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Feb 17, 2016

Protecting it All—Passion Series Boxed Set by Livia Grant

Covers & Excerpts
Protecting It All
Passion Boxed Set 3D
Protecting it All
Book 4
Passion Series Boxed Set
Books 1-3
by Livia Grant; Passion series

Protecting It All
Protecting it All
by Livia Grant
Passion Book Four

Jake Davenport is still on the loose, and Lukus Mitchell and Markus Lambert have had enough. They won't rest until the sadistic Dom who is threatening their women is behind bars…or dead. They don’t care which. Lukus assembles a team of his top security personnel and heads to California leaving Markus and Tiffany’s cop brother, Aiden, in Chicago to keep Tiffany and Brianna safe, locked down in the loft at The Punishment Pit.

Derek's brother Dylan is already there, staking out the predator, feeling helpless as he watches Jake lure innocent women into his nest of consensual, but brutal, sexual websites. When Jake turns his eye to Hannah Martine, Dylan decides he's done with just watching.

Hannah moved across the country trying to escape the demons of her past, but the fresh start she's hoping for is cut short when Jake presses her to accept a tempting job that will solve her financial woes. Once he gets her alone, the sadist uses humiliation, drugs and brutal force to try to bend Hannah to his will.

Everything comes to a head when Lukus and the gang realize only someone on the inside can get close enough to collect evidence of the illegal activities needed to put Davenport away. Dylan is furious they are even considering sending the innocent woman he has strong feelings for anywhere near the monster trying to break her.

Will Hannah have the strength to walk back into the demon's lair? And even if she does, will the threat against Brianna and Tiffany be dissolved? Jake is obsessed with the women from his past, and as authorities close in, he will become desperate for his revenge against Lukus and Markus.

Publisher's note: This book contains graphic descriptions of BDSM, explicit sex scenes, dubious consent elements and more.

Genre: Contemporary Romance
Content/Theme(s): BDSM, D/s, Dubious Consent, Suspense
Release Date: January 23, 2016
Blushing Books
Excerpts, Passion Series Boxed Set & More

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Protecting it All Excerpt:
Dylan couldn't wait to lay down his own agenda. "We've been watching long enough. Tell me we're going into the fucking warehouse tonight."

Lukus didn't need to intervene. Z had just about had enough of young Parker. "And do what? For the hundredth time, we don't have enough evidence yet. Davenport is smart. He's got a lot of security around him. We haven't found anything illegal, and even if we had, we know for a fact he has some of the local law enforcement's ear. You know we got a lot of push back after you got the shit beat out of you. We're gonna need something rock solid before we can involve the police again," Z snapped.

"Fuck the police," Dylan retorted.

"Sure. Fuck the police. I'm not exactly their biggest supporter, but will you get your head out of your ass for five minutes and listen to me rationally? What's your plan here? To rush in there guns blazing and shoot the bastard dead? If so, that's great. I'll be sure to visit you once a year in Statesville."

"All right, everybody calm down. We're on the same team." Lukus had stepped between them to try to keep the two men from throwing punches.

Cameron's voice came over the speaker. "If you guys are done, I have new information." Derek urged him on. "Great. Tell us what you've got."

"Look at the screen Z just got hooked up."
The four men gathered around the thirty-two inch monitor as the picture of a naked, red-headed woman hanging from an elaborate display of ropes came into focus. She was writhing in pain and the cameraman made sure to capture the running mascara on her face.

Cam continued his report. "This is just one of six different interactive Internet sites run out of the 'Strictly Disciplined' warehouse you've been staking out. This channel specializes in bondage and what they call diabolical restraints. There's another focused on anal domination, another for group orgies, and my personal favorite, staged abductions with non-con elements. The most controversial with the lowest subscription numbers is all watersports, and I'm trying not to be totally grossed out by the fact that the most popular site is for staged incest fantasies. Mommy/son, Daddy/daughter, brother/sister."

Dylan was animated. "Thank fuck. We've got him."

Cameron corrected him. "We don't have shit. The sessions are often live. The recording studios are set up in the warehouse, and every session begins with the actors in the scene recording their consent to participate live. They end every session the same way, with a narrator interviewing the players involved to find out their favorite part of the scene or what they didn't enjoy. I've been able to match at least a dozen on-screen talents with surveillance photos you took Dylan; proving these women and even some submissive men are willingly driving themselves to and from the warehouse to work just like they would if they worked at Wal-Mart."

"That's such bullshit! He has to be blackmailing them." Dylan's emotions were running hot.

Lukus tried to settle him down. "Will you sit down and let Cam finish? I'd like to hear more."

"As best I can tell, he has another half-dozen or so 1-800 phone-sex numbers being run from inside, too. He has enough bandwidth and phone lines going into the building to run a small city. They're using top-of-the-line encryption and security firewalls, which I, of course, was able to circumvent, thank-you-very-much. He's making a shit-load of money and even if he's paying the sex-workers top dollar, he's had these sites up for years. Subscriptions are through the roof. I haven't found his offshore accounts yet, but I know he has them. The cash-flow through the Strictly Disciplined accounts is incredible," Cam told them.

Derek jumped in next. "I think that sounds like our best angle, don't you? The websites themselves feel like a dead-end."

"Are you nuts? They're hurting those women!" Dylan protested.

