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Jan 13, 2016

Daemon Madness by S. K. Gregory

Cover & Excerpt

Daemon Madness by S. K. Gregory
Daemon Book Two

Daemon Madness
Maybe demons are the least of her worries.

Mackenzie Murphy thought her demon troubles were behind her, but with Taryn as her new roommate and his father still out to kill him, it seems there's no getting away from them.

When Taryn begins to act erratically, Mackenzie discovers that he has to face the consequences for saving her life. Deadly consequences.

So it's up to Mackenzie to save him, while avoiding the attention of a local cop and her homicidal boss.

Genre: Urban Fantasy
Content/Theme(s): Demons, Supernatural
Release Date: December 22, 2015
Publisher: Mockingbird Lane Press

Excerpt & More

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Prologue - England 1887

Drawing his cloak around him tightly, Jeremiah Fleming walked along the dirt road at dusk as he had been instructed to do. The map he had been given was old and the markings on it were faded, making it almost impossible to know if he was heading in the right direction. He had been told to go alone and he had agreed at the time but now he wondered if he was walking into a trap. He was after all, a prominent figure, making him a good target for kidnapping.

The demon he was being sent to find, the Traveler wasn’t recorded in the journals. He was elusive and did not always reside in this plane. Tonight was one of the rare nights that he could be summoned and a deal could be struck.

Since being initiated the year before, Jeremiah had been pushing for this to happen. The old order had all died out and as the new leader he had complete control. There were always going to be naysayer’s but he would deal with them in time.

He came to the crossroads by the old oak and stopped. This was the spot.

Making sure he had his knife within reach, he settled under the tree to wait. It grew dark before long, the silence was interrupted occasionally by the call of an owl but otherwise all remained still. The long walk had tired him, the quiet night lulled him and he dozed.

A shrill scream jerked him awake. It didn’t sound human, more the primal screech of an animal. He quickly climbed to his feet, knife at the ready. A thin mist curled around his ankles and he squinted in the darkness to see what had awakened him.

“That knife won’t harm me,” a voice said.

Jeremiah turned to find to see a dark shape behind him. The dark cloaked figure moved and a cold chill ran along his spine. He knew he was in the presence of real evil.

“I’ve come to make a deal,” he said.

The Traveler gave a low chuckle, “Such a righteous man wants to make a deal with me? What could you possibly want?”

“Power. The kind only you can provide.”

“Many humans have come before, asking for the same thing. Why should I grant it to you?”

“The others weren’t worthy. I am,” he said with more confidence than he felt. He held himself still. To show fear would be his death.

The Traveler moved closer, almost gliding across the ground. Jeremiah stood firm, although the thought of this thing touching him made him nauseous.

From the blackness under its hood, Jeremiah swore he saw two red eyes staring back at him. When he blinked they disappeared.

The hand the Traveler held out was dark red in color, the fingers ending in pointed black claws.

Jeremiah realized he wanted his hand. With a slight shudder, he reluctantly gave it.

One of the claws snaked out, piercing the palm of his hand. Jeremiah hissed, more in surprise than pain, as a bead of blood blossomed.

Bending his head over the wound, Jeremiah first thought the Traveler was smelling it, but realized almost immediately that the demon was drinking it.

He jerked his hand away on instinct, but the grip around his wrist was like iron. He raised the knife in an instinctive gesture, but dropped it with a cry, his hand burning like fire.

Raising his head, the demon said, “Your blood is tainted. You have killed for your own gain, betrayed those who are loyal to you and will do anything for power. You are worthy.”

Jeremiah smiled through the pain of his burning hand. “So you will help me?”

“I will. You are aware of the sacrifice required?”

“I am. Do I need to sign a contract?”

“That won’t be necessary. The agreement is already made. You will need these ingredients,” he handed Jeremiah a piece of parchment.

“You will need seven for the sacrifice.”

“Seven? I only have four.”

“Seven are required. Do what is necessary to complete the ritual.”

The demon turned away.

“Wait. Do they have to be willing?”

“It’s not a requirement.”

“Good. It will be done.”
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