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Oct 17, 2016

By Design by BA Tortuga

By Design
By Design
by BA Tortuga
Alphas Unleashed Book Six

When the boss is away, the cats will play.

When Robin heads to North Carolina with his boss to help design and build a new conference center, he has a bunch of surprises in store for him. The building site is in the middle of nowhere, his boss is being weirder than usual, and he meets not one, but two of the hottest men he’s ever seen in his life. If he can just get his boss Terry to leave him alone with them, Robin knows Casey and Travis could rock his world.

Casey and Travis might play, but they’ve never thought of mating with a third man. Their immediate need for Robin is something they don’t question, though. What they do want to know is how Robin can possibly be unaware he’s a cat shifter. Can they help Robin find the other half of himself and convince him he’s what’s missing in their relationship at the same time?

Genre: Paranormal Romance
Content/Theme(s): M/M/M, Ménage, Shifters, Cats
Release Date: October 1, 2016
OmniLit/All Romance eBooks
Excerpt & More

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Robin sat there at the table, trying not to draw anyone’s stare or do anything wrong. There were maybe three times the people in the bar now that there had been, and most of them were in flannel or leather or jeans with wallet chains.

It was like a wet dream come to life, really, assuming everyone was friendly.

“Hey there, kitty. What’s your name?” The two hot as hell guys from earlier appeared on either side of him, both settling on the bench Robin sat on.

He blinked. “Robin. Hey.”

“Robin, huh? I like it. I’m Casey. That’s Travis.” The golden one spoke, nodding over at the other guy when he made introductions.

“Pleased to meet you.” Now shoo. Off with you.

“Is that your boyfriend?” the other one asked. Travis. He had a voice like sandpaper over velvet. Rough and deep and oddly soft.

“He’s...What kind of question is that?” He wouldn’t even answer that.

“An important one if we want to take you out of here and get really busy.” Casey moved close enough that his breath stirred the hair on Robin’s neck.

Surely he hadn’t heard that correctly. Right? Because… Whoa.

Travis nodded easily. “You’re just our type, honey. We want to play.”

“Are you serious?” His cock went from soft to interested in seconds.

“Yep. I know, I know, you think we’re messing with you and that the rednecks want to bash, but it’s gay night here at the Cat House. We want you.”

Oh, Terry was totally fired. Totally. “I usually make a guy buy me a beer first.”

“We can do that if you want, but we can also just grab a six pack and go…” That was Casey, his green eyes seeming to glow bright for a moment. They had to be contacts. Had to be. Look at that color.

“I like that idea,” Travis murmured. “I’ll get the beer.”

“But Terry…”

“Oh, is that the guy you’re with?” Travis stared at Terry. “You can go for a ride with us. Your boyfriend won’t mind.”

“He might—” He was going to tell them Terry was his boss.

“It’s okay, baby doll. I’ll go ask him.”

That was pure wickedness. Damned if the devil didn’t get up and walk over to Terry.
Robin craned his neck to see what was going on, but Casey grabbed his hand. A jolt of electricity went all the
way up his arm, and Robin gasped.

“Mmm. Pretty kitty. That’s the finest thing I’ve felt in a coon’s age.”

“Kitty?” That seemed like a weird come on, didn’t it?

“Mmhmm.” Casey reached behind him and found the hot spot in the small of his back unerringly, like there was a target drawn around it.

“Oh.” His mouth dropped open, his eyes crossing. “Do that again.”

“Mmhmm. I can do that. Damn, I can smell you, kit.”

“Do I stink?” He knew he should have insisted they stop at the hotel.

“Not even a little bit.” Wait. Wait, did someone just nibble him? Like on his neck?

“I got the beer.” Tyler was the one behind him, licking at his nape. “And your boss said to go for it.”

“I—” His eyes crossed and he jerked, bucking up hard enough that his ass left the cushion.

“Sensitive.” Casey helped him stand, and they drew him toward the door.

“But I don’t...I don’t do this.” Had they drugged him? Was that it?

“No? Well, I got to tell you, kit, Tyler and I have been together three years and we never wanted to play with anyone this badly.”

That touch came again, then again, the pressure making his mouth dry. Those clever fingers on his back, Tyler’s hand up on his neck… They pushed and pushed until he was hard as a rock and sweating.

“Come play with us. We’ll turn you inside out.”

“Is that good? I mean, that sounds painful—mph.” They got outside and Casey dragged him into the shadows beside the building, kissing his mouth until his ears rang.
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