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Jul 19, 2016

Human Surrender by Renee Rose et al

Human Surrender
Human Surrender
Five Dark Alien Warrior Romance Novellas
by Sue Lyndon, Alta Hensley, Renee Rose, Kallista Dane & Aubrey Cara

Fierce alien warriors don’t ask. They take, they claim, and they conquer—even when the object of their desires is a trembling human female.

Human Surrender contains five all-new dark sci-fi alien warrior romance novellas, brought to you by USA Today and international bestselling authors of BDSM and spanking romance.

Featured novellas:
Taking Their Human by Aubrey Cara
Pallid Slave by Alta Hensley
His Human Slave by Renee Rose
Their Captive Mate by Kallista Dane
Kenan’s Mate by Sue Lyndon

Genre: Dark Sci Fi Romance
Content/Theme(s): Aliens, BDSM, Spanking, Ménage, Military, Futuristic, Dubious Consent, Anthology, Box Set
Release Date: July 10, 2016
Publisher: Sweet Savage Press

Excerpts & More on each story

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Taking Their Human by Aubrey Cara
Upon waking in a dimly lit white room, my biggest fear was that I had been kidnapped by a serial killer. I learned there are things out here in the universe much worse than anything on Earth. And, even if you escape, you can never go home.

They’re not kind, these being who stole me and want to use me as chattel. The others—part man, part machine—have claimed me for their own, but I’m far from saved.

Taking Their Human Excerpt:
They’re behemoths.

Trying to calm my breathing, I take them in. Their clothes are made out of material I’ve never seen before, all in black. Their t-shirts look almost normal, but their tight fitting cargo pants seem almost like wet suit material and are lined with body armor- like padding along the front. “I am Cal, and this is my brother Kein,” the one on the left says in English, his voice dark and dangerous.

Twins. So not clones.

As perfectly identical as they are, I instinctively know the one on the right, Kein is the one who called me their mercy. And, lord help me, I had wanted to be just that. I hate myself for finding them the least bit intriguing. They took me when I was out of my mind and had no control. But I was riding some strange tide of lust, and the way he looked at me was so raw. So full of need.

He’s not staring at me that way today. Their matching taciturn stares make me shiver, their faces pulled down in authoritative lines. My gaze skitters away, ending my perusal of the pair.

When I woke up on that horrible exam table, Kein’s gaze filled me with something akin to warmth. I felt comforted. Strangely safe. I’ve kept that with me for days, using it to bolster my strength. Telling myself the lie they may be on my side.

Now, their blank masked expressions leave me on edge. I try to calm my nerves and appear as unaffected as they are. I doubt it’s working.

Thinking about what these powerful strangers did to me I flush. I should feel debased. Violated. In a way I guess I do, but this aching awareness is disturbing in its intensity.

I hate myself as much as I hate them. I want them to go away so I can stop feeling this way. I bite the inside of my cheek.

“We have come to take you to mate,” Cal says.

That’s direct and in no way alleviates my trepidations about them being here. “Why?” My voice trembles. I fist my hands trying to will away my reaction to their nearness. “Why are you doing this?”

“We are Monrok,” Cal says as offhandedly as if the sky is blue and I am an idiot.

“I don’t know what that is.”

“Monrok are the Elite Guard and property of the Zapex,” Kein replies.

Property? They do seem like an elite task force of some kind. Hard edged. Authority oozes from them. How could they be anyone’s property? They have that go, Army roughness about them times twenty. If the Zapex are powerful enough to keep these men under their command, what hope do I have?

“I thought you were humans.” A part of me had been comforted in a way by that fact. The part that knew my circumstances could be worse but did not dwell on how they could be worse.

“We are Monrok,” Cal repeats, seeming perturbed.

My own fuse shortens. “I still don’t understand what that means.”

Cal scowls. “We are the Elite—”

Kein raises a hand. “We will deal with this later.” His deep, rumbling voice makes me shiver. “Come, female.” He steps forward, holding out his hand, offering me the illusion of choice. The gesture is kind, if hollow.

Part of me wants to curl up in a tighter ball and never leave the safety of my mat. But I doubt refusal is an option. Before I can think twice, I take his hand and fight gripping it like a lifeline. He’s not here to save me, but, after days of being scared and alone, that’s exactly what his large hand wrapped around my smaller one feels like. Safety.
Find Aubrey Cara at:
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Pallid Slave by Alta Hensley
My planet of Unin had all but been destroyed, and what was left was quickly being devastated by civil wars throughout. Everything I once believed, once knew, once fought ruthlessly to protect, had now vanished. Once I was a fierce warrior, and now simply a slave being transported by two brothers to a planet 720 hours away to mutate and die.

