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Jan 27, 2016

Sweet On You—False Impressions by Marianne Rice

Covers & Excerpts
Two contemporary romance books by Marianne Rice
Sweet On You
False Impressions
Sweet On You
Wilde Sisters Book 1
False Impressions
McKay-Tucker Men Book 3

Sweet On You
Sweet On You
by Marianne Rice
Wilde Sisters Book One

An extravagant cake design brings small town baker Trent Kipson to fame…
After gaining social media exposure of his culinary art, Trent’s cake design goes viral. Soon he’s contacted by the Cooking Network to host a new show in California. It’s the opportunity of a lifetime for the owner of a modest shop in Portland, Maine, and the financial freedom the network offers could be the answer to all of his monetary problems.

Fitness instructor Rayne Wilde wants the life every small-town girl dreams of…
Rayne wishes for a future full of romance and the pitter-patter of little feet. She wants it all, including a white picket fence and a dog named Spot—which is exactly why she refuses to sleep with Trent, the sexy man who attends her Zumba classes. After a series of dead-end relationships, this time she really is in love. Trent is special, and the fear of letting him slip through her fingers keeps her advances at bay.

Life is waiting—all it takes is a leap of faith…
As their friendship grows and skeletons creep out of their closets, their relationship is put to the test. Stakes get higher, and the spark between them burns hotter than ever before.

Can they handle the heat when life-changing secrets are exposed, or will the fear of being burned send them on two different paths?

Genre: Contemporary Romance
Content/Theme(s): Foodie, Baker, Small Town
Release Date: January 26, 2016
Limitless Publishing
Excerpt, False Impressions & More

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Sweet On You Excerpt:
The rat bastard was going to die. And Trent was going to enjoy killing him. Losing a bet was one thing, having to endure two weeks of Zumba—whatever the hell that was—with a room full of soccer moms was another.

His gym in the Old Port offered girly classes like this, but there was no way in hell he could show his face there. He figured going to a place on the other side of town and signing up for an early morning class would be his best way to avoid his usual crowd. The guys he knew wouldn’t be caught dead here, and the girls he dated would never wake up this early in the morning.

Not that he knew first-hand. Trent didn’t do sleepovers, partly because he was used to waking up at the crack of dawn to start the baking, and mostly because he didn’t do relationships. And the best way to avoid commitments was to be one hundred percent up front with the women he dated.

After avoiding conversation and eye contact with the young girl at the reception desk, making no apology for being late to the class, he trudged toward the music. Trent could feel his manhood shrinking at the sound of a woman hollering directions over the chick music. He felt sorry for his sister who would soon be a widow but, best friend or not, there was no way in hell Brian would ever live to see the light of another day.

The room screamed high-maintenance diva with its pink glow and girly script on the wall. And was that vanilla he smelled? It was one of Trent’s favorite scents, but not for a gym. Where was the sweat, the grunting, the AC/DC, the clank of weights and dumbbells?

Slipping in at the back of the room, he gawked at the crowd of women. They ranged from young to old, thin to slightly overweight. The younger women turned toward him and made no attempt to hide their surprise at his presence. An obvious party crasher, Trent was insecure for the first time in…ever.

The woman upfront hollering out directions was obviously the instructor. Lost in her element, she moved like no one was watching, the world her stage. The music suddenly stopped and the women flowed like synchronized swimmers to their water bottles that rested on the strategically placed shelves on the walls.

He watched the instructor with the hot body do an erotic dance solely for him. Okay, maybe it wasn’t supposed to be erotic and maybe it wasn’t just for him, but it sure as hell felt that way. She wasn’t the anorexic bimbo he imagined the instructor looking like. This woman was tall and fit, her thighs were strong, her arms sculpted, and her butt... H-o-l-y crap. He could definitely bounce a quarter off her beautiful, curvaceous backside. It was as smooth as the fondant he fitted over the mayor’s birthday cake. It wasn’t his fault she called attention to it. Didn’t she just ask the class to watch her “booty”?

The instructor’s hair swayed with her moves. He could imagine wrapping his hand around it and pulling her head back as he explored her neck. Trent couldn’t make out her facial features too well from the back of the room, but he knew she wasn’t ugly. No, a woman with a sweet, yet authoritative voice and a body that could grace the cover of the swimsuit edition of Sports Illustrated had to have at least passable looks.

