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Sep 1, 2016

Shane-Marshal of Tallav by Cailin Briste

Shane: Marshal of Tallav
Shane: Marshal of Tallav
by Cailin Briste
Sons of Tallav Book One

Shane Tiernan, the Beast of Tallavan aristocratic society, needs relief from the matriarchal rules that are destroying his life. His hope lies in a female submissive, newly graduated from a top sex school. From her resume, she seems perfect. Profile and real life collide when he arrives to collect her. He’s stunned when he spots her vaulting over a bar and snatching up an ice chipper to defend herself against the giant who is chasing her. Her combination of warrior spirit and long-limbed curves fires his Dom imagination and the desire to bind her in his rope and have her under his complete control.

Adrianna Pacquin is sexually submissive, but don’t cross her outside the bedroom. She’s escaped the crime lord who plans to marry her once before. When it becomes clear he’s still after her, she doesn’t intend to get caught. A fortuitous decision to accept the contract of Tallavan Marshal Shane Tiernan promises safety until an attempt to murder him sets the pair on an investigation that will require complete trust in one another. With danger stalking their every step, the secrets they both hide could implode their blooming relationship and leave them exposed to their relentless foe.

Genre: Sci Fi Romance
Content/Theme(s): D/s, BDSM, Spanking, Men in uniform, Futuristic, Suspense
Release Date: May 31, 2016
Loose Id
Excerpt & More

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When Shane entered the bedroom, he stopped midstride, allowing himself to bask in the pleasure of the sight of Adrianna, fully submitted and waiting for him.

“Stand, Adrianna.”

With fluid grace she rose, long limbs straightening until she stood with the elegance of a marble caryatid. She was no stone column, but a living, breathing woman, a maiden to whom he would demonstrate the surging power of a man when he broke through her virginal barrier. A rumbling growl filled his throat while heat flooded through him. Gods, it would be so easy to let his control slip.

Slow down. You’re not some rutting brute. First things first, Tiernan.

His words roughened by desire, he said, “If at any time you need me to stop what I’m doing, you will say the word red. I will not terminate your contract for using your safe word. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Master.”

Fuck, he loved the sweet lilt of her voice. With deliberate steps, he eliminated the distance between them until he was bare inches from her. The heat from their bodies mingled. He held his breath, the better to hear her slightest response while he stroked her collarbone with his fingertips, moving them to circle under her breasts then spiral in toward her pale nipples.

No reaction. No sigh. Not even a tiny intake of air.

“Hmm.” Hot need thrummed through him. Yet she was unmoved.

A tremor pulsed along his spine when he reached to clasp her nape, threading his fingers into the tight strands of hair held in place by her braid. With a tug, he pulled her against him and began a soft perusal of her lips. It was almost painful to brush against a mouth he wanted to plunder. He slowly drew the tip of his tongue across her plump bottom lip. When she opened to him, he kissed her deeply, tasting and teasing.

The sense of urgency that was hammering him found no equal response from Adrianna. He discerned no overt reaction from her, and yet he was drowning in the sweet lushness of her mouth. His pants had grown tighter while his erection hardened to a throbbing ache.

Gods, maybe he’d been right in comparing her to a caryatid. She was more like an android who could mimic the act of sexual desire without the passion that transcended the purely physical.

He stroked her breasts, pulling and tweaking her nipples until they were stiff and erect.

No other response from her.

Nothing audible.

Her breathing hadn’t changed. What the fuck?

With two fingers, he reached and swabbed her pussy. She was wet, so her arousal was unmistakable. Her body wanted him, but her mind was somewhere else.

This wouldn’t do. If her instruction at the Institute required her to become a sexual automaton, then he needed to reverse that training. He wanted more than just a pliable body.

“Where are you, Adrianna?”

Her brow wrinkled. “Where am I? I’m here with you, Master?”

“Are you?”

She nodded, but her eyebrows remained knitted together. “Yes, Master. How may I please you?”

Her face grasped between his hands, he demanded, “Look at me, Adrianna.”

Eyes, a hazy green, any hint of sparkle muted, rose to meet his.

Was she in subspace? She couldn’t be, but with her lack of reaction and those eyes… “When I am with you, I want all of you present. Even though your bio said you slide into subspace easily, I never imagined…”

He tapped her face with one finger. “Don’t. I want you with me. No disconnecting. You will experience everything I do to you fully. Understood?”

She blinked. “Yes, Sir.”

