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Jun 8, 2016

Send Lawyers, Guns, and Roses by Heloise West

Send Lawyers Guns, and Roses
Send Lawyers, Guns, and Roses
by Heloise West
Heart and Haven Book Two

When Hunter and Alex are given the vacation of a lifetime, it’s a chance for them to pay attention to romance and get out of the path of danger. The tiny Caribbean island of Saba is gorgeous, the first to have marriage equality, and the Sabans are the nicest people on earth.

There’s lots of rum poolside for relaxing and a room with a mirror on the ceiling for passion. Hot karaoke nights, cold beer, and new friends.

Their new friends Orfeo and Max, and Max’s sister Talisha, share a troubling secret. Alex and Hunter want to help. As a hurricane bears down on them, a dead body surfaces, and a purple backpack loaded with stolen jewels leads a pair of dangerous men to the island.

Alex would rather poke his own eyes out with a pointy stick than call on his old enemy Nick Truman for help; he’d also do anything to keep Hunter out of danger. But even his nemesis can’t reach them now.

Once again, they only have each other to depend on as their paradise is about to become hell on earth.

Genre: Romantic Suspense
Content/Theme(s): M/M, Contemporary, Mystery, GLBT, Gay
Release Date: April 19, 2016
Loose Id
Excerpt & More

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Hunter dreamed he was a smiling starfish basking in warm water, surrounded by waving plants floating with him as the sea crashed loudly against the shore. When he opened his eyes, he saw himself reflected in the mirror above, sprawled naked across the bed on his back, arms and legs akimbo. Alex wasn’t beside him. Hunter stretched hard and rolled out of bed. After two days of travel between airplane seats, shuttles, and vans, he reveled in the freedom of movement. He stretched again, reaching for the mirrored ceiling. So good. His body felt loose and hydrated, and he was ready to eat again, though he wanted a shower to rinse off the sweat first.

As he showered and shaved, the dark mood that had been on him for so long lifted and burned away like a bank of fog in the fiery sun. It was amazing what two thousand miles could do. He felt lighter, emptied in a good way, and at peace. As he applied sunscreen, he walked around to get a closer look at their home for the next three weeks. The walls were pale turquoise with more dark wood. The king-size bed had a dark green cover along with white sheets that matched the sheer curtains at the balcony; at the foot, extra blankets filled an ironbound oak trunk. A small desk held a lamp, island brochures, and stationery. An armoire hulked in the corner, and inside hung two terrycloth robes. On the wall was a single painting—in a pale blue, placid sea that glowed with a halo of light, two mermen embraced, muscular, dark-skinned, and with long dreadlocks and beads in their hair. Hunter expected to see it signed with Orfeo’s name, but the signature only said R.

Drenched in sweat again, he pulled on brown shorts and a white tank top, stepped into flip-flops, and snatched up his hat, cane, sunglasses, and a room key as he went out the door, ravenous. His steps were easy and nearly painless as he practically ran down the carpeted stairs that brought him to the entryway of the hotel. A friendly sign pointed him in the direction of the patio; he passed through the empty restaurant and into the bright blast of heat and light.

“Whoa.” He stepped back into the dark, cool restaurant for a moment. A soft snicker behind him made him turn.

“You won’t melt,” Max chided as he glided past Hunter and into the morning. He wore tight black jeans, a red-and-yellow tie-dyed tank with a loose white button-down, the same straw hat, and smelled expensive. Long strides took him down the garden walkway and out of Hunter’s sight.

Hunter followed him out but made his way to where Alex sat smiling and waiting for him at one of the breakfast tables on the patio. “Did you eat?”

“Sorry, I had to eat without you. I was starving. Here.” Alex turned a coffee cup over and replaced it in the saucer as Hunter reached for the menu. “I know you want coffee.” He poured for Hunter from the carafe at his side and refilled his own cup.

“What did you have?”

“A cheese omelet. Bacon and sausage. Grits.”

“Sounds good, except for the grits. Maybe fruit salad.”

Overhearing, the waitress approached the table. “The fruit is fresh and very good.”

“Please, yes,” Hunter told her. “And an omelet as big as my head.”

She laughed, a young, dark-skinned woman with a pleasant, open face, her hair tied back and tucked into a bright pink kerchief. Bangles danced on her wrists. She brought a carafe of coffee and a basket filled with muffins that had barely hit the table before Hunter had devoured the first one.

When she left to place his order, Alex said, “What do you want to do today?”

Hunter swallowed a mouthful of his second muffin. “Do? Nothing. Sit by the pool and drink Saba Spice. Nap. Screw. Nap again.”

“What a coincidence.” Alex laughed. “That’s all on my list. For the next three weeks.”

“See, we belong together,” Hunter said.

“I never doubted.”

That white-hot smile and the happiness shining in his eyes hit Hunter hard in all his soft, Alex-vulnerable places—heart, belly, and soul. Alex went on smiling as if hadn’t just turned Hunter into a sweaty puddle of goo.
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