And then she turned. Passable my ass. The woman was flawless. A huge smile enhanced her cheekbones and somehow made her eyes larger instead of smaller as she welcomed him to class. Trent had suddenly died and gone to Zumba heaven. Damn. He needed to redirect his one-track mind before he tented his shorts. The next forty-five minutes dragged on as he awkwardly tried to mimic her moves, imagining them alone, bodies melded, doing a private dance of their own.
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False Impressions
False Impressions
by Marianne Rice
McKay-Tucker Men Book Three

She fell in love with the most unexpected person at the most unexpected time…
As a recovering alcoholic, Cole Tucker has no intention of falling in love with Samantha Chase, especially when he learns her husband and daughter were killed by a drunk driver. How would she ever be able to forgive his past? Samantha Chase is happy to have found a place to start a new life with her son, the last thing she expected was to fall in love with her new boss. But, how can she overlook his former life?

Recovering alcoholic and former party animal, Cole Tucker would be an idiot to start something with his newly-hired right-hand woman, Samantha Chase. It figures he can’t seem to keep his mitts off the sexy, five-feet-nothing, single mom who can toss a sack of shingles over her shoulder and rewire a house better than the crew from Extreme Home Makeover. Her incredible strength and self-confidence draw him in; something Cole has pretended to have for years. All he has to show for himself is his uncanny use of pick-up lines, a hand-me-down farm and some small-town rental properties. When he learns Samantha’s husband and daughter were killed by a drunk driver, the shame of his past experience with a DUI and near-death accident is the last thing he wants to mention to her.

Samantha has no problem accepting her new boss, flaws and all. His simple life is charming and exactly what she hoped to find for herself and her son in Newhall, New Hampshire. Cole wins her over by befriending her fatherless son and making her laugh again, something she hasn’t done in four years. When she learns about his shady past with the bottle, her heart tells her to forgive, but the painful memories of her past are too deep to overlook.

Genre: Contemporary Romance
Content/Theme(s): Handyman, Single mom, Small Town
Release Date: June 29, 2015
Liquid Silver Books

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False Impressions Excerpt:
Shutting off the ignition, Sam dabbed her lips with tinted Chapstick and hopped out of her truck. Loud country music bellowed from the right side of the duplex. Something about tequila and clothes falling off. Not exactly the song she wanted to make her entrance with.

Her knocking didn’t stop the music or bring anyone to the door, so she turned the doorknob and let herself in, following the music, or rather the voice of the slightly off-key man singing along to the country song. Spotting the radio, Sam turned it down slightly and cleared her throat.


The singing stopped and a man emerged from around the corner. He paused midstride and stared. Mr. Tucker was not the bald, over-weight, wrinkled man she’d expected. It had been years since she felt any type of attraction toward a man. And this one, with dark coffee eyes and Patrick Dempsey dimples covered in a light scruff, did unfamiliar and unwanted things to her body.

“Did it hurt?”

“Did what hurt?” she asked, confused.

“When you fell out of heaven?”

Sam raised an eyebrow and chewed on the inside of her cheek, unsure of how exactly to answer. “It was a pretty big fall, but I made the landing.”

The man tipped his head back and laughed. “So what brings a pretty little lady around this grungy old worksite?”

Great. Already being talked down to. “We had an appointment.”

“We did?” He took off his ball cap and ran his arm across his forehead. “I’m pretty sure I’d remember setting up a date with you.”

“Mr. Tucker, I’m—”

“Cole. Mr. Tucker is my dad.” He turned his baseball cap around and put it on backward, giving him a boyish charm.

“Yes. Sorry. Cole, I’m Sam. You left a message on my phone to meet you here at nine.”

Cole looped his thumbs in the front of a pair of jeans that were worn and torn but fit him like a glove, and rocked back on his heels, studying her from head to toe and back again. She knew what he was thinking and wanted to ward off any doubt in her abilities. “I assure you, Mr. Tucker, that I am highly qualified. Probably more so than anyone else you have working on site. I’ve been doing electrical work since I was twelve—”

“Which was what, last year?”

“I may be petite, but I can carry my own.” Sam placed her hands on her hips and didn’t look away from his piercing stare. “I’ve been wiring homes for over fifteen years, I can fix any plumbing problem you throw my way, I can lift more than I weigh and know my way around any power tool you have. I understand your reluctance to hire someone like me … someone as little as me, but since your family name is so reputable in town, I assume you’re not the type to discriminate against women; so if you want to hire me on a trial basis, I would not object.” She folded her arms across her chest and cocked her head. He had a good ten inches on her, probably a foot, but she didn’t feel threatened.

The man squinted down at her and rubbed a hand across his jaw. “Okay, short stuff—”


“Okay, Sam. We’ll give it a try. I have two more windows to put in upstairs and could use a hand. You ready to work?”

Sam looked at her watch and bit her lip. “I’ll give you an hour of free labor and then time to think about your decision.” She walked to the stairs and took two at a time, waiting for her new boss at the top. He looked reluctant but gestured to the back bedroom where she gave him the best hour of her life.
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