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Jan 4, 2017

The Second Time Around by Amanda Jayde

The Second Time Around
The Second Time Around
by Amanda Jayde

Chayton "Falcon" Baker thought his life was settled. Leaving the reservation, he was finally going to establish himself to everyone back home. He would show them that he was just as worthy of certain rewards as anyone and he would prove it to her, even if she’d never know. His newest event, a benefit for the widows and children of fallen heroes, had all the makings of a success. If he could get it off the ground without a hitch.

He was right on track. Then she showed up and turned his life upside down.

Jasmine was happy with how her life had turned out. Sure, she had no steady boyfriend, hadn't had one in months, but she wasn't worried. After all, she still had her fantasy life. So what if her most erotic dreams featured a man she hadn't laid eyes on in five years?

But now, her best friend has asked her to make the ultimate sacrifice. Go back to the resort where she'd found and lost Falcon. Telling herself that she had nothing to worry about, after all, he had probably moved on. She could go, purge her demons and finally, finally put him and the memories they'd made behind her.

She was wrong.

Coming face to face with the one man who had the ability to make her body hum, the man she'd nearly given her heart to, would she be able to walk away so easily again?

Genre: Contemporary Romance
Content/Theme(s): Native American, Multicultural, Second Chance, Erotic
Release Date: December 28, 2016
Publisher: Indie

Excerpt & More

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Warm hands slid up her calves and gripped her knees. The man poised above her prone body spread her long limbs apart and settled his muscular body between her thighs. The moonlight streaming through the window made his copper skin glow as if lit from within.

“Stunning,” he murmured as he clasped her hands and kept a firm hold of them on either side of her head. Soft brown eyes looked deep into hers as his long ebony hair cascaded around her face, blocking everything but the masculine features above hers. A slow, seductive smile softened his expression as he lifted his hips and slid his erection against her moist curls.

Jasmine bit her lip as she moaned; he repeated the action.


Releasing her hands he rested on his forearms. Jasmine’s palms skimmed his torso stroking the heated skin of his chest as he ran a finger down her cheek. Slowly, he lowered his head and kissed her as he slid into her inch by inch, his tongue mimicking the action of his hips trapping Jasmine’s bliss-filled moan in his mouth.

Her hands clutched his shoulders as he thrust against her, nails digging into his skin as she sighed her pleasure with each long drive. Bending his head, he took her nipple, drawing the hardened flesh into his mouth, suckling her. Jasmine moaned, arching her back and offering her body to him. With a soft growl, he reached down and clutched her hips as he rose to his knees.

“Jazzy.” He leaned down to whisper the nickname she hadn’t heard in years against the tender flesh of her ear and increased his tempo.

She writhed beneath him as his motion shortened. Her breath came in quick bursts against his neck as she raked her nails along his back, lifting her legs to his hips. He slid in deeper, touching her g-spot as his slamming thrusts brought her closer and closer to the edge. Her mouth opened, gasping for air, her body bowing. Release hers for the taking. She reached for it.

Wanting it.

Begging for it.

Then, without warning, she was awake.

Jasmine’s eyes snapped open as she screamed, not in the release her body craved, but in frustration. She caught her breath and reached over to open the drawer to her night table, intending to grab B.O.B., her trusty Battery Operated Boyfriend, to finish what her dream had promised when she heard what must have awakened her in the first place.

Her doorbell.

She closed her eyes and silently willed the person to go away, hoping if she didn’t move they wouldn’t know she was there. She held her breath and waited. She heard the sounds of late night New York traffic even from her apartment on the twelfth floor. They were sounds Jasmine usually found solace in, both familiar and soothing. Hearing it now, on the heels of her almost orgasm, just annoyed her. Her door’s buzzer sounded again; more insistent this time and she peered over at the digital clock on her nightstand.

“Three o’clock in the frickin’ morning? Someone better be dead,” she muttered as she rolled out of bed. The motion caused her to gasp as her still sensitized body blazed to life. “Oh yeah, someone is definitely going to pay.”

She hit the switch in the hallway and winced when the bright light flared on. Jasmine knew she looked like hell, but didn’t care. If you knocked on a door in the middle of the night, you shouldn’t expect Miss America to answer your summons.

