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Nov 23, 2016

The Jaguar's Baby by Sophie Stern

The Jaguar's Baby
The Jaguar's Baby
by Sophie Stern
Honeypot Babies Book Two

Selena didn't expect to fall for Alex, but she did.


Now she's pregnant with his baby and everything is going to change.

Can they make it through the journey together?

Genre: Paranormal Romance
Content/Theme(s): Shifters, Cowboys, Second Chance, Friends-to-Lovers
Release Date: November 20, 2016
Publisher: Indie

Excerpt & More

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Prologue ~ Selena ~ 1 year ago

“I had a lot of fun last night,” Alex is next to me. He traces the curve of my clavicle, then moves down to my breasts.

“Did you, now?”

“I did. Do you remember?”

I was drunk. He was drunk. We were both completely drunk. That’s the way it has to be for me. I’m not ready for a commitment. I’m not looking for a relationship. I like drinking and I like simplicity.

“I remember,” I say. My voice comes out breathless. Oh, I remember. Alex was a fucking vampire and I was his willing victim.

“What do you remember?”


“Do you remember rubbing my dick in the bar?” He asks. He nibbles my ear and the memories come flooding back.


We’re sitting side-by-side laughing. We’re drinking rum and it’s late. It’s much too late to be out. It’s much too late to be having this much fun.

We should go home.

We should leave.

We should get out of here before we do something we’ll regret, only we don’t. We don’t leave. We keep drinking.

I reach for my glass and he takes the opportunity to lean in close, to whisper.

“I’m wide open,” he says.

“For what?” I sip my drink, laughing at something a girl across the table says.

“For you to rub my dick,” he raises his eyebrows, as if to see if I’ll do it, as if to see if I’ve really got what it takes.

Is this asshole really trying to dare Selena Bertrand to get crazy?

Does he really think I’m going to back down?

I reach for him and rest my hand on his knee. A shiver shoots through Alex. I see him shake, just a little, and I smirk. I’ve got this cat by the balls and I’m not about to let go. No, he wanted to play: now I’m going to play.

I run my hand up his thigh, slowly. Then I leave it there. He groans quietly, and I can tell exactly what I’m doing to him. The bulge in his jeans is growing bigger by the second, but I’m not ready to take him yet.

I’m ready to make him want this: really want it.

I’m ready to make him need this.

I say something to one of my girlfriends and everyone laughs. Alex reaches for his drink, but before he can get it, I slide my hand the rest of the way up and get his dick. I rub up and down, covering his cock with my palm, and his eyes meet mine.

There are a hundred questions in there.

There’s also unbridled lust, unhinged desire.

Slowly, I run my hand up and down his length. He’s hard: just the way I want him. I tear my eyes away from him and continue chatting with my friends, all the while touching him. He doesn’t move. He holds perfectly still, as if he’s afraid I’m going to stop, as if he’s afraid the moment could end at any time.


“I remember rubbing your dick,” I blush. “That was bad.”

“It was fucking dirty is what it was,” he bites my neck, and I close my eyes. Alex slides his tongue over my soft skin and ignites me once more. There’s a fire inside of me that only he can quench. There’s a craving that only he can satisfy.

“It was pretty naughty, wasn’t it?” I kiss him, pressing my lips to his. Alex tastes sinful. He tastes like raw sexual energy. He tastes like magic.

It’s been a long time since a shifter made me feel like this. It’s been a long time since I let my guard down enough to spend the night, but I know Alex. I trust him. I know that when I’m with him, he won’t let anything bad happen to me.

I don’t think Alex is my mate or any nonsense like that. My darling sister might buy into the idea of true mates and forever love, but not me. The only person I can count on these days is myself, and that’s fine. That’s good enough for me.

But that doesn’t mean a girl doesn’t have needs, and Alex is the perfect one to scratch my itch.

“Sorry if I came on too strong,” I whisper.

“You didn’t,” he says. “Don’t be sorry. I fucking loved it.”

There’s something about the way Alex speaks to me that I like. I like that he doesn’t bullshit with me. He’s not trying to rush me this morning. He’s not trying to make me think he suddenly loves me, but he’s not trying to run off, either.

Most of all, he’s not pretending like last night didn’t happen.

He’s not pretending I didn’t rub on him until we couldn’t take it anymore.

He’s not pretending I didn’t suck his dick outside of the bar.

He’s not pretending we didn’t end up here, back at my house, completely naked.

He’s not pretending he didn’t screw my brains.

Alex fucked me like I was a damn queen and he was the king of my pussy. He fucked me like there had never been anyone else, like this was his first time. He fucked me like he meant it, and that meant something to me.

Only now it’s over, and it’s time to get out of bed.

“You should go,” I whisper, but he doesn’t stop touching me.

“Do you want me to go?”

“Yes,” I whisper.

“You don’t look like you want me to go. You’re all wet,” he circles my nipples with his finger, then repeats the motion with his tongue. Alex sucks one of my breasts into his mouth and I groan, fisting his hair as he tortures me with pleasure.

“I’m not wet,” I lie. “This is a bad idea. You should go home.”

“I’m not going home until you’re satisfied,” he says. “And I’m going to make you very, very happy.”

He begins kissing his way down my stomach, slowly teasing me until I practically push him at my pussy.

“I knew that’s what you wanted,” he grins up at me. “My dirty girl.”
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