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Dec 29, 2015

Stepbrother's Rules by Renee Rose

Cover & Excerpt

Stepbrother's Rules by Renee Rose

Stepbrother's RulesLuAnn’s had a crush on her older, rebellious stepbrother since the year he lived with them—his last year of high school. Now, four weeks before graduating from Sarah Wharton Women’s College, she’s been kicked out for having boys in her dormitory, and he’s the one who shows up to collect her. With her parents away in Europe, he brings her to his place, because leaving a young woman unchaperoned isn’t done in 1957.

Brad makes it clear she is not to emulate the wild behavior of his youth, and he starts things out with a long, bare-bottomed punishment. Soon, though, he discovers his stepsister is all grown up, and having her under his authority makes her a temptation too delicious to resist. Before long, he’s strayed way past what is acceptable, turning her into his little girl and bringing her to the peaks of pleasure during her numerous punishments.

LuAnn brings out the dominant side of him, but with it comes the desire to take care of her and nurture the sweet innocence she’s been trying to cover up. He wants her for keeps, which means risking their parents’ disapproval and leaving his rebellious side behind forever.

Note: Previously published as part of the Correcting the Coeds box set.

Genre: Erotic Vintage Romance
Content/Theme(s): 1950s, BDSM, Age Play, Spanking
Release Date: December 12, 2015
Publisher: Burning Desires

Excerpt & More

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It took her until they reached the motorcycle to realize what the hurry was. Duh. Of course it would be unpleasant to ride in the rain. She zipped the teddy bear he’d bought her inside the leather jacket as they hustled toward the motorcycle.

He picked up the helmet and began to slip it on, then stopped with a frown. “Have you been smoking?”

She shrugged. “Yeah, so?”

His lips flattened. “You’re too young to smoke.”

“I’m twenty years old,” she said, lifting her chin.

He put his arm around the front of her waist and turned her sideways to smack her backside. “You don’t need to try to look glamorous by smoking, LuAnn Walter.”

Her face flooded with heat at being swatted in public. She needed to dissuade him of this image he had of her, right away. Why couldn’t he see she had grown up and was ready to play at his speed? “Why shouldn’t I be able to smoke? You do.”

“Well, I’m an adult.” He grasped her chin is his fingers, holding her face captive. “Were you smoking to impress me?” he demanded.

“What? No,” she said, but her protest came out too loud and shrill to sound true. She hadn’t been. Not really. But maybe wearing his leather jacket and seeing him smoking had made her want to accept that cigarette from Beth.

“The truth, little girl.”

She stamped her foot and tried to pull her chin away, but his fingers tightened. “I am not a little girl.”

“You are. You’re my little girl to watch over, remember? Listen to me, mouse. No more smoking. I’ll quit, too. I don’t want to be a bad influence on you.”

She rolled her eyes, even more frustrated. He made her sound like a thirteen-year-old girl who still hero-worshipped him and copied everything he did. That wasn’t it. She smoked because she was a grown up, exercising her independence and pleasure.

He popped her butt again. “Do not roll your eyes at me, young lady, or I will bend you over this motorcycle seat and spank you in front of everyone at this carnival.”

She flushed to her roots. “You wouldn’t dare.”

He folded his arms across his chest and smirked. “Try me.”

She looked away, not wanting to cave in, but not daring to test him.

He grasped her nape and pulled her close, so close she lost her breath when her breasts came in contact with his ribs. “Say, I promise I won’t smoke again, Daddy,” he rumbled.

Her sex contracted. She couldn’t decide if he was teasing by calling himself Daddy or if he really meant it.

She stared up at him. Her mouth opened, but no sound came out.

His lips were inches from hers, his slate blue eyes boring into her with an intensity that made her entire body flush with heat. “Say it, little girl, or I will punish you, right here and now.”

Another squeeze of her vaginal muscles and a slithering sensation in her belly.

“I…” She cleared her throat. “I promise I won’t smoke again... Daddy.” Her nipples tingled, tightening under her cone-shaped bra.
Purchase link(s):  Amazon
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