The buzzer rang again. “I’m coming, dammit!” Well I’m not, but I would have if you hadn’t disturbed me, so this better be damn important, she thought to herself and felt her annoyance grow. It had been almost a year since she’d had a real lover, and she relished any opportunity she had to get herself off, no matter how she did it. For the last two weeks, her mind was craving what her body couldn’t seem to deliver. She wasn’t sure if it was the fact that she was now stressing over not being able to orgasm. All she knew was that she wanted to, badly, and it wasn’t happening for her. So to come, she rolled her eyes at her own pun, this close grated on her nerves.

At this point, she didn’t even care her if her dream lover was a man she hadn’t seen in five years. Chayton “Falcon” Baker was the only man in her life who had ever made her realize the phrase “toe-curling orgasm” could actually happen. Jasmine had been the recipient of them many, many times. She grimaced as the memories flooded her mind, then pushed the man and his abilities as a lover out of her subconscious. Right now, she didn’t want to dwell on Falcon, or why they had gone their separate ways. No, right now she vowed to kill whoever stood on the other side of the door.

Jasmine clicked open her locks and would have loved to have been able to say there was a gorgeous man standing on the other side ready to take her into his arms and make wild, passionate love to her all night. However, no man greeted her, gorgeous or otherwise. Instead, her eyes collided with the red-rimmed gaze of her best friend.

She’d met Carolina Santos eight years before. The two girls were freshman in the same college dorm, away from both home and families for the first time, and completely over their heads when it came to school and the men they dated. They’d not only supported each other through midterms and finals, but were also always there for each other through heartbreaks and crushes. They both knew they could count on the other to be there when the other needed it most. Jasmine took one look at her friend’s tear-streaked face and knew this was one of those times.

“What did he do now?” Jasmine asked as she opened the door wide to allow her friend inside her apartment.

Jasmine rolled her eyes; she’d known from the very beginning that Carolina’s boyfriend was not the man her friend thought he was. She’d tried making Lina see it, but she’d been so infatuated with the smooth talking guitar player she wouldn’t listen, so Jasmine did the only thing she could; she’d promised herself she would be there when Felix finally broke Lina’s heart. She just wished it hadn’t happened when she had to leave for work in five hours.

Knowing this could take a while, Jasmine left her friend and decided to put on a pot of strong Cuban coffee. When she returned, she found Lina had composed herself, slipped off her shoes and settled in for the telling. Lina glanced around Jasmine’s small, cluttered living room frowning.

“I can hear your interior decorator gears working. Put them on hold so we can get down to business.” Jasmine handed Lina a steaming mug, then sat across the camel colored sofa from her, “All right, so you found out he cheated and then you left your own apartment?”

Lina rolled her eyes as she cradled the mug, “I’m not an idiot, Jazz; I kicked his lying ass out first, and you really should let me fix this place up. You’ve got too much crap around here. Do you really need all these little knick-knacks?”

“I like my knick-knacks. They’re each little memories. See the little clown, that’s from my first visit to the circus. The flamingo? That is from our trip to the Keys. Oh! The little outhouse? That one you bought me because we are ‘The Shit’. Now, focus, Lina. You’re here because …?”

“Because, my friend, you’re supposed to be supportive.”

“I can be just as supportive in four or five hours.”

Lina winced, “I’m sorry, I didn’t realize what time it was, but when the idea hit I just had to come tell you in person. I couldn’t wait to see the expression on your face when I told you.”

A feeling of dread settled in the pit of Jasmine’s stomach and she placed a hand over the churning area. Carolina was her best friend and she would crawl over hot coals for her, but experience had taught her Lina’s ideas weren’t always good for her digestion, and more often than not had left her cleaning up some type of mess, both figuratively and literally.

“Don’t give me that look,” Lina said as she leaned over and slapped Jasmine’s knee. “It’s not that bad.”


Lina’s lips pursed. “The one that says, ‘Uh-oh, I wonder what kind of shit she’s going to get me into now’.”

Jasmine wiped the expression off her face and tried for a more innocent air. “I have no idea what you’re talking about.”

Lina laughed loudly. “You’re terrible. If you don’t want to know, I can just go back home.”

She grabbed Lina’s hand before she could stand up. “No, stay. I don’t know how you got here without a car in the middle of the night, but I’m not going to let you get on the subway back to your gorgeous brownstone in East Harlem. You can leave when the sun comes up.” Jasmine’s voice brooked no argument.

“You do care about me,” Lina said and batted her eyelashes.

“You know I do. Tell me, what’s this bright idea? And try to make it quick, I only have five hours before I have to leave for work.”
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