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Feb 28, 2016

We Three Witches by Lorraine Beaumont

Cover & Excerpt

We Three Witches: A Good Spell Gone Wrong
by Lorraine Beaumont
Endenbrooke Hollow Book One

We Three WitchesAs a resident of Edenbrooke Hollow, Melody Granger is no stranger to magic or the world beneath the town where zombies inhabit the sewers, but finds she is completely unaware that witches and vampires are conspiring to outwit each other, and opposing forces are battling for control.

When she acquires a spell book from a charlatan at the local Potions, Broomsticks and Beyond, and her spells start to backfire, she realizes someone may be trying to derail her carefully made plans to join the elite circle within her coven.

Melody becomes an unwitting pawn as she is manipulated to wrest control from those in power, but as those around her witness, she is not as helpless as she may appear. As for the mysterious man, or monster, that has apparently cast a spell on her, will he end up being her downfall or the love of her life?

Genre: Paranormal Time Travel Romance
Content/Theme(s): Vampires, Witches, Shifters, Ghosts, Supernatural, Suspense, Humor, Mystery
Release Date: January 13, 2016
Publisher: Indie

Excerpt & More

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The door opened to The Roasted Bean Shack and I got a good whiff of the delicious smells coming from inside. On cue, my belly grumbled.

“Yes, yes, I hear you.”

A short man with a tuft of red hair was talking to himself. Giving him a wide berth, I took a step back.

“Just stop it!” he yelled down inside his cup, and most of his drink sloshed onto his pointed black shoes. “Sorry, sorry,” he mumbled and took off in the other direction.

I took two steps forward and quickly slipped inside.

Two overpriced chocolate croissants and a Venti Mocha later I headed back out onto Vine Street and made my way over to Potions, Brooms, and Beyond—the only shop in town that sold the spell book I needed. I read the sign that was stuck on the glass window to my right.

”No cash. No Carry”

“Shoot!” I stomped my foot, instantly regretting buying coffee and pastries. My waistline wasn’t going to thank me either; I was already a few thousand calories over my limit for the day. I tried to tell myself I would assuage my guilt by walking home but that was a lie of course. I found I had been doing that a lot lately. The truth was I didn’t have my spurs yet so I couldn’t ride a broom and I didn’t have money for a car.

Reaching down into my bag, I pulled out my metallic-pink Cheshire cat coin purse and quickly counted my money.

Dang it! I only had forty-six dollars and seventy-three cents. I fingered my vintage “charmed” bracelet clasped firmly on my wrist. Maybe I could try to barter one of the charms I wasn’t very fond of, like the Snow White Apple. It was poisonous and I wasn’t going to use it on anyone so I didn’t see any reason in keeping it.

A piece of paper, stuck to the front door, fluttered in the wind. Pressing my hand against it, I held it down. It had a big, bold arrow pointing upward.

“Coven 13 meeting this way”

An ominous feeling crept over me as I warily looked up.

There was nothing there, though, but the darkening sky and a few low-hanging clouds. Shivering, I pulled my bag closer. “Weird.”

A dark shadow slipped across the sidewalk in front of me.

I yelled.

A black cat with lamplight-yellow eyes meowed.

“Shoo, cat!” I waved my hands.

The cat kept looking at me, blocking my path to the shop door.

We were at an impasse.

The cat wasn’t moving and neither was I.

I had a feeling we might be stuck here all night.

Suddenly, the door flew open and a customer walked out.

The noise spooked the cat and I slipped inside the shop before the door shut.

A small bell jangled overhead as the door closed.

The heady, musky odor of freshly lit incense filled the air. In the middle of the scarred wooden floor, was a pentagram painted in red. Bowls of crystals, stones, and carved animals lined several shelves. A back-lit glass display case, holding various sized crystal balls, stood in the corner beside a curtained off section with a chalkboard resting on an easel. I walked over to it.

“Séance tomorrow night
Friday the 13th
Sign up here”

A few names, written in bold lettering, were chalked underneath. Behind the counter were row upon row of old glass- stoppered bottles, with labels handwritten in calligraphy.

Another small, framed chalkboard was set on a little round table in the corner.

“Glinda’s Special Elixir”

Piled inside a basket were colorful bottles. Each bottle had a tag attached that read:

“Drink Me”

“I don’t think so.” I set the bottle back down, carefully. I wasn’t real hip on drinking potions. I didn’t want to get “Aliced.” A pinch too much of one ingredient and you were screwed, just like poor Alice had been when she fell down that darn rabbit hole.

