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Sep 25, 2016

Giovanni Meets a Coven by Kathy Bryson

Giovanni Meets a Coven
Giovanni Meets a Coven
by Kathy Bryson
Med School Book Two

Getting in was just his first challenge! Join Giovanni on his adventures through med school where the worlds of the supernatural and medical science collide!

Having successfully dealt with his first zombie, Giovanni is looking forward to the upcoming semester. Then the accidents start, costing Giovanni two jobs, no end of embarrassment, and multiple contusions and abrasions! Is it just bad luck or is the curse of the zombie out to get him? And which of the voodoo queens suddenly surrounding him can he trust to help out?

A whole new humorous take on B-movie monsters!

Genre: Urban Fantasy
Content/Theme(s): Humor, Zombies, Voodoo, Medical School
Release Date: September 15, 2016
Publisher: Indie

Excerpt & More

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Holding his cup close to breath in the dark roasted aroma and take another quick sip, Giovanni stepped back into the hall towards the elevator.

“Look out!”

The scream hit him right before the buffer did, but the buffer got his attention. The thunder of the machine’s engine roared in his ears as Giovanni scrambled to escape the grinding monster, but it churned after him even as he fled down the hospital corridor. He dodged the buffer’s mechanical pursuit, but even as he leapt over it, the buffer followed, hounding him relentlessly. Giovanni gasped for breath and staggered as he landed. As he fumbled to his feet, he felt the hem of his baggy scrubs catch. “Turn it off, turn it off!” he yelled.

A couple of orderlies fell over each other to reach the power cord even as the janitor fumbled for the power switch. Giovanni tried to kick the machine off his legs and found they were pinned. He could feel the fabric of his scrubs tightening around his legs as the buffer consumed it, but that panic was quickly replaced by the realization of what damage the buffer could do once it ate through the material. The surface epidermis across the ankles was thin, but more alarmingly, the subcutaneous dermis contained almost no adipose tissue. Those scrubbing brushes were about to chew through his skinny, little legs down to crispy, crunchy bone.

“Turn it off!” Giovanni screeched and tugged frantically at the drawstring of his scrubs. He could feel the heat of the engine growing across his legs and the image of red and bleeding scratches danced in his vision. Tears started involuntarily, then he felt the knot give way, and his scrubs slid off, pulled by the relentless rotation.
Purchase link(s):  Amazon   iTunes   Kobo   B&N
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