumptions.

Trying to project the impression of unconcern, I tossed him a dare. “You know, if I screamed loud enough, my neighbors would come running”.

“Oh, you’re definitely going to scream, Taffeta.”

His deep sexy laugh nearly robbed me of rational thought. Praying for strength in my legs, I released a pent up breath as he got up and came toward me. “Did you take care of your friend last night? I certainly hope he’s in no pain,” Sullivan said without a hint of sympathy.

“Why did you come here? To tear me down again? To make me wish like hell I’d never looked into your eyes?”

His lips formed a crooked smile. “I’m here to take back what belongs to me.”

He might’ve been the sexiest man on the planet but I wasn’t going to listen to his “you belong to me” nonsense. “I was never yours,” I corrected, holding on to my pain. “You made that clear back in Galveston. You made me hurt, and you made me suffer.”

“I was a damn fool to let you walk out of my life.” He looked me up and down, the desire in his eyes flowing over me as he completed the two steps to close the distance between us. “If I had the courage, I’d tell you to ask me to leave if you didn’t want me here. But I’m afraid I can’t do that, Taffeta.”

The breath froze in my chest as he captured my face in his hands. “And why not? You have the courage to break into my condo and do anything else you want to do.”

“Do you know what I really want, Taffeta? I want to give you what you need. I want to right my terrible wrong. And we’re going to rekindle what we had.”

“What we had was sex,” I whispered shakily. “Your words… not mine.”

Without a reply to my statement, he held my gaze as he shook off his coat, hands moving to the tie, the cummerbund, the pants until each article of clothing was piled on the floor. I never forgot how gorgeous he was nude. My thighs moistened from my arousal as his hand cupped his balls and stroked his beautiful cock from base to tip. As he walked toward the window, the soft light shining through the glass cast a golden hue on the salt and pepper in his temples, bringing out the blue-green in his eyes.

The room darkened as he pulled the blinds. “I’ve been thinking about doing this for a long time. Now, take off the dress, Taffeta.”

“Y-You can’t just pop up here and order me naked. It won’t work.”

Oh shit, but it would work—it was going to work like a freaking charm. Sullivan Cooper could do whatever the heck he wanted, especially to me. I was humoring myself, pretending as if the time we’d been apart made me tough and uncaring. I wanted him to think I had moved on and was long over him, but I was weak and helplessly addicted. Lord help me, Sullivan was my drug and I hadn’t had a fix in almost a year.

My knees wobbled and the blood pounded through my veins as he stalked over to me with those eyes swirling in a tornado of emotions, ripping into my soul.

If he touched me, it was over.

“Are you saying you don’t care anymore, Bound Forever, because I know better.” He backed me up against the wall. “I was a fucking fool to let you go, but I’ve made some big changes. You see, it’s me that can’t live without you.”

Any words I planned to say took flight and I wondered why the hell I ran away in the first place. He pulled the zipper on my dress, the chiffon pooling around my ankles before I felt the rest of the silk slide down my body.

“That fire we built… it can’t be put out. I’m going to have you again, right here in this very bedroom.” The statement ripped from his mouth as his hand did the same to my thong. “I’m going to be buried so deeply inside you that you won’t be able to think. And I’m going to make damn sure you scream so those neighbors will know you’re mine too.”

Turning me toward the wall, he unfastened the pearls from my neck. I shivered as he brought my arms behind me and wrapped the jeweled strand around my wrists, holding them together.

“I know what makes you tick. To be bound by me, anticipating my pain. No one else’s.”

I fought for breath as a scrap of silk covered my eyes. His flesh pressed against my back, his voice rolled over my ear. “Taking your sight will make this even better, little girl. It will heighten the sensations. I want you to feel. Just. Feel.”

With the black silk veiling my eyes, I heard the mattress groan as he sat and pulled me onto his lap, positioning my knees on each side of his hips. His breath coasted against my chest.

Warm, moist lips encased my nipples, bringing heat to the surface with hard suction. I’ve always loved his mouth on my breasts and the keen nipping of teeth was close to painful, yet I could have taken more.

“Mmmm... feel the sweet pain. I know you missed it as much as I missed giving it to you.”

My groan turned into a gasp as his fiery hand came down on my ass. He pushed a finger inside me, his other hand gathering my hair in his fist. In my mind flashed the image I once printed from the computer. The woman bound in ropes, her hair being pulled by a large hand.

He tugged the ponytail he’d made, forcing my head back, chin up. “I found the picture, Taffeta. You like it rough don’t you, baby?”

“More, yes,” I breathed.

“I’ll give it to you rough, and I’m going to make you come all over me.” My scalp burned as he pulled again and fire bit into my skin from the smack of his hand against my ass. My flesh quaked from the hard caress, shivers covering my neck as his lips grazed the tender skin beneath my ear. “This is where you belong,” he declared.
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