Over on the other side of the room were rows of bookcases. I made my way over to them as the bell rang over the door, signaling that another customer had walked into the shop.

Immediately, a bad odor filled the room. It smelled worse than roadkill on a hot day. I tucked my nose in my jacket. I could hear heavy, raspy breathing and a dragging sound.

Curiosity got the better of me and I peered around the bookcase.

A man with a jerky gait made a grunting noise of exasperation and yanked open the door. On his way out, he smacked a sign that read:

“No Zombies Allowed”

“At least he took the smell with him.” I uncovered my nose and turned back to the rows of books, my eyes scanning the shelves for the book I needed.

“Can I help you find something?” A petite girl in a sparkly gown materialized at my side.

I jumped backward into one of the bookcases.

“Grief!” I pressed my hand to my chest. “You scared me.”

“Were you looking for something in particular?” The girl cocked her head to the side and peered at me closely.

I couldn’t keep direct eye contact. Her clear gray eyes were freaking me out-—I could almost see my own reflection in them, like mirrors. It was too weird.

I stared at the bookshelf. “Yeah, I was looking for The New Witches’ Handbook, the um, one for beginners.”

A pale, dainty hand darted out in front of me and extracted a slender book. “Here you go.” She held the book out and stacks of beaded bracelets jangled on her arm.

Reaching out, I took the thin book. Not expecting the weight, I nearly dropped it to the floor. Struggling, I pulled it back up into my arms. “Why is this so heavy?” I huffed, trying to keep hold of the book.

The fairy-like girl laughed.

The sound reminded me of tinkling wind chimes.

“It’s the spells inside,” she said. “They weigh heavily on the pages.”


“Would you like to keep looking or is this all you have come for?” The girl took the book from my grasp with seemingly no effort. Wispy white curls fluttered around her cherubic face. She brushed them away with one hand and her bracelets jangled again.

“No.” I darted my eyes to the side. “That’s all.”

“Follow me then.” The girl pirouetted and the hem of her yellow dress belled out at the bottom. She wasn’t wearing any shoes.

Making a big show of riffling through my Red Queen tote, I walked over to the counter. An ancient cash register was sitting in the middle of the counter with glass-covered jars on either side. One was filled with skeleton keys. Another had red dust with a little silver scoop inside. “What’s this,” I asked and pointed at the jar with the scoop inside. It looked like dirt sucked up by a vacuum.

“Brick Dust,” the girl trilled lightly.

“What’s that for?”

“It’s to clean your front stoop.” She lifted her brow and gave me an assessing look.

“To protect your home she elaborated.

I picked at a Team Jacob sticker stuck to the side of the counter and averted my gaze.

“You really are a Newt, aren’t you?”

“A Newt?” I frowned.

“Oh,” the girl laughed again. “Sorry, that’s what we call all you unseasoned witches. Newt, because you are ‘new at it’.” The girl frowned, her pale blond brows met in the middle. “You are a certified witch right?”

“Oh sure, sure,” I deflected. The girl’s brows were now in a straight line, and I could no longer see the space between them. A chill swept up my spine. “Of course,” I answered uneasily.

Pursing her bow-shaped lips, she turned her attention back to the ancient cash register. She punched a few of the aged keys and the drawer popped open with a dull thunk. “That will be”

Even though I knew I didn’t have enough, I pulled out my metallic-pink Cheshire cat coin purse and dumped the contents out on the counter.

“That looks about right,” the girl said, and scooped up the money with lightning speed. The drawer of the register shut before I had a chance to lift my eyes from the countertop.

The girl dropped the book into a cloth sack and pushed it forward on the counter.

Bracing myself for the weight, I grabbed the book and was surprised it didn’t seem nearly as heavy as before. I looked inside the bag.

“Something the matter?” the girl trilled again. This time her voice didn’t exactly tinkle; instead it sounded a bit grating, like nails on a chalkboard.

“This is the same book right?”

“Of course,” she said sharply. “Is there a problem?” Her eyes flashed to a reddened color.

I flinched. “No. Everything is perfect,” I lied. Turning to leave, I noticed a pile of old-timey looking brooms piled in the corner with a lopsided sign propped in front.

“Broom Rentals by the Hour”

“Come again!”

The girl’s breath whispered across my neck.

I turned around but she was already gone.
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