A lot can happen in 720 hours…

Pallid Slave Excerpt:
In moments, you will feel nothing but pleasure. Nothing but intense sexual need.” Cross placed a trail of soft kisses along my stomach. “Relax, Truth. Submit, yield, relinquish your body and soul to me.”

His hands moved along the soft mounds of my breasts, gently massaging my fiery skin. He lowered his mouth to one of my hardened nipples and began to trace his tongue along the tip. I moaned as the inferno slowly eased from my body. Cross continued to lick as his hand caressed my pussy. Two fingers trailed down the wet folds before finding my welcoming entrance. He pressed his fingers inside, causing a gasp to escape my lips. The gold lifeblood from just his fingers sent a surge of healing power through me. I wanted more! I wanted his cock—so full of light.

“Release the pain. Allow me to remove it from your body,” Cross coaxed.

I kept my eyes closed as I tried to concentrate on the sensual feeling of his fingers moving in a rhythmic motion inside my quivering pussy. I moaned with delicious agony, but slowly the moans became ones of pleasure.

He worked his fingers in and out of my cunt while slightly nipping at my breast in his mouth. When I moaned even louder, he moved his lips to my neck, kiss by kiss, lick by lick.

Sucking at my earlobe, Cross whispered, “Do you want to feel my cock buried deep inside of you? Do you want to feel the orgasm I give you course through every muscle of your body? Taking away the pain my brother caused you?”

I tried to reply but was unable to speak. I could only moan and thrust my hips into his hand which was still deep within my pussy.

He lowered his mouth down my torso until he pressed his lips to my awaiting clit. Taking it within his lips, he sucked the remaining pain from my body. I finally opened my eyes and looked down to find Cross staring up at me from between my legs.

“I see in your eyes the pain is gone.” He sucked on my clit some more, causing me to arch my back in need. “Now, it is time to feel nothing but pure bliss.”
Find Alta Hensley at:
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His Human Slave by Renee Rose
Collared and caged, his human slave awaits her training.
Zander, the alien warrior prince intent on recovering his planet, needs a mate. While he would never choose a human of his own accord, his physician’s gene-matching program selected Lamira’s DNA as the best possible match with his own. Now he must teach the beautiful slave to yield to his will, accept his discipline and learn to serve him as her one true master.

His Human Slave Excerpt:
He spun the cage back so she faced him once more. “Open cage,” he commanded, and the voice-activated lock clicked. To her, he said, “Come out.”

She didn’t move.

His tone went sharp. “Do not anger me a second time, Lamira.”

Well, apparently he’d already cowed her completely because his words went straight to her chest, creating a sudden tightening and sending her instantly into motion. She hated how easily he’d mastered her. One stupid spanking and she rushed to please him.

She sniffed back the tears and attempted to push up to her hands and knees—no easy feat with her wrists and ankles bound.

“Release wrist cuffs. Release ankle cuffs,” he commanded. They sprang apart but not off.

She backed out of the cage, toward the door, not sure how she would get out until his large hands grasped her waist and lifted her easily to the floor.

Where to look... Certainly not at the prince—her master—although his presence was more than commanding. He stood almost seven feet tall with thick, corded muscles across his chest and arms.

Moisture gathered between her legs.

He looked more warrior than prince. No, he was all king. A warrior king. Earlier, she’d stared at him boldly. Now she kept her eyes lowered, trained at his bare feet. They were no different from hers, except larger and with the brown-purple skin tone of the Zandians. She glanced at her own toes. They were cleaner than they’d ever been before. Even her toenails had been buffed to a glossy shine. How long had she been out?

The prince cupped her chin and lifted her face. His touch was gentler than she expected. She still couldn’t meet his gaze, choosing instead to stare at his thick neck and the part of his bare chest visible beneath his loose, finely woven white shirt. Her fingers itched to touch his skin, to find out if it was as smooth as it appeared. What a strange idea. She’d never thought about touching a male in her life. In fact, she’d avoided males as best she could. This one had her completely discombobulated.

Was his chest hairless? Did he have hair anywhere other than his head? Zander, Daneth, and the guards she’d seen outside all wore their hair shorn close to their skulls. Perhaps their horns got too hot otherwise.

When she’d first seen Daneth, she’d thought the horns ugly, but Zander’s suited him, somehow making him even more handsome.

He leaned forward and opened his mouth. She tried to pull out of his grasp, but he held her fast, his gleaming teeth aimed straight for her cheek. For a moment, she thought he planned to bite her face, but his tongue flicked out, and he licked one of her tears. She caught his scent, a clean, masculine aroma with a slightly exotic spice.

