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Aug 21, 2016

Adam & Eve—By The Book by Ravyn Wilde

Adam and Eve
By The Book
Adam & Eve
A.D. 2203 Book 1
Paranormal Romance
By the Book
By Ravyn Wilde

Adam and Eve
Adam & Eve
by Ravyn Wilde
A.D. 2203 Book One

It’s the year 2203. Scientific studies proved long ago that Werewolves have one genetic breeding-mate. The Lupine Act ensures they can legally claim the woman whether she wants a mate or not. However, male Weres can only detect their mate's scent during the full (Lupine) moon.

Geneticist Eve Longtree is afraid of only one thing…being mated by a werewolf and having her life dictated by an alpha male. Being claimed as a werewolf’s mate ruined her mother’s career. In order to avoid detection by anything furry, Eve has always locked herself into her safe room for the duration of Lupine moon. Until now.

Months ago Adam Greyclan caught the faintest tantalizing whisper of his mate’s scent, but he hasn’t been able to run her to ground. This time, his luck has changed.

Note: This was originally published as part of the Ellora’s Cavemen Tales from the Temple 1 anthology by Ellora's Cave in March 2004. It has been newly edited.

Genre: Paranormal Romance
Content/Theme(s): Geneticist, Werewolves, Vampires, Shifters, Humor, Futuristic
Release Date: June 26, 2016
Publisher: Indie

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Adam & Eve Excerpt:
Many years ago the One Racers discovered that it took three days for human pheromones to disperse enough that a genetic trace was impossible for the werewolves to follow. In their zeal to keep their bloodlines pure, they locked their sexually mature sons and daughters up tightly before each and every full moon. There was no law against locking yourself up, just one that if you were caught—you had to honor the mating.

While Eve disagreed with their politics to rid the world of all sub-humans, she heartily appreciated their research. It had allowed her to maintain the ideal of strict independence. She did not need or want a mate in her life. Look what it had done to her mother.

After Eve’s full-human father had died, Naomi had been a wonderful single mother to her sister, Jezi, and herself. She had also managed in three short years to become one of the world’s leading Crypto-zoologists. She had found, researched and documented the existence of several hidden species. The most notable of her mother’s discoveries was the Loch Ness Monster. Nessie turned out to be a large, lovable, vegetarian serpent that was 50 feet in length at maturity.

Then “short and hairy” Maxwell, her stepfather, had marked her mother as his mate. In short order Maxwell had forbidden Naomi any outside work. They’d had Jonaa, her half-brother, and her mother had given up the fight with Maxwell to retain her scientific position and had instead become Domestic Goddess extraordinaire. Ugh!!! That was definitely not for Eve.

In the bathroom Eve stripped the clothes off her tired body and opted for a quick air shower. Normally she enjoyed the ancient ritual of water bathing, but it would only irritate her tonight. She wanted to pace and count down the minutes until daylight.

Clean and feeling suitably armored in her old sweat suit, she downed energy pills instead of food. Another favored ritual she would forgo tonight. All Eve wanted was for the night to be over, and to remain blissfully free from any man. Or wolf.

The windows and doors of her 100-year-old home were first rate, and very effective at keeping out the street noise. Everything was quiet. Normally she loved her little house; tonight she’d have felt safer in a compact. One of those high-rise apartment-slash-shopping-slash-entertainment complexes that were hives of activity…and smells.

Oh, hell. Eve’s breath caught in her throat. Was that something scratching at her front door? She strained her ears and fought for some semblance of control. Surely she was imagining a sound?

This is stupid, she told herself. She forced her body to move towards the view panel. It was voice-activated and she could command a 360-degree view of the outside of her home. “House front,” she managed to croak out.

At first she thought it was her mind playing tricks. A large, gray wolf was sitting patiently on her front step—flashing silver eyes looking directly into the monitor. She ducked. Oh, my God! She needed to hide. Her mind desperately searched for an escape route.

“Oh, now that was just ridiculous.” It can’t see me, she thought. She could run. Where?

Closing her eyes, she frantically worked to calm her mind enough to review everything she knew about the Werewolf. She might be able to delay mating. Move out of town, out of state. But, if he’d truly scented her, and there was no doubt he had, or he wouldn’t be sitting on her doorstep…

No matter where she ran or how far, he’d find her. Wolves mated for life. And as dear old grandfather had proved beyond a shadow of a doubt, they had one genetic fuck-buddy. The law and God were on the wolf’s side.
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By The Book
By the Book
by Ravyn Wilde

Joey is an erotic romance novelist with a bad marriage behind her and lots of manuscripts with the words "insert sex here." Unfortunately writing love scenes has become all work and no heat..

Fly with her to Hawaii with her suitcase of "research material" where she hopes the change of scenery will be inspiring. She gets inspired all right! She meets Gray Hawk. He volunteers to help her work through her writer's block and rediscover her sensual muse...by the book.

Note: This was previously published by Ellora's Cave in June 2005. New content has been added and it has been newly edited.

Genre: Erotic Contemporary Romance
Content/Theme(s): Novelist, Humor, Writer's Block
Release Date: August 19, 2016
Publisher: Indie


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By the Book Excerpt:
The book lost her in the forward, starting with the second paragraph. You have got to be kidding. The author of the book felt that the only reason men strayed from their wives, was because those wives didn’t spend enough time paying attention to their husband’s penis. No one really believed that, did they? The book went on, full of recriminations against women and their lack of worship of their husband’s sex organ. She stopped in dumbfounded disbelief and flipped the book cover over. A woman. A woman actually wrote this book…obviously an insane woman. Several hours and swear words later, in a fit of gaping disbelief, she’d read the thing from cover to cover.

She found herself wishing the author had been Lorena Bobbitt. At least it would have put an interesting spin on things. Ms. Bobbit would have done a better job. The ending paragraph, with similar claptrap about creating a pleasure bond, “as long as you both shall live,” made her scream in frustration and start mentally planning a bonfire. She threw the book overhand as hard as she could toward the beach—and hit Gray Hawk right smack in the middle of his chest.


“Oh, hell! What are you doing here?” she grumbled.

He looked at her in astonishment, wondering at the look of disgust and anger on her face. This wasn’t the welcome he pictured in his mind. He bent to pickup the book from the sand.

“Give me that!” she said as she lunged down the stairs to grab it away from him.

He moved fast, reaching his hand above his head and arching his neck, he scanned the title. “Whoa. Interesting reading.”

“It is not. It’s disgusting. Give it back to me! You are not going to rob me of the pleasure of burning it,” she shouted as she hopped around him trying to grab hold of the book.

He stopped her fanatical dance by simply placing one hand on top of her head and straightening his arm, pushing her back and holding firm. At his rumbling chuckle, she realized she looked ridiculous wind-milling her arms around him and screeching like a lunatic.

“Fine!” Spitting the word out between clenched teeth, she moved back and crossed her arms over her chest in irritation. “You can have it.” Spinning on her heels, she stormed up the steps and slammed into the house, making sure to shut and lock the door behind her.


Joey groaned when she realized she’d locked him out on the porch with not only that book, but with several other sex manuals strewn over the patio table. And her laptop was out there with one of her manuscripts open. She didn’t want to think about him coming to his own conclusions about why she had all of these sex books on the table. Her face blazed with embarrassment. Why me?

Opening the door, she stuck her head out. Gray sat comfortably sprawled in a chair, eating her fruit and drinking her coffee. Damn the man. He shuffled pages of the book she tossed at him—speed-reading. Sighing, she croaked out, “You really don’t want to read that.”
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