Shane watched the slow transformation while her body became more animated and her eyes brightened. Most submissives required a steady buildup of pain and endorphins before they found subspace. This ability to will herself there was something he had never encountered. He rubbed against her, pressing his chest into the cushion of her breasts, sliding his erection, hard and demanding, along her belly.

“I want to feel, hear, and see your response. Don’t hide from me. I need your responses to make this right for both of us.” With those words, he wrapped her braid around his hand and pulled her head back, taking her mouth in a devouring kiss.

This time, her tongue twining with his, Adrianna moaned, her body melting into him, her heat penetrating his skin. The insistent ache of his cock incited him to sink into her warm, wet depth. A groan rose from his gut in testimony to his rampant desire.

“Much better,” he breathed, kissing his way up to her ear, biting, then sucking on the lobe. “Much, much better. Trust me not to harm you.” He flicked his tongue along the shell of her ear. He had to stop. Get back on track. You’re taking this slow. Remember.

“Mmmmm. Come.” Shane drew Adrianna to the bed, sat, and then hauled her over his lap facedown, holding her in place with one hand across her shoulders and the other on her back. “Adrianna, you have a truly glorious ass.” It was impossible not to appreciate the perfectly rounded shape or to smooth a palm over each firm half. “Plan on me spanking you regularly.” He gave her a light slap and watched the jiggle. “Huh. Definitely gonna spank you often.” Among other things. His cock twitched its agreement.

He returned to stroking, getting lost for a moment in the softness. Her skin was slightly cool to the touch, but that would soon change. He smirked, then caught himself. This wasn’t going to be that kind of spanking, not erotic, not sensual. He’d always taken pride in his ability to remain in control, but it was fucking hard with this delectable woman pressed against his thighs.

“I don’t enjoy punishing, but I will when it needs to be done. Punishment in whatever form it takes will always be painful.”

He squeezed her shoulder. Spanking might not be the appropriate penalty for her, but it was his preferred corporal punishment. Time to find out her reaction before they were in a situation where it was needed. This would help him decide.

“Day to day you can expect me to discipline you, but the goal of that is not to cause you pain and will rarely be physical. Punishment is different. It’s reserved for willful disobedience. If you refuse to obey me, without using your safe word, I will punish you. If you lie to me, I will punish you. If you do anything that reflects negatively on the Marshals Service, I will punish you. Are we clear?”

“Yes, Sir.” The response was muffled since Adrianna had buried her face in the bedding. He bent and kissed her shoulder, his nose filling with her bright, tangy scent. She was sweet lemonade on a hot summer day. He controlled his desire to continue to nuzzle.

“I’m going to give you a sample of what to expect. I spank a lot in play. This will not be like that.”

Adrianna’s core tensed against his thighs.

“Five swats. No buildup. Expect them to be hard and to hurt. It would be better if you relaxed your muscles.”

“Yes, Sir.” The lilt was gone from her voice.

The tension in her body decreased slightly, but she was nowhere near at ease. He hadn’t really expected her to be.

“Are you ready?”

“Yes, Master.”

Shane raised his arm and brought his palm onto her right butt cheek. His hand flashed, and he struck her left butt cheek. He dealt two swift, forceful spanks to each of the sensitive areas where her ass and thighs met. His final blow smacked her right butt cheek with another brisk slap.

Adrianna had cried out with the first strike, and by the last she was sobbing. Shane pulled her up and into his arms, snuggling her against his chest. A shudder shook her frame. He’d limited the spanking to stinging blows and, despite what he’d told her, used a light hand. Her aversion to excessive pain was documented in the paperwork he’d received from the Institute. She clearly required pleasure to balance pain. Her high marks in composure still baffled him. To do well, she’d have had to endure physical and emotional duress. Her ability to drop into subspace might explain that, but how did she have such amazing control? She was intriguing.

“Hush. You’re a good girl. Hush now.” He stroked her back, her arms, her hair, comforting her until she quieted.

He brought her chin up, looking into her eyes for long seconds. “I’m proud of you. You took that spanking bravely.” She sniffled and nodded. With his thumb, he wiped the damp trail from her cheek, kissed her forehead, and pulled her close. A slight judder ran through her, and he gave her a squeeze. Holding her was incredible. This was what he needed. Someone to hold, someone to bury himself in, a retreat from the misery that beleaguered him. He brought his lips to her forehead and kissed her again.

“You are such a beautiful submissive.”
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