"Those women are willing sex workers."
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Passion Boxed Set 3D
Passion Series Boxed Set
by Livia Grant
Passion Books 1-3

Three books, two couples negotiating D/s, and one madman trying to destroy it all.

Three full-length novels:
Wanting It All
Securing It All
Having It All

Genre: Contemporary Romance
Content/Theme(s): BDSM, Spanking, D/s, Humor, Suspense, DD
Release Date: January 22, 2016
Blushing Books

Wanting It AllWanting It All
Passion Book One

Infidelity. Dominance and Submission. Can their marriage be saved?

Brianna Lambert has a kind husband and a good life, but she secretly longs for the excitement of the BDSM lifestyle she lived while she was single. When Jake Davenport, her abusive ex-dom, resurfaces, she makes a poor choice with shattering consequences. Deeply hurt, her husband Markus drops her off at a BDSM club owned by his best friend, Lukus, where she has a choice: sign divorce papers, or submit to harsh punishments to atone for her indiscretion. Brianna doesn’t want a divorce. She loves her husband, and she desperately wants a second chance - no matter what she must endure to win him back.

Jake doesn't want her to have that second chance, though. He wants to destroy her. Will Brianna and Markus repair their marriage before it's permanently ripped apart?

Brianna’s best friend, Tiffany, is determined to rescue Bri from The Punishment Pit, but when Tiffany encounters the owner and Master’s Master, Lukus Mitchell, she soon has to worry about saving herself instead.

Available individually at: Amazon

Securing It AllSecuring It All
Passion Book Two

Punishment. Forgiveness. A Marriage Rebuilt. New Love.

Brianna's infidelity has come with a heavy price, and she and Markus struggle to rebuild their shattered marriage. At the same time, Brianna's friend Tiffany confronts her growing attraction to Lukus, who owns the BDSM club The Punishment Pit. The problem is, Lukus' life revolves around BDSM - and Tiffany is a novice with a sassy mouth. Is there a chance for this relationship to even get off the ground?

Available individually at: Amazon   ARe   Smashwords   iTunes   B&N

Having It AllHaving It All
Passion Book Three

Steamy Sex. Intense BDSM. Family. Friendship. Danger.

Tiffany has always yearned to explore her edgy dreams of submission, but she is unprepared for the intensity of the Master's Master, Lukus Mitchell. He has always had a stable of subs to play with over the years - but he finds his priorities changing after meeting the one woman who has made him want to have it all in life. Can Tiffany learn to submit to the dominant man who has stolen her heart?

Markus and Brianna continue to work through growing pains as the dynamics of their marriage change from vanilla to D/s, and they begin to explore Brianna's deep desires.

The threats from Jake Davenport remain a shadow over the two couples as the danger heats up. Will he succeed in his obsession to destroy their happiness?

Available individually at: Amazon   B&N

Passion Series Boxed Set Purchase links:  Amazon
Passion Series Boxed Set Excerpt:
A few minutes later they reach the turn off to the smaller road carrying them along the expansive lake. Beautiful wooded lots line the far side of the road. The sun is high in the sky, birds flock near the water, and a moment of peace descends on Tiffany as Lukus caresses her hand. She takes a cleansing breath to calm her nerves.

When Lukus navigates the car off the road and down a short inlet into the forest, she's surprised. They're only a few car lengths off the highway, but the dense trees give them a great deal of privacy. He turns off the engine and gazes at her, a playful look on his face. She hopes he stopped for a quickie.

"Why are we stopping here?"

"I've been thinking of ways to help you stay calm today. I know you're nervous and I get it, but there's no reason for it. I love you. They love you. We'll work it out, Tiff."

"I hope you're right."

"I am. Trust me. I have an idea to help you stay connected to me," he says.

She isn't sure she likes the sound of that.

"I don't think binding me to you is going to impress them, honey."

He leans over to the glove compartment and takes out a small box that looks vaguely familiar. Her heart lurches when she remembers why. "Oh no, you don't. I already feel scandalous enough bringing my Dom home to meet the parents. I'm not going to do it with a butt plug shoved up where the sun doesn't shine."

His rolling laughter only makes her more angry. "I mean it, Lukus. No way. No how."


"Snowball. Red. Butterfly. Stop. No."

"Really? All of the things we've done together, and this is what you're going to safeword on?" he asks incredulously.



She has no words. He waits. And waits. Eventually, she says, "Shit. I don't know."

"Not good enough. You come up with a good reason and I'll stop, but just being afraid isn't good enough."

"Fine. Good girls don't let their boyfriends shove things in their bottom."

"Really? How do you know that?"

"Well – everyone knows that."

"And so you want to be a good girl?" he asks.

"Stop confusing me. Of course I want to be a good girl in the eyes of my parents."

"Okay, now we're getting somewhere. So, let's say I do plug that beautiful ass of yours. Do you think I'm going to bring it up in passing conversation? Hey, Aiden. Can you pass the potatoes? Oh, and by the way, I shoved a nice big plug up your sister's ass before we got here today."

He succeeds in getting her to giggle. "You wouldn't," she says.

"Oh, baby. Don't dare me. So, unless your family does full-body cavity searches upon arrival, just how do you think anyone is going to find out?"

Her pulse surges as Lukus plays with her hand; still tight in his grip. "But I'd know."

"Exactly. And so would I. It'll be our private secret. Something linking us together from across the room. Hell, even while you're at the bridal shower, you won't be able to forget me. Exactly how I want it."
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