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Nov 12, 2016

The Reason for It All by Jade Cary

The Reason for It All
The Reason for It All
by Jade Cary
The Point of It All Book Three

It is Christmas Eve, and Diana Kenyon Rios is spending her first holiday without her husband, Val, who was tragically murdered six months prior. But as she prepares to receive family and friends, she learns the shocking truth that Val may be alive.

She sees the strange man in her dreams, and she feels her husband in his presence. This man is not Val—but he knows Val is alive. In the early morning hours of Christmas morning, he takes Diana away, to a small village in Sinaloa, Mexico, where Diana is reunited with a gravely injured Val Rios. The fight to save him results in another separation, and this time Diana is determined find her husband, while trying to come to grips with the anger, loss, confusion and betrayal she feels when she learns that Val faked his death.

Val Rios is on a dangerous mission, and he won’t stop until he gets the job done. Diana is determined not to let him out of her sight again, and he must push her away to keep her safe, no matter how much it hurts.

From the beaches of Zapallar, Chile and Los Angeles, California, to the remote islands off the Sea of Cortez and Nicaragua, Diana and Val race to find each other and reconcile the hurt and betrayal they both played a part in. Will they ultimately learn the reason for it all?

Genre: Contemporary Romance
Content/Theme(s): Mystery, Thriller, Suspense, Spanking, D/s
Release Date: October 20, 2016
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“You’re going home.”

“No, I am not. Get that through your addled brain, honey.”

He began to huff like a bull, so Diana went to the clear plastic box, well stocked with everything a caregiver needed, and removed Linda’s stethoscope, lest his heart stop completely.

“You are taking advantage of the fact that I cannot strong-arm you into compliance, jovencita, but rest assured I will not forget this. I will not be laid up forever.”

“Got it.”

“Your sass is duly noted.”


“I’m taking notes.”

“Uh huh. Get into bed.”

He complied, but not without a scowl and great gnashing of teeth. Diana sat on the edge of the bed and listened to his heart, then took his pulse. “Please try to breathe normally so I can get an accurate blood pressure.”

“You don’t make it easy to breathe normally, querida.”

“That’s your doing, I’m afraid.” Diana rubbed his chest in slow circles. “Come on, settle down.”

“I’m settling down. Now that I have a plan, I am quite settled.”

“Good.” She pushed his hair back off his forehead and stroked him there. “I’m furious with you.”

“I know.” For the first time since her arrival, he smiled, albeit sheepishly. “I love you.”

“I don’t believe you.”

“Hey!” Now his brows came together in one fuzzy line. She’d seen it a thousand times. “Don’t you say that to me.”

“How does a man who says he loves a woman do what you’ve done? You faked your death, Val. And then you left me on a beach in Mexico.”

“It was for your own good, Diana.”

“Keep saying it.”

“Please understand.”

“I can’t.” She stroked his cheek. “But guess what? I’ll be here, with you, until we can get out of here and go home, so you’ll have plenty of time to explain yourself and then talk me out of filing for divorce.”

“Don’t even joke about that, esposa.”

“I don’t think I’m joking.”

“You damn well better be, or I will find the strength right now to get out of this bed and give you the licking of your life.”

“Try it.”
Purchase link(s):  Blushing   Amazon   ARe   Kobo   B&N
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