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Jul 11, 2016

The Dark Star War by Chris Kennedy

The Dark Star War
The Dark Star War
by Chris Kennedy
Codex Regius Book Three

The war with the Shaitans continues, and Lieutenant Commander Shawn ‘Calvin’ Hobbs has stayed behind to help the reptilian Ssselipsssiss race fight the Shaitans while his ship, the TSS Vella Gulf, has gone for aid. Formerly enemies, Calvin now finds himself supporting the Ssselipsssiss in their war against the Shaitans in a “must-win” situation. If the Ssselipsssiss fall, Terra is next!

Able to operate in two universes and armed with unavoidable time-based weapons, the Shaitans have proven unstoppable. Although Calvin has experience fighting the Shaitans, the Ssselipsssiss are down to their last three planets, and Calvin’s assistance may very well be too little, too late.

The only ship with any success against the Shaitans is the Vella Gulf, which can jump to the Shaitans’ universe and fight them on their own turf. But time is short; will the crew of the Vella Gulf be able to find the mysterious “Dark Star” system of the Shaitans and stop them before they destroy Terra?

Faced with an implacable foe, the Terrans have been forced into an alliance where the enemy of their enemy might be their friend…or might not. The crew of the Vella Gulf will have to choose their allies wisely as the stakes are the highest possible—only one race will survive the Dark Star War!

Genre: Science Fiction
Content/Theme(s): Aliens, Military, Space, Fantasy, Mythology
Release Date: July 8, 2016
Publisher: Indie

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“That’s all?” Sal asked. “You are even worse allies than I thought. I knew allying with you was a mistake. We should have just fallen back on your planets and taken them as our own.”

“You would turn your back on our agreement? That quickly?”

“No one is altruistic with the fate of their civilization at stake. Yes, I would happily turn my back on the agreement if it saved my race. Faster than I could kill you.”

“Well, happily for Terra, then, you’re marooned here with me, and that knowledge won’t make it back to your people if we don’t get off this planet.”

Sal hissed again.

“You know, you hiss a lot,” Calvin noted.

“We do that to show anger or frustration.”

“We do something we call sighing,” Calvin said. “I’m told I do that a lot too. If nothing else, at least we have that in common, just like the fact that both of our nations need us to make it back with the information we have.” He held out a hand to the Ssselipsssiss. “Truce. At least until we make it out of here.”

Sal looked at his hand for a few seconds, causing Calvin to wonder if he would take it or bite it. As the alien had a mouthful of extremely sharp teeth, Calvin hoped for the former.

“Truce,” Sal said finally. “At least until we get back.”

“Fair enough. Now let’s go see if we can figure out a way off this rock.”
Purchase link(s):  Amazon
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