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Oct 12, 2016

Love Me Broken by Angelique Voisen

Love Me Broken
Love Me Broken
by Angelique Voisen
Alphas Unleashed Book Three

Can a wolf earn back his mate’s trust after throwing it away?

The last time werewolf Franco Antico saw his Omega, Jaime was eighteen—gorgeous, sweet and innocent. When dark forces threatened their pack, he made the choice to protect Jaime the only way he could, by fleeing and taking the fight elsewhere.

Five years later, Franco returns to discover nothing of his childhood friend and mate remains. Jaime’s bitter, broken, and carrying the pup of an abusive alpha.

Trust needs to be earned. Franco gave his away. Can he mend Jaime’s heart and soul, and reclaim his lost Omega?

Genre: Paranormal Romance
Content/Theme(s): M/M, Shifters, Werewolves, Mpreg, Gay, GLBT
Release Date: October 1, 2016
OmniLit/All Romance eBooks
Excerpt & More

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“Where are you taking me?” Jaime demanded.

“Somewhere safe.” Franco took a deep breath and told Jaime about what happened. Dead silence. Franco couldn’t tell what Jaime was thinking, so he said, “They’ll keep you safe and away from the prying eyes of the Evenfall survivors and their new allies.”

“I don’t want to be with strangers.” Jaime practically spat out the last word.

Franco used that opportunity to grab the gun muzzle. A random shot fired. Hit the roof harmlessly. He lost control of the wheel for a couple of seconds. The car screeched.

“Fuck, Franco.” Jaime reached for the wheel, righting the vehicle’s path.

Franco rolled down his own window, tossed the gun out for good measure, and then took over for Jaime again. Jaime glared at him.

“You’ve made your point. I thought we always made decisions. Together. Did you think I’d go along with this lame-ass plan of yours? You woke up today and decide I’m unnecessary burden, is that it?”

Damn it, Jaime had a lot of ammunition today. Franco always thought Jaime should have been born a hellcat, not a wolf. He knew Jaime wouldn’t make this any easier, so he had to harden up.

“Of course not. You know me better than that. I spoke with the others. They said this was for the best. Our enemies have my scent and can track me. Yours, they don’t. If you suppress your wolf, they’ll never find you.”

“Right,” Jaime said, tone bitter. “Of course.”

“I am not leaving you,” Franco said in a firm voice.

He stopped by the side of the road. No other vehicles passed by. No sign of life aside from the two of them. Franco grabbed Jaime’s chin, forcing Jaime to look him in the eye. Willful defiance.

God. Was Franco sick for being turned on? Jaime knew it, too. The cunning Omega flashed Franco a razor-edge smile. He ran a hand over Franco’s inked forearm, knowing full well how his touch affected Franco.

Franco thought Jaime would go for smugness, but his mate never had the touch of cruelty. He had more effective weapons in his arsenal.

“Don’t leave me,” Jaime said in a soft voice. It didn’t escape Franco those had been the exact words Jaime said back when both of them were still kids. “We’ll get through this mess. Maybe laugh about it someday. Together. We’re stronger together, baby.”

“That route worked. For awhile.” Franco didn’t like seeing Jaime’s expression crumble. The anger he could deal with. The pain was another matter. He didn’t like to see his mate hurting. Ever. “Tell me Survival Rule Number Three?”

“Fuck that. I’ve always hated those dumb rules.”

“Jaime,” Franco said quietly.

Jaime gave him a sullen look before answering. “Learn to adapt to circumstances.”

After that, Jaime slunk back in his seat. They didn’t speak the rest of the way. Franco chewed on his lip, letting the heavy silence create palpable tension between them. God knew Franco preferred warmth to ice. To hold Jaime close to him until time ran out. Whisper promises he might not be able to keep. Well, he wanted a lot of things.

Franco drove, hating himself. He didn’t remark on the fact Jaime seemed to find the view outside the car windows more interesting than their final moments together. Three hours later, Franco pulled into the driveway of one of their circle’s many safe houses. The truck there told Franco the shifters Vicious sent over were already there.

Jaime opened his door. Unable to accept Jaime would go without saying another word to him, Franco grabbed Jaime’s hand.

“I need you to be strong, Jaime. For me. Yourself. Us. I’ll come back for you when this storm blows over.”

Jaime finally looked at him. “I’ll try. Give me a kiss?”

Relieved, Franco captured Jaime’s lips with his. He teased and bit. Franco gave his mate tender kisses and ones rough enough to draw blood. When they pulled apart, they bore identical smiles of relief. Someone cleared his throat before Franco could give Jaime another farewell present. Seeing the large werebear by the doorway, Franco growled softly under his breath.

“Don’t make me wait too long,” Jaime told him before slipping out of the car.
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