Her nipples tightened; her pussy pulsed. No—she definitely was not thinking about licking him back to see how he tasted.
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Their Captive Mate by Kallista Dane
Left stranded on the hostile world of Cephaia, Commander Cass Randall finds herself face to face with alien twins Ryn and Rom. Seeking revenge on humans for the death of their Mate, the warriors take out their rage and pain on Cass. But they discover the desire they feel for their captive is far more powerful than their anger.

Their Captive Mate Excerpt:
She heard the footsteps drawing closer. Braced herself, wrapping the thin blanket around her naked body. The door to her cell flew open, banging against the wall.

Ryn stood in the doorway, framed by the moonlight. Their bodies were the same. Tall, with powerful shoulders and arms, broad chests packed hard with muscle. But she knew it was Ryn. Something about the set of his shoulders. And his scent was slightly different. The same musky, virile aroma that made her pulse race whenever they came near her, just not as pungent as Rom’s.

He stood, motionless, staring in at her. He’d had the dream again. Relived the night Zara died. He only came like this, alone in the middle of the night, when he had the dream. It had taken her a long time to figure that out. But she’d had little to do chained in her cell night after night other than analyze every aspect of their behavior – except on the nights when Ryn came to her. A white-hot flash of anger poured through her at what she knew was to come. Yet at the same time her pussy clenched and she felt a flood of dampness between her legs.

That she could detect the difference between them by their scent alone had come as a surprise, although not as much as discovering the effect it had on her. Earthers knew very little about the Cephaians. Apparently the males on this planet exuded powerful pheromones when they became aroused. She didn’t know what that did to females on this planet, but inhaling those pheromones awakened a savage hunger in her, more intense than any sexual desire she’d ever felt before. Touching his body, having him touch her, magnified the effect. She fought it, fought him, every time. But it seemed as though the harder she fought, the more she resisted, the stronger it grew.

Three long strides brought him in front of her. She didn’t bother to feign sleep. She’d learned it only angered him, made him even more aggressive. He reached down, yanked the blanket away, and grabbed her by the arm, dragging her off the bed. The chain on her ankle rattled as he forced her to her knees in front of him.

The brothers slept naked and he’d come straight from their bed. His thick cock, already semi-erect, jutted out in front of her face. The pheromones were strongest there. She held her breath and tried to turn her head away, but he twisted her long blonde hair around one hand and kept her in place. His other hand wrapped around his shaft, sliding up and down. Every stroke made it grow harder, releasing another invisible cloud of the potent aroma. Wordlessly, he drew her closer, pressing the head against her lips.
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Kenan’s Mate by Sue Lyndon
On my eighteenth birthday, the Kleaxians attacked and killed all the human males aboard the Stargazer. The females were kept as mates or slaves. I was taken as a mate. Lucky me.

The huge alien who claimed me is called Prince Kenan. He says he’ll never let me go—that we are bonded for life. When I defy him, he punishes me in the most humiliating ways imaginable. But sometimes he’s tender and loving. I try to be good so he doesn’t hurt me.

I don’t know what scares me more—that I’ll never escape Prince Kenan…or that I’m starting to fall for my captor.

Kenan’s Mate Excerpt:
My heart leaps when he places me back on the bed. He flips me over and arranges me stomach down with my legs dangling above the floor. I bury my face in the soft covers.

I should run. I shouldn’t let this happen without a fight. But the pain of my breasts pressing against the bed reminds me of what happens when I disobey. I get beaten. I don’t want him to hit me again, with his hand or his belt or any other implement, so I remain in the vulnerable position. He taps the insides of my thighs, forcing me to spread wider. The cool breeze dances across my exposed pussy lips and I start shivering.

“So pretty and pink and smooth.” He prods at my entrance, sliding his fingers around in my essence.

Whimpers leave me as he goes deeper, until the intrusion begins to burn. I know why it hurts so much.

He’s pressing against my hymen.

“And so wet and so fucking tight.”

“Please. You’re hurting me.” Isn’t that the point though? He wants to hurt me.

“You’ve never had a cock here before, have you, little human?” He adds another finger, and I groan at the fullness stretching me.

Despite the pain, I’m warm and achy between my legs, my wetness growing by the second. Little pulses of heat besiege me, and my face burns with shame that I’m responding to his touch. Again, I should be repulsed. I’m scared as hell, but somehow he still doesn’t repulse me, and my fear does nothing to hamper my burgeoning need.

“Answer my question, Laylah. Have you ever had a cock in you before?”

“No. I-I’m a virgin.”

The air hisses between his teeth as he inhales fast. He continues his exploration of my sex, pushing in and out and spreading my increasing moisture over the bare folds of my pussy.

“Is all this wetness for me